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What Kind Of Spouse They’ll Be According To Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re getting closer to saying “I do” to your partner, you obviously feel that you know them inside and out. However, there are always new things you can learn about your partner — you just have to look at them in different ways.

For example, you might know a lot about your partner’s personality based on the Myers and Briggs personality test, but you might not know much about them based on astrology. There’s loads to learn from the stars!

Just how compatible will you and your partner be in marriage when it comes to your astrological signs?

And, what can you expect from them as a spouse? If your partner is a Taurus, they’re likely to create a warm, comforting home and give you complete loyalty during marriage. On the other hand, someone born under the sign of Sagittarius will become your best friend while still valuing your independence.

Read on to discover what kind of spouse your partner will be once you tie the knot, based on their astrological sign.

24 Aries Husband: He’ll Surprise His Partner With Adventures

The Aries boyfriend is the kind of guy who will leave you breathless with all he adventures he wants to go on, and you’ll love his daredevil nature.

As a spouse, this kind of behavior is sure to continue, with him perhaps even taking it up a notch. He will probably spoil you with lots of romantic getaways to your favourite locations.

It’s all about being bold, so expect some grand gestures from your Aries husband!

23 Aries Wife: She’ll Be An Instagram Wife

Just like her male counterpart, the Aries wife will want to have lots of adventures. The idea of settling down in marriage really doesn’t appeal to her!

She’s going to want to take you along for the ride if you decide to marry her, so make sure you put you seatbelt on.

It’s going to be exciting and she’s definitely got her phone handy, ready to take all those amazing snaps that she’ll later upload to Instagram. Her social media account looks like a traveler’s dream!

22 Taurus Husband: He’ll Support His Spouse’s Dreams

The Bull can dig his heels into the ground. While this might make you think he’s stubborn, it also means that he’s a grounded person. He’s not just down-to-Earth and persistent when it comes to his dreams, however. He’ll give you that same support.

Basically, when you lean on a Taurus man, you’ll be leaning on a concrete wall.

He’s always got your back, and will help to keep you upright when life wants to pull you down.

21 Taurus Wife: She’ll Give Unconditional Love

If you want the most loyal, committed wife you can find, you need to get yourself a Taurus woman in your life!

She will stand by you no matter what, as unconditional love is in her DNA.

In fact, she’s the type of woman who will only walk away if you really hurt her, so it’s important to value what a gem she really is in your life. Even if she doesn’t exactly agree with your goals or dreams, it doesn’t matter. She’ll still be there, cheering you on and giving you love.

20 Gemini Husband: He’ll Adore His Partner

Gemini is always said to be indecisive, but once a Gemini man commits to his partner, he’s with her for life. He will shower her with affection, and not just when he starts dating her. Once they’re married, he’ll continue giving her lots of love.

He’ll leave her notes in her bag that she’ll find when she’s at work, and he’ll surprise her with flowers when there’s no special occasion on the calendar.

Date nights are always going to be special and fun, taking you back to a time when you were getting to know each other.

19 Gemini Wife: She’ll Keep Things Interesting

The Gemini wife always has lots going on in her life, so there’s never a dull moment. She’ll always have something interesting to do or talk about with you, which keeps your relationship fresh and fun. The Gemini wife is truly passionate.

She looks at the world with optimism all the time, which means that her enthusiasm is sure to rub off on her partner.

It’s wonderful to be around someone who’s got so much energy and joy!

18 Cancer Husband: He’ll Be Protective Of His Partner

If you want to upset a Cancerian, say an unkind word to someone he loves. The Cancer husband is all about being protective and caring.

He’s the husband who’ll remind you to wear a jacket because it’s cold outside, and who’ll pack a lunch for you when he knows you’re going to have a busy day and will probably forget to eat.

He always shows that he cares, although sometimes his caring nature can feel a bit smothering. It’s important to remember that he means well.

17 Cancer Wife: She’s A Wife And Best Friend

The Cancer woman is traditional and homely. She likes to spend time snuggling up to her partner, watching their favourite shows on Netflix. But, she’s also very romantic, and will make you feel loved by how she’s always touching and kissing you. So, while you’re having a laugh at a funny TV show, you’ll feel like best friends. But then when you walk hand-in-hand in the street, you’ll feel like lovers. You get the best of both worlds.

16 Leo Husband: He’ll Make His Partner Feel Safe

Imagine if the king of the jungle – a lion – had your back everywhere you went. You’d probably walk tall and feel safe. Well, that’s what it’s like to have a Leo husband. He might love the spotlight (and he truly does, don’t forget it!), but he’s also ready to share it with the person he’s committed himself to for life. He’ll shower his partner with love and care, so she’ll feel like a million bucks at his side.

15 Leo Wife: She’ll Keep Her Husband Mentally Stimulated

As a Leo, you love being the center of attention, but that’s not just good for your ego. It also makes your husband feel proud to be with you.

As a Leo wife, you’re an intelligent and charming person. During conversation, you’re not afraid to air your views and speak your mind.

You always have something interesting to share with the world, which makes you the life of the party. But, it’s the unique way that you see the world which makes you so intriguing.

14 Virgo Husband: He’ll Work On His Dreams And Those Of His Partner’s

Virgo is a big team player. Although he’s known as a perfectionist who never stops trying to achieve his goals, that doesn’t mean he’s a selfish boyfriend or husband. In fact, just the opposite!

When marrying a Virgo man, you can guarantee that he’ll be a great team player.

He cares about your needs and goals just as much as his. He’s quite the devoted husband, even though he might drive you mad with how he wants the house spotless every day!

13 Virgo Wife: She’ll Boost Her Husband’s Spirits

Imagine being outside in the freezing snow, only to enter your home to find that the lights are on and the fireplace is lit, warming up the entire place and your soul. Isn’t that a beautiful feeling? Well, being married to a Virgo wife is the same feeling. When you’re down and out, your Virgo spouse will be there to pick you up and give you a pep talk so you can go back to your day feeling uplifted.

You know how they say behind every successful man there is a woman? That was written for Virgo!

12 Libra Husband: He’ll Always Make His Partner Laugh

The Libra man has an amazing ability to make you laugh, and if you’re currently dating a Libra, you’ll know this to be true. What better way to connect in a marriage than with belly laughs?

Laughter really does work well to connect you and it also helps to keep your relationship fresh, while you’re flexing your witty muscles with each other.

As pointed out by Bollywood Shaadis, Libra is also very charming with an intensely creative mind. Those two qualities actually work really well to make him a laugh a minute because he’ll always make jokes at the drop of a hat.

11 Libra Wife: She’ll Be A Social Butterfly

The Libra woman is very social and she loves spending time with important people in her life.

She’s quite independent and will want to safeguard her freedom after she gets married. She’ll respect and value a husband who appreciates her independence.

As Elite Daily puts it, this also makes her a great wife because she’ll always be able to get you through uncomfortable social situations, and that’s thanks to how social and charming she is.

10 Scorpio Husband: He’s King Of Affection

The Scorpio husband is very passionate and loving. He doesn’t just want to hold your hand and hug you in private. He’ll want lots of PDA in your marriage. Touch is his love language, and it helps him to feel connected to you.

As reported by Paired Life, touch as a love language is about so much more than hugging or kissing. It’s also about things like tickles, nuzzling, and giving one’s partner a massage.

The Scorpio husband will think out the box when it comes to touch as a love language, always finding ways to connect.

Scorpio Wife: She’ll Surprise Her Partner With Grand Gestures

Astrology reports that as a Water sign, Scorpio is symbolized by her great depths. She thinks and feels deeply, and when she chooses someone to commit to, she’ll show him her intensity.

While she might be seen a OTT sometimes, the right partner will value the effort she makes to appreciate her husband.

An example is how she’ll surprise him with a last-minute trip to his favourite holiday destination. It all comes from a place of intense love and devotion.

Sagittarius Husband: He’ll Value Her Independence

Earlier, we spoke about how the Libra wife is a social butterfly who wants a husband who’ll support her independent spirit. Well, that person is probably Sagittarius!

The Sagittarius husband wants to be free and he’s always keen on having new adventures. He hates the thought of being tied down, which is why he approaches marriage with a great amount of caution.

But, when he finds his special someone, he’ll be committed to her. The only catch is that he wants her to be as interested in having space and freedom as he is. That’s why he’s the husband who’ll support your need to do you.

Sagittarius Wife: She’s Full Of Fun

Similar to the Cancer wife, the Sagittarius wife will be like her man’s best friend. She’s always up for something exciting to do, and this is great because it prevents the marriage from becoming mundane. Astrology reports that the Sagittarius wife will make time for you if she promises.

The Sagittarius woman is a date night game-changer.

If she loves you, she’ll commit to having special quality time in your marriage. You can guarantee this time will be filled with lots of bold, daring and fun adventures.

Capricorn Husband: He’ll Take On Lots Of Responsibilities

The Capricorn works hard, not just when it comes to his career, but also when it comes to his marriage.

He’s the type of guy who will do his shares of the chores around the house, and he’ll do them quite happily because he knows that marriage is a team effort.

You might find him worrying late at night over the family’s finances or the children. Ask him what’s on his mind to show him that you care. He’ll appreciate you being there to support him.

Capricorn Wife: She’ll Be Team-Minded

Capricorn is a determined and committed wife. She’ll always be there for you and prioritize your needs, sometimes over hers!

She can be a bit of a martyr sometimes, which is why she needs to be with a partner who cares about her and makes her his number one.

She’s logical and practical, but also be romantic. She’ll surprise you with your favourite meal, or buy you tickets to see your favourite band perform live on your birthday. She does this now and then to show how committed she is to you. You can bet the Capricorn woman pays attention when you say you like something!

Aquarius Husband: He’ll Motivate His Partner

The Aquarius husband is positive and pumped to achieve his dreams in life. With you as his wife, you can be sure he’ll want you there for all his journeys. He’ll also motivate you to be your best self, probably without needing to do anything.

Just by being in his presence, you’ll feel more optimistic and inspired to go out there and make your dreams happen. Since he can be a bit detached sometimes, it’s worth knowing that he values his private thoughts and his freedom at times.

This, in turn, means he’ll be the type of husband who respects your privacy and space. He doesn’t believe you belong to him, so he’s not the possessive kind, as Astroreveal reports.

Aquarius Wife: She’ll Create Her Own Path

One word that describes the Aquarius wife: unconventional. She doesn’t want to be in a traditional marriage or one that’s guided by gender roles. She prefers to do things her own way, even when it comes to a lifelong commitment.

She wants to create her own rules and boundaries for the relationship, as well as create her own path for what it means to be a wife.

The worst thing you can do is put her in a box by telling her that she has to behave in a certain way!

Pisces Husband: He’ll Make His Partner His Priority

Pisces is an intuitive and sensitive person. He follows his heart, and when he gets married to his partner, he’ll be an empathetic and kind husband. He’ll make his partner his number-one priority no matter what. He’ll be the type of husband who drops his busy schedule to be with his partner when she’s ill. He’s also very empathetic towards others, such as animals. He’s the husband who’ll bring home stray cats and injured birds.

Respect his kindness. The worst thing you can do is try to take advantage of him. It’ll push this sensitive soul away!

Pisces Wife: She’ll Show Love In A Sweet Way

The Pisces wife has an innocent, sweet love that she’s ready to share with her partner. If she’s chosen to be with you, then she’s going to commit to you and work hard on making your marriage the sweetest it can be.

She’s also going to love you for who you are right now, instead of treating you like a work in progress. As Thought Catalog puts it,

“When a Pisces woman falls in love with you, it’s because she can see straight into your soul.

She wants to be with you because of who you are, not what you have.”



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