Horoscopes, Tuesday November 3, 2020 for each Sign

The Moon enters air sign Libra at 3:20 AM, putting people in a diplomatic mood today; however, we’ll likely face some obstacles at 4:20 PM, when the Moon squares off with taskmaster Saturn.

All Times EST.



You are at a good point, especially at a professional level, so on this day, you must completely dedicate yourself to the people around you, your family and the people you love.

Everything else can wait. You cannot postpone fun endlessly. You also need leisure, both mental and physical. Today could be a day suitable for outdoor activities.



You have very little time to spend with friends and family in general, as this day may require a lot of mental effort for you. You have outstanding issues at work or regarding your home.

Surely you can recover soon, but this does not mean that today you will have to sadden, you only have to commit a lot to prevent the accumulation of concrete and material problems.



If you still have no idea what to do on this day, you can always opt to go forward with some business or with some family matter. Surely you will meet the appreciation of those who count on you.

Your contribution is very important for everyone,  as it will satisfy those around you and also give you personal satisfaction. You will take two birds with one stone.



If you are still thinking about old issues concerning the sentimental aspect, on this day you will have to speed up the process because there will be someone you are seeing now will ask for your intentions.

Your feelings are important because you are close to them, especially for someone who would like something more with you. If you do not want to disappoint or offend them, it will be better to talk with your heart, honestly, even at the cost of giving a displeasure.



You are slowly increasing your self-esteem, especially at work. On this particular day, you will find the strength to say yours also to those colleagues who are not tolerated or who always criticize you.

It is a small step towards greater autonomy. If you can then do it with great tranquility and serenity, it will all be earned because you usually show me much more aggressive. You could even overturn the situation and make you appreciate more.



Perhaps on this day, you would like to do many more things than you can afford. The organization will be important but also to understand that reality is more concrete and therefore you cannot think of having 1000 commitments only today.

You will necessarily have to reduce something, you will have to postpone some appointments and concentrate on what is really important. An appointment, in particular, should be considered more.


Today you will have to run a lot to prove to yourself that you can do it even in precarious conditions. If you cannot find your inner strength, the conditions around you will push you to be more frantic.

Timing will be very important because in this period you have the right mental conditions to take your responsibilities. It could be a very prolific day from different points of view.



Maybe you were a bit ‘too optimistic with certain counts, both from an economic point of view that from the social point of view. However, this positivity is very important because it will give you the right charge to make up for any mistakes.

Keep this mood, this bright mood because it will be very useful in the coming days and you can also use it to conclude a deal that you wanted to postpone, just because you did not feel ready.



Let yourself be carried away by feelings today because it is precisely what people who will meet you expect, both those who know you well and who have a certain concern to clash on these issues.

If you follow the wave, it will lead you to appreciate more who you have close. Not everyone has a good opinion about your way of dealing with feelings and effective stories, so today you will have the chance to make them change their attitude completely, to grow your personal relationships.



Try to understand better what is happening to someone you care about particularly because this could be a day for your relationship.

If you can get in touch with them, then you will find a more intimate connection. It could be the prelude to something new, bigger and more satisfying for you. Otherwise, you can put your soul in peace and throw everything behind you.



Keep your plans tight for the future, because it is not yet time to reveal them. You have to define them better so that they do not seem to be airborne. Someone could indeed criticize and debase you.

You let yourself be influenced by certain judgments, which is why it is important that you keep your privacy. In the future, you will prepare better and you will be able to explain and clarify what your positions and intentions are, but for now, it is better to keep quiet.



You can find a lot of support around you on this day, but first, you have to ask them. No one will support you in a war you are fighting alone, without declaring it to anyone. Your battles must be real to be won.

All this round of words to say that you will have to open up, you will have to explain what you feel and against whom you want to fight. Otherwise, you will not find people available, simply because they have no idea what you are doing.


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