Horoscopes, Saturday January 9, 2021 for each Sign

On Saturday, you will act on plans and commitments previously organized by you. You will hardly let anything happen by chance. The day will be favorable for travel especially if you can combine the useful with the pleasant.

If you stay in your home, you will have to fix things that you have left during the week. The only things of your Saturday plans that will not happen will be because they are unnecessary, too expensive or too risky for you.

If you were born under the sign Aries, Leo or Sagittarius today, you will have a financially favorable day. You will now expect news related to money that will please you.

The day implies financial relations with a person who lives in the same city as you. Joy associated with unexpected profits is not excluded.

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, today you will have money-related conversations. You will make plans for your near future that will require certain financial resources. You will have more serious conversations with relatives and friends about plans for your future.

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, on Saturday you will discuss an opportunity for new or additional work.

Now closely monitor your contacts with people from near and far, because they will be the basis of events that are important to you. This will be a good day for financial transactions. Expect a joyful event or news related to a child.

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces Saturday will be a day with varying trends. There will be a situation that will provoke you to some change.

You will experience joyful moments around the birth of a child or other event related to a young person in your family. Today, keep calm if you have to postpone your plans or meetings.


You are certainly very involved in a project, but a glance at your personal relationships could only bring benefits because you cannot just think of business and not give importance to what happens in real life.

You have spent a lot of time training and consolidating your position, now it is time to slow down, enjoy your successes and, if you do not have any, ask yourself some questions and move on.



You put a few small signs on your calendar, you have eliminated some commitments, reduced dates, solved issues, but still, you are not calm and peaceful as you would like to.

Precisely for this reason, it would be better to completely eliminate the thought of work and maybe put away the phone for a day, taking time only and only for you.

No other distraction except yourself.

Being alone could be a good idea too.



You’ve come down from the Olympus of presumption and finally started looking at things for what they are.

The reality of the facts may not be favorable to you, but then again get away with it with dignity.

You underestimate too much your empathic power while overestimating your abilities when you are tired and downcast.

Trust yourselves more to the next and less to your indispensable dogmas.



You have been taking it too slow lately, especially in the workplace.

You have lost precious time that you could have used in other ways, certainly much more rewarding and less stressful.

However, at this moment you can aspire to something more, something that you have postponed for so long.

Achieving a goal very close to you, overpassing your fears.



Let go of your doubts and devote yourself completely to your activities, to all those that could distract you from romantic or family thoughts.

Of course, you will get a satisfaction that you would otherwise have to postpone.

By acquiring a bit of self-esteem in your field, you will be able to manifest much more interaction also within the emotional relationships and you will be able to solve, at the end of the evening, the perplexities that seemed insurmountable at the beginning.


Try to put an ellipsis on a relationship or a situation that involves your feelings.

For this day you must be free to act as you see fit, without other thoughts on your mind.

You will find the best way to react, but for now, you are not ready yet, so it will be good to devote to something else to distract yourself and wait for things to adjust a little by themselves, without your intervention.



You can put a solid foundation on what you have already devised, but the important thing is not to get down in front of the difficulties that you will face and that certainly cannot be overcome in the blink of an eye.

With these premises in mind, you will finally be able to make sense of everything that you have long conceived and on which you have reflected a lot.

You just have to hold on and try to give more emphasis to the day.



You can rest assured and you could put aside some superficial issues to give priority to feelings and affections instead.

You will find great emotions awaiting you, passionate and upsetting.

You can then start again with great charge, but in the meantime enjoy everything that is in store for you, abandon yourself to the most spontaneous emotions for once.

You will not regret it, especially for the wellbeing that you will gather.



Along the way, you will encounter many difficulties, but at the same time, you could meet many opportunities.

They often come together and it is not so easy to distinguish them.

You should try to understand which one is which and which one is the other.

The difficulties will help you to grow and mature, while the possibilities to move forward and to give greater harmony to your plans, you will be able to conclude faster.

You will find much benefit from your experiences.



Be more receptive in this period and especially on this day, in which you will be given a lot of potential information to make future decisions.

You are often distracted, but you know you cannot afford it today.

If you do not grasp the double meanings, the signals that people will try to send you, you may find yourself lost in the moment when they will declare to you what they have tried to make you understand in every way.

You should be ready by then.



Try to be as clear as possible about the people around you, especially if you have to talk about money or potential projects.

Spontaneity is fine, but being precise is something that could save you from other hitches.

You are not new to certain inconveniences because you have not been able to keep your wrist fixed with colleagues or with your boss, so try to do that today, trying to put a bit more courage.



Leave all the issues unsolved and try to devote yourself to something concrete that can give you short of satisfaction.

You need to increase your self-esteem in some way.

Even the simplest and easiest things will be fine, but you’ll have to accumulate a few successes to start again with determination, leaving nothing to chance.

Treat yourself more and you will find the way!


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