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10 Signs He Truly Trusts Her & 10 He Doesn’t

For many relationships, trust is the cornerstone that holds everything together. Without it, the other parts of the relationship seem to crumble, even if they were really strong before.

Trust truly is so important, and although it’s powerful, it’s extremely fragile. Most people are careful about who they trust, and once someone breaks that trust, they don’t get it back.

It’s always helpful to know whether or not our partners really trust us. If they do, it paves the way for the relationship to become stronger in the future. And if they don’t, we know we have a few things to work on. While some relationships seem to last without trust, they’re not healthy or enjoyable to be part of. So how can we tell whether he trusts us or not?

Asking can sometimes be too direct, so we have to look for clues that point to whether the trust is there or not. And luckily, a lot of them are easier to uncover than it seems! Between the things he says and the things he does, it’s easy to find out whether a guy is trusting or not.

Keep a look out for these signs to determine whether he’s full of trust or full of doubt!

20He Trusts Her: He Thanks Her For Always Being There

If he is always telling you how grateful he is that you’re there for him, it could be a sign that he trusts you. Thanking you for being there, or mentioning that you always have his back and are supportive, suggests that he finds you to be reliable.

And when someone proves that they can be relied upon, they’re usually trustworthy. He might take the time out to thank you just once, or it might be a comment that he makes quite often, but either way, it’s a sign that he does think of you as being trustworthy.

19He Trusts Her Not: He Stalks Her Social Media

It’s not a great sign if he’s always stalking your social media. Now, a little social media stalking is to be expected. In this day and age, almost every does it. It’s only natural to want to know all about your love interest’s life, especially if you’ve just started seeing each other.

But if he takes it to the next level and your relationship isn’t new but he still checks into your social media to find out who you’re talking to and what you’re doing, it could mean that he doesn’t really trust you and is looking for evidence that you’ve done something to betray him.


18He Trusts Her: They’ve Known Each Other For A Long Time

Knowing someone for a long time doesn’t automatically mean that they’re trustworthy, so just because he’s known you for ages doesn’t necessarily mean he trusts you. But trust is something that does build over time, so we’re more likely to trust the people we’ve known for longer over the newer faces in our lives.

Of course, if you’ve proven to him that he can’t trust you in the past, it will probably take him a long time to get over that, if he even can get over it. So how long you’ve known each other might not make much of a difference after all.

17He Trusts Her Not: He Doesn’t Agree With Any Of Her Decisions

If he doesn’t agree with any of the decisions you make, it might indicate that he doesn’t trust you. This one isn’t about trusting you with his heart, but about trusting you to make solid decisions. There are several reasons as to why he might always be arguing with you about the choices you make, but one of the could be because he doesn’t have faith that you’re making the right decision.

This could be because you’ve made some poor decisions in the past, or because he’s overprotective of you (which sounds endearing but is actually a little problematic).


16He Trusts Her: He’s Never Had To Confront Her About Lies

When you’ve got a good track record with someone, it’s a lot easier to win their trust. You’ve got a higher chance of earning his trust if you’ve never lied to him about anything important rather than if you’ve been caught being dishonest in the past.

If he’s had to confront you about not telling him the truth in the past, there’s a strong possibility that he might expect the same behavior from you now and feel reluctant to trust you when you promise you’re being honest. That’s not to say that you can’t ever redeem yourself. It’s just harder to do than if you never get caught in a big lie in the first place!

15He Trusts Her Not: He Keeps Track Of Her Finances

In most cases, someone’s partner keeping tabs on all their money isn’t a great sign. Not only can it indicate that their partner has a controlling nature, but it can also point to the fact that their partner doesn’t trust them.

If they’re watching all the money that comes in and out, it might mean that they don’t trust you to be responsible for your own finances. It could also signify that they think you might be lying about what you do with your own money and are trying to catch you in a lie. Either way, they have no faith in you.


14He Trusts Her: He Gives Her Space

On the other hand, when your partner does trust you, they give you space to be your own person. You will be in control of your own money and you will be free to go about your life without them keeping you under constant surveillance.

He won’t feel nervous about giving you space because he won’t suspect that you’re up to something when he’s not there, so he’s less likely to be all over you, every minute of the day. So if he’s giving you space to just be you, and not trying to hang off your hip every second, it’s a sign that he does trust you!

13He Trusts Her Not: He Keeps A Close Eye On Her

If your boyfriend doesn’t trust you, he’s more likely to keep a close eye on you. Even if he doesn’t smother you with his presence, he’ll find ways of watching what you do. That includes ringing you frequently through the day to find out where you are and who you’re with.

It can also include him constantly checking your social media or even having people he knows report back to him about you if they happen to be in the same place. When he starts sending people to watch over you is when it crosses the line into unsettling territory.


12He Trusts Her: He Lets Her See Him At His Worst

Take it as a compliment if your boyfriend allows you to see him at his worst. This shows that he’s gone beyond the point of trying extra hard to impress you and he trusts you to accept him the way he is.

Some people might see this phase of a relationship as the end of romance, but it’s actually a really exciting time. He obviously feels like you’re not going to run away if you see him not looking his best, the way you might have after your first date, which is a good thing. It’s a sign that he trusts you!

11He Trusts Her Not: He’s Easily Irritable With Her

When a boyfriend is always losing his temper with you, there could be many reasons behind it. One possibility is that he’s easily irritable because his mind always jumps to the worst conclusion, and that would be because he doesn’t trust you.

Even if he has no reason to believe it, his brain might be telling him that you’re doing all these different things to betray him, which makes him angry (even if he has no proof). So getting angry with you at the drop of a hat could mean that he doesn’t trust you and is always believing the worst about you.


10He Trusts Her: He Seeks Her Out When He Needs Help

It’s a promising sign if he is always asking you for help, whether that’s advice or physical help and favors. That kind of behavior usually shows that he’s not embarrassed to ask for a hand and, more importantly, that he trusts you to actually be able to help.

It suggests that he trusts you to be there for him and lend him a hand and that he thinks of you as a reliable person. That said, you want to make sure he’s not taking advantage of you. Being trusted to help is flattering, but it’s not good if you’re being used!

9He Trusts Her Not: When She Promises Something, He Makes Backup Plans

If he always makes other arrangements when you make him a promise, it’s a very strong sign that he doesn’t trust you to follow through with your promise. Whether he thinks that you aren’t a reliable person and won’t stick to your own commitment or thinks that your intentions are good but you just aren’t capable of carrying it out, it’s clear he doesn’t trust you to stick to your word.

Even if he excuses the backup plans he makes as just trying to help you out, the real reason is probably that he just doesn’t have faith in you.


8He Trusts Her: Her Opinion Is Important To Him

It’s a sign that he does have faith in you if he not only seeks out your physical help but also your advice and opinions. This shows that he trusts you to have sound judgment, and also that he thinks you’re pretty wise. If you don’t trust someone, you probably don’t value their opinion as much, and definitely wouldn’t go to the effort of asking for it.

It’s a good sign if he is always asking what you think about things and what you would do if you were in his situation, so be grateful for the fact that he turns to you for your thoughts!

7He Trusts Her Not: He Can’t Stand Her Having Male Friends

One of the most obvious signs that he doesn’t have a lot of trust in you is his not being able to handle the fact that you have male friends. If he can’t stand your male friends, it suggests that he thinks you’re going to become romantically involved with one of them behind his back, or maybe that they’re going to tempt you to leave him.

He might not blatantly try and tell you not to see your male friends anymore, but he could make a fuss when you do see them, or even try to get you involved in other things so you forget about them.


6He Trusts Her: Jealousy Isn’t An Issue In The Relationship

Most relationships have a small amount of jealousy in them, and that isn’t a huge problem. In fact, when your partner gets innocently jealous, it actually shows that they care enough about you to want you all to themselves.

But if jealousy is at the point where it’s causing problems, then it’s a clear indication of a lack of trust. Your partner can be jealous of you at times, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s an issue with jealousy in your relationship. And if there’s not an issue, there’s a good chance that they do trust you.

5He Trusts Her Not: He’s Been Hurt In The Past

This is one sign that can have absolutely nothing to do with you. If he’s been hurt in the past, and people have betrayed his trust before, there’s a higher chance that he won’t trust you because of the experiences he’s had.

That’s not to say that people who have had their trust broken are incapable of trusting again. But it’s probably significantly more difficult for them. So if he is having problems trusting you and you haven’t done anything to suggest you’re untrustworthy, it could come down to the fact that he doesn’t want history to repeat itself.

4He Trusts Her: He Loves Her Friends

It is always a good sign when your boyfriend loves your friends! And in this case, it could even mean that he trusts you. When a guy doesn’t like his partner’s friends, one of the reasons could be because he thinks they’re helping her to hide things, or even being a bad influence on her.

On the other hand, if he loves your friends and is always encouraging you to spend more time with them, it not only shows that he trusts you but also that he trusts them to an extent. Nobody wants their loved one hanging out with people who aren’t good for them, so he clearly approves on some level!

3He Trusts Her Not: He’s Not Interested In Being Physically Close To Her

A common side effect of a lack of trust in a relationship is one person (or both people) not wanting to be physically close with each other anymore. For some people, it doesn’t matter that much, but for most people, it’s difficult to be really close to someone that they don’t trust.

If it’s just a casual fling, trust might not be that important. But if you’re in a relationship, there’s some expectation of trust and closeness, and if that is lacking, then it usually results in barriers that stop you from being physically close with each other.


2He Trusts Her: He Only Needs One Answer, And Doesn’t Keep Asking The Same Questions

One sign that your partner doesn’t trust you is if he keeps asking you the same questions over and over again, and the answers you give him just don’t suffice. But if he only needs one answer from you, and he doesn’t keep asking you the same questions, it’s a sign he does trust you because your word is enough for him the first time.

If he’s always asking you questions and pressing you for information, it’s probably because he’s trying to find out the real details of a situation since he doesn’t think you were being honest the first time.

1He Trusts Her Not: He’s Never Vulnerable Around Her

Our society has traditionally told men that they can’t be vulnerable in front of women, and if they are, they’re less manly. But the truth is all humans are vulnerable at one point or another. Because of the social stigma, though, men are less likely to expose that softer side.

So if he is showing you his vulnerable side, it shows that he does trust you. In effect, by letting you in and letting his guard down around you, he’s giving you a chance to hurt him. But because he trusts you, he doesn’t think that will happen and is willing to take the risk.



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