Horoscopes, Saturday December 5, 2020 for each Sign

On Saturday , many of you will have financial commitments related to property or maintenance of a property, repairs or construction.

Overall, this will be a good day in this plan. Your relationship with a boy (son, grandson, nephew, etc.) will be complex or an event in his life will cause you sadness, disappointment. The day presents news or suggestions that will be important for your future.

The day brings good luck and chance from different sources. Young women will experience a sudden event of stress or panic.

If you were born under the sign of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, Saturday  will be a successful and productive day for you. You will now be able to achieve a lot, but nothing will happen without activity and concrete actions on your part.

You will have opportunities and important circumstances will help you. Today you will receive joyful news about success or other important events in a friend’s life.

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, on Saturday you are going to meet interesting people. You will have contacts with people from near and far through various means of communication.

Do not allow conflicts and disputes before checking the information received. However, if they arise, they will follow the intrigues of people who like to create such situations.

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, today you will have to rethink your own successes and failures so far.

Some things still have time to correct, but there will also be some that you will definitely need to opt out of. Perhaps today a particular experience will provoke you to such decisions or changes. On Saturday , be cautious and do not let domestic problems and troubles appear.

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, surprises on Saturday will be related to a child or a young person. Today, serious financial problems will arise. You may have a health condition such as a migraine, insomnia, blood pressure problems, allergies, etc.



There’s quite the mixed bag of astrological energies hovering above you at the moment, so do prepare yourself.

You’ll need to place yourself between warring factions, which with your reputation for bravery, means there’s no doubt you can pull it off.

Since it’s jealousy or resentment you’ll likely be dealing with — and since neither of those situations is easy to diffuse when you may be intimately involved — just this once, you might want to ask a friend for help.



Jealousy and resentment are in the air — not because of anything you’ve done, though, so put aside your famous ability to assume responsibility for every single thing that’s happened since the day you were born.

The way the heavens are arranged, every encounter stands to become intense and possessive — even the ones you would have sworn were strictly casual.

If a friend has a problem along these lines, be prepared to drag them out of the house and out of that mood — even if it’s not a pretty sight



Are you ready to let go of your emotional reservations, and actually make some travel reservations?

Good, because after recent events, you’ve definitely earned the right.

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to jump into anything, especially if you’ve got issues to take care of at home before you go, but you should know that ditching the hesitations and undeserved guilt you’re lugging around is really what’s best for all parties concerned.

Stop beating yourself up and just go!



Your higher-ups have spent a long time convincing you that no matter what you want, you can have it, as long as you’re willing to dangle a very attractive carrot in front of a client’s nose.

You’ll do it nicely, however, and effectively, too, so not only will it work, but you may actually even get a round of applause as you’re amply rewarded for what you so aptly deserve.



If a loved-one seems to be a bit off lately and you’re afraid you know why, don’t shy away from discussing it, but let them know if it’s the same issue it usually is, by the time you’re done, they’ll probably end up being sorry they didn’t let it lie right where it was.

At the moment, you’re the current astrological equivalent of a magnet, so there’ll be no refusing you and no way for them to win an argument.


When we’re angry and we’re fond of the person we’re angry with, most of us tend to be a bit more careful about expressing that anger.

When it comes to the feelings of a not-so-dear one, it’s a bit different.

Still, if you get the impression that you’re being just a bit too blunt and honest — based on that stunned look on their face, for example — try to rein it in, just a little.

After all, most folks aren’t as well equipped to do verbal battle as you are.



A situation could rapidly escalate from a tiny touch of jealousy to a great big dose of all-out resentment — via one sentence, spoken in the wrong tone at the wrong time.

It can’t hurt to have someone on your side who’s an expert advisor/negotiator.

This situation does beg a question, though: How does it feel to be on the other side of the coin? Aren’t you usually the peacemaker?

Regardless, enjoy the ‘night off.’ Guess what goes around really does come around, huh? Even the good stuff.



Telling most people that a secret is about to surface makes them nervous.

Saying that to you, however… well, it just whets your whistle.

Your whistle is about to be whetted, and the subjects of choice just can’t be beaten when it comes to interesting: money and love.

Of course, these two can also inspire one and all to forget niceties, discretion, and manners — anyone who’s not as smooth as you are, that is.



Heaven helps anyone you’re around now who decides they’re going to take you to task in public.

Whether it’s in front of a cast of thousands or an audience of two, they’d better be careful.

Not only will it not happen, but they’ll probably end up extremely sorry they mentioned the subject in the first place.

You won’t hesitate to mention each and every incident they’ve ever been involved with that might look less than exemplary on a resume — and that’s just for starters.



Your words will be ultra keen and sharp as razors now, whether you mean it or not, so you might want to go easy on your coworkers and the people you see on a daily basis — unless, of course, they start it.

In that case, all bets are off, and the temptation to tell one and all that extremely juicy secret you’ve been holding onto for an interminably long time could suddenly start to become even more difficult than it already has.



Whatever you’re feeling, it’s going to show quite easily — and it won’t matter to you whether there are two people present or a cast of thousands.

In fact, you’re feeling so confident that the bigger the audience, the more fun it will be to let it fly.

So when a friend asks you to dig into their current situation, whether it’s to help them out of it or just figure out why they got into it in the first place, you won’t hesitate. Just be sure they’re not playing two teams — one for you and one against.



You’re aware that someone is watching you — even though they think they’re being discreet about it.

Of course, they’re more interested in who you’re seeing that they are in you — and it’s no one’s business but yours if you choose to charm the socks off of someone who’s officially single.

Just don’t let that jealousy ruin what looks like a lovely evening.

Of course, if they burst in just before dessert, obviously a bit angry — well, at least one of you knew you were under surveillance.


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