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Here’s Which Hair Color He Finds Most Irresistible On Her, According To Her Zodiac Sign

There’s a lot of talk about relationships and how people can get others to see them as irresistible. And most of the time, that talk comes back around to getting people to fall for personality rather than looks.

There’s a good reason for this: people’s personalities should really be the biggest draw when it comes to dating. What someone looks like is never going to be as important as how they see the world, what they like and dislike, what their values are, and how they treat other people.

That being said, there isn’t anything wrong with finding someone physically attractive or even noticing someone physically first because even though it’s not the top priority, it should at least be somewhere on the list of priorities. Men are the same way: they’re going to be attracted to who they’re attracted to, and then the emotional connection comes later.

Women have several features that men tend to find attractive, often without even realizing it. One of those features and one of the more noticeable ones on any person is the hair. Different guys are attracted to different kinds of hairstyles and colors.

Here are the different hair colors that men of different astro signs are more likely to be attracted to, and how ladies can embody the “it” look without going crazy with the bleach or scissors. Also, remember to check out his moon sign for added analysis!


24 Aries Loves: A Strong, Dimensional Red For These Strong, Dimensional Men

Aries men tend to be drawn to hair that makes a statement. They are strong men who are attracted to equally strong women and when it comes to their type of woman, he almost wants to be afraid of her.

That might sound weird, but Aries men love a challenge and want to be with someone who they see as their equal and who will make sure that they are seen that way no matter what.

This is why Aries men are drawn to strong, dimensional hair colors like red: because they themselves are strong, dimensional men. Basically, don’t play games with him: present yourself the way you want to be seen.

23 Get The Look: Make Our Hair An Extension Of Our Personality

If you want hair that’s going to really attract an Aries man, you want to go for hair colors that are an extension of your personality. Sure, Aries men like red hair, but if your hair isn’t red and also represents you, they’ll be just as attracted to you for it. Basically, go with your gut and you’ll never go wrong. Aries men are masters at going with their gut to the point where they’re actually pretty impulsive, so they’re going to respect any decision you make about just about anything as long as they know you’re making that decision from a real place.

22 Taurus Loves: Subtle Highlights That Give Off The Warmth In Her Heart

Taurus men aren’t fussy about what they like, especially when it comes to physical attractiveness. They’re a lot more likely to notice someone for their inner qualities and then become attracted to them physically as an afterthought. However, Taurus men are actually pretty easy to catch the eye of

All you really need to do is find a hair color that gives you that glow from within that he won’t be able to resist.

The way you do that is by going for highlights and low lights rather than picking a color for your whole head. Taurus men don’t really notice hair color, they notice someone’s inner soul, so you want the warmth of your inner light to shine through.

21 Get The Look: Go For Colors That Go Well With Our Skin Tone So We Get A Glow

To get the look Taurus men are almost pining for is actually super easy. What you want is to go for colors and styles that bring out an inner glow. The way you do that is by knowing what hair colors are going to pop with your skin tone and which ones don’t really suit you. Your hair color is actually pretty irrelevant simply because any color hair can suit you and catch a Taurus’s eye if it looks natural on you. The color doesn’t even have to be a natural color so long as when you wear it, you wear the color rather than letting it wearing you. The hair color on you should elevate the color, not the other way around.

20 Gemini Loves: Bring On The Awesome Technicolor!

Gemini men don’t care too much about natural hair colors, to be honest. They’re down with them, but the colors they find themselves really drawn to are the ones that would never appear in nature.

Gemini men are some of the most receptive to technicolor like pink and blue hair because more than anything else, it’s a conversation starter, and there are few things he loves more than conversation.

Your personality will show through with the color that you choose and he’ll actually feel like he knows more about you by looking at you, which honestly goes a longer way than you think!

19 Get The Look: Don’t Be Afraid To Do Something Everyone Will Stop And Stare At

To be fair to Gemini men, they aren’t going to only date women who have brightly colored hair that isn’t a natural color. That’s a little reductive to them and they understand that that narrows their dating pool down really significantly. The main impulse here is that Gemini men love the hair and other physical traits that they can’t help but stop and acknowledge. Hair tends to be one of the easier things to make really noticeable because of all of the color options, but this actually works for every other physical trait you can have. Capture a Gemini man’s thoughts and imagination and that’s all there is to it.

18 Cancer Loves: They Don’t Really Care, They’re Just Suckers For Natural Hair

Cancer men are the type of men to be more oriented towards picking a partner for their personality first over looks, but they are such suckers for a woman’s natural hair that that ranks above any color preference they might have.

If you wear your hair in its natural state and maintain it that way, I guarantee that you have captured the attention of at least one Cancer man in your life.

Full disclosure here: I know quite a few Cancer men and seen them navigate the world of dating and almost all of the women they’ve dated had hair they wore naturally. That’s anecdotal evidence, sure, but I’d take that to the bank.

17 Get The Look: Embrace Natural Curls

Cancer men aren’t suckers for hair color, they’re suckers for hair texture, so if you’re trying to attract a Cancer man, the best thing you can do is embrace your curls if you have them. If you’re a person who straightens your hair a lot, you might find this surprising, but you probably have curly or wavy hair under all the heat you’re putting on it. If you give your hair some love and time to recover from the heat styling, you’ll be surprised by the results. Even if you don’t get the Cancer man of your dreams by putting down the flat-iron, your hair will thank you anyway and you’ll have a lot more good hair days.

16 Leo Loves: They Like Blonde Hair, But As Long As It Looks Great They’re Not Picky

You’d expect Leo men to be really picky about certain things like a woman’s hair color because Leo men tend to have their specific type and not really go outside it, but that’s not the case. Sure, Leo men tend to like blonde hair, but they’re not choosy about the color.

The thing Leo men will notice over hair color is hair maintenance.

Keep in mind, these are guys who are likely to have more hair products than you, so they’ll notice things like the health of your hair and how you maintain it. Out of every sign, a Leo is going to notice if you’re skimping or cheaping out on your hair. The point here is to put more thought into your hair no matter what color it is because it’ll show that you care about looking great as a whole package like he does.

15 Get The Look: Stay On Top of It And Treat It Well

Getting the look a Leo man wants is simple: take care of your hair and make it a priority. Sparing a thought towards maintaining your hair and prioritizing that is also going to go a long way towards maintaining your mental health. It sounds crazy, but well-maintained hair can give you a feeling of control over your life. Because of that, you’ll want to put in effort for the rest of your appearance as well just to not waste the good hair day. Full disclosure here: I went natural a couple of years ago to get my hair healthy thanks to lots of chlorine exposure, and soon I revamped my wardrobe and started wearing makeup. Take it from me, the boost in self esteem will bring all the boys to the yard.

14 Virgo Loves: Practical And Natural Brunette, Preferably In A Sweet Style

Virgo men are practical in every way but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a color preference when it comes to hair they’re attracted to. In this case, Virgo men love brown hair because it’s representative of so many possibilities and brown hair honestly looks good on just about everyone.

Virgo men also really love hairstyles that show off a woman’s sweet side, especially if the woman actually isn’t all that sweet.

That sounds weird, but Virgo men really love that juxtaposition between a sweet outer appearance and a strong personality. Just know when it comes to Virgo men, fresh and sweet are your keywords and you won’t go wrong.

13 Get The Look: Go For A Fresh Faced Look That Can Be Dressed Down

If you’re trying to attract a Virgo man, go for a style that can be dressed up or down and gives you a fresh-faced and even an innocent look. Virgo men love seeing the potential in someone, and while this can be a little unhealthy if they’re trying to fix you instead of being with you, this actually makes them good life partners for the right woman. They don’t care much about how you do your hair as long as you’re happy with it. Another note here: technicolor isn’t really something a Virgo man is going to be drawn to because it isn’t the most practical thing, so if you’re actually going to color your hair to try and attract a man, don’t go with this route.

12 Libra Loves: Blonde, Even Rose Gold To Show That She’s Fashion Forward And On Trend

Libra men more than any other sign are more likely to be on top of the fashion trends, so they know what’s in when it comes to hair and are more likely to date women who are on top of the trends, too. Right now a huge color that’s on trend (and which Libra guys will notice) is rose gold.

You’ve probably seen rose gold hair everywhere if you’re keeping up with that kind of thing.

I actually helped a friend dye her hair rose gold just this week because of how good the color can look on people. If you feel like blonde isn’t really a color for you but you want to go for a lighter color, try going for a rose gold color because I’ve seen it on a lot of people and it looks good on everyone regardless of skin tone.

11 Get The Look: Take Risks, But Don’t Go Too Over The Top

If you want to get a hair look Libra men won’t be able to resist, you want to go outside the box by going for something trendy that represents you, but you also don’t want to go too over the top either. Libra men are actually very appearance oriented and have a hard time making and sticking to a decision, so they’re going to be drawn to hair colors and styles that are versatile and changeable. If you’re going to go for risky colors like unnatural ones, play with those colors by not using them on your whole head. You want to think outside the box, but not really too outside of the box.

10 Scorpio Loves: Black Hair, But Really The Darker The Hair Color The Better In This Case

I once heard a Scorpio man say that when it comes to a woman’s hair color, he wants her hair to be “as black as his soul.” I swear that actually happened and to be honest, it’s really where a lot of Scorpio men are at.

This is anecdotal, but I’ve never seen a Scorpio man in my life date a woman who didn’t have dark hair.

This isn’t a hard and fast rule by any means, it’s just what I’ve seen Scorpio men go for in my life. This doesn’t rule out women with lighter hair for any reason, by the way: Scorpio men aren’t really shallow like that and if they like you they’re going to date you and not be bothered by something as pedestrian as hair color.

Get The Look: Go For Long Hair That He Can Really Get Lost In

If you want hair a Scorpio man loves, go for long hair that he can’t help but get lost in. Scorpio men are driven by physical wants and needs more than most men, so out of every sign, Scorpio men are more likely to want to actually touch your hair and will be attracted to the feeling of it as well. Long hair pushes those feminine buttons that Scorpio men have a weak spot for as well. Scorpio men can also be really attracted to short hair as well, as long as it has that quality where he wants to touch it all the time, even if that’s not something you’re into and he’ll never actually be allowed to do that. It’s wanting to do it that counts here.

Sagittarius Loves: Any Shade Of Red, But Bonus Points If It’s Unique

Sagittarius men are more likely to be attracted to red hair, whether it’s naturally red or not, but that’s honestly not really the clincher here. What Sagittarius mean are truly attracted to is the idea that nobody has your hair color aside from you.

This “nobody else has it” idea isn’t even exclusive to just hair: if you have an eye color he’s never seen before or your freckles go across your face in a way he’s unfamiliar with, it gives you a sense of uniqueness that really hits him hard.

He knows that everyone is unique, but he’s always looking for that person who’s totally set apart from the rest of the world and often the first thing that can be set apart from the crowd when you meet someone is your hair.

Get The Look: Try To Leave It Loose And Free-Spirited

Sagittarius men are free-spirited and even wild at times, so the best way to capture that feeling is honestly just to leave your hair loose. That sounds kind of silly when you think about it because keeping your hair down isn’t necessarily a style, but you’d be surprised how much loose hair contributes to portraying you as free-spirited and carefree. I wear my hair loose a lot of the time and when it’s looser, I find that I’m approached like I’m this rolling stone of a person, but when it’s more subdued and tied back I’m treated like I’m super serious. It’s all perception as obviously I’m still the same person and you are, too. Just know those simple hair decisions like that can actually temporarily change how you’re perceived.

Capricorn Loves: Her Hair, However, As Long As She Loves It

I have to be honest here: if you’re here to try and find a hair color to sufficiently impress your would-be Capricorn love, I hate to disappoint you but you might not know him as well as you think you do.

Unfortunately, Capricorn men don’t really have the mental bandwidth to focus on things like hair color because they’ve got bigger things to think about.

Capricorn men are actually pretty hard to distract enough to try and attract because they’re so single-minded about their work and would rather be thinking about that than about love. The best thing you can do for yourself is simply to be yourself and let the chips fall where they may.

Get The Look: Practical, But True To Herself

If you’re still looking for a hairstyle that will catch your Capricorn man’s eye, you might have a tough time of it, but you don’t have to worry too much. The best thing you can do is be practical while still being yourself. If anything, Capricorn men might actually be more attracted to you when you look like a mess as a result of your working hard to achieve something. Practical for you might just be a messy bun to get your hair out of the way while you set your mind to the task ahead of you. Capricorn men are going to really appreciate that about you far more than they’ll appreciate your hair.

Aquarius Loves: Go For Fun Colors And Styles, Really Anything Goes Here

When it comes to Aquarian men, anything goes here. Aquarius men love being in situations where they’re made to think and be challenged mentally, so they’re not going to be super invested in your hair color unless it’s different enough for him to take notice right away.

It’s hard to pinpoint a specific color that will catch an Aquarius man’s eye because they’re all seriously so different it’s nearly impossible to give a catch-all answer.

That being said, Aquarius men tend to fall for women who go against the grain and do things differently, so the further outside the box you think when it comes to your hair, the less you can go wrong with him.

Get The Look: Go With Hair Styles That Evoke A Dreamlike Quality

Aquarian men are very attracted to people who make them think and even when it comes to people they’re physically attracted to, that physical attraction needs to come from an intellectual place. Aquarian men more than anybody else are attracted to ethereal, dreamlike qualities because they speak to his brain rather than anything else. If you’re looking to kind of cheat this look with your hair, whether to attract an Aquarius man or not, go for hair colors that have that quality on their own or colors that seem to elevate your own appearance like ombré high and lowlights. Dimension is key here and it’ll go a long way to appealing to the Aquarian man’s mind.

Pisces Loves: Colors That Melt Into Each Other Like Ombre And Balayage

Pisces men are all about the romance and are way more likely to be taken in by colors that blend together on the hair. Luckily for you, colors like that are very trendy right now, what with ombré and balayage being so universal that some people think it’s natural now.

Pisces men like that kind of hair because it seems to have its own flow and Pisces men are the type to really go with the flow themselves.

They also like that it’s an elevated version of a woman’s natural hair so these melty, flowy colors are the best of both worlds: the fashionable and the natural. Pisces men are actually in tune enough with their emotions that they might actually be able to articulate that as well!

Get The Look: Keep Styles That Are Sultry And Romantic

If you’re looking to replicate a flowy hairstyle that’s basically kryptonite to a Pisces man, the best advice I can give you is to go for colors that are sultry and romantic and appeal to the Pisces man’s emotions. Simple updos also elevate your hair and give off this vibe as well, so there are a lot of ways to give yourself that kind of appeal. On top of that, when your hair is done with that kind of head space in mind, it’s that much easier to adopt that kind of mindset yourself, and that’s the mindset Pisces men are really attracted to. Of course, our hair is an extension of ourselves and men know that as well, which is why they have such strong opinions about it!



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