How Each Zodiac Handles Jealousy In Their Relationships In 2021


You lash out at your partner. You get into arguments because you don’t know how else to express your strong emotions.


You cry yourself to sleep. You compare yourself to this other person and wish you looked more like them.


You interrogate your partner. You question them about whether they have feelings for this other person.


You invade their privacy. You snoop through their messages to make sure they aren’t cheating.


You vent to your friends — instead of admitting to your partner why you’re upset.


You social media stalk this other person to see who they are, whether they’re dating someone else, and whether they’re a threat.


You take thirst trap photos to prove that you’re attractive too and to raise your confidence.


You flirt with other people to get a confidence boost. And to get back at your partner.


You initiate sex with your partner. You remind them how lucky they are to have you.


You sit down with your partner and have a mature conversation about why you’re upset and how they made you feel.


You give your partner the silent treatment. You hope they can guess what’s wrong.


You confront your partner. You ask them to stop associating with this other person who makes you uncomfortable.


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