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20 Signs He’s not in love with her Anymore

Are you getting that sinking feeling that your guy isn’t as smitten with you as he once was? Are the sparks so faint you need to squint to see them? You once had a whirlwind romance, filled with love and devotion, plenty of PDAs, and you both got butterflies just by thinking about each other.

While you may still feel the same about your man, he may be slowly, but surely, falling out of love with you. Maybe he has moved on, or he has come to realize you’re just not “the one.” This is surely not what you’re hoping to learn, but it’s better to be in the know than totally blindsided.

If you have a hunch that your fella is no longer feelin’ you, read on and see if he is exhibiting any of these 20 telltale signs below. He may just not be into you anymore, so don’t fool yourself into thinking you can win back his affections. Let him go and find a new man who thinks you’re the bee’s knees.


20He’s Always Playing Video Games


Does your man live in a perpetual fantasy world filled with joysticks and remote controllers? Is the shape of his behind permanently embedded in the sofa cushion? Does he only get up for snacks and a trip to the bathroom every now and then? If your man cares more about video games than he does about you, this is a definite sign that he is so over the relationship that he’d rather spend his time blowing up aliens and catching bad guys for points. Tell him it’s “game over” and realize he’s not the guy you thought you knew. He’s not into you anymore, but at least he has improved his gaming skills.

19He Takes Forever To Text/Call You Back


There was a time in your relationship when the texting was nonstop. From cute lovey-dovey messages to endless emojis, these texts were being sent 24/7, no matter what else was going on in your lives. Hearing back from your boo in an instant was amazing, and he had no qualms about stopping whatever he was doing to text you back. Same thing with phone calls. If he missed your call, he’d get back to you ASAP, so you never had to worry that you weren’t his number one priority. But these days, the texts are few and far between. You may be texting at the same persistent pace, but his response rate is less than up to par. He may not be into you anymore, so don’t hold your breath when you see those three little bubbles on your screen.


18His Focus Isn’t 100% On You


When your man could care less if you catch him flirting with other females, chances are that he’s no longer interested in flirting with you. You may enjoy your man’s charming personality, but that only works for you if he’s interested in sprinkling some of that charisma over you too.

When your guy is goofing around with other girls and leaves you standing in the corner feeling concerned, you can bet your bottom dollar that he’s just not that into you anymore.

Let him flirt if that’s what he wants to do, but don’t stand there and suffer.

17He’d Rather Hang Out At Home Than Go Out


Your man used to love to take you out and show you a good time. He also enjoyed showing you off to his friends who had no such luck in the romance department. He was proud of his partner, pleased to treat you to dinner and drinks, and staying home watching TV was never on the agenda.

But once a guy loses interest in his girl, going out seems like more of a chore than anything else. He’d prefer to plop down on the couch and watch reruns of silly sitcoms from the ’90s.

There is a fine line between being comfortable in your relationship and just not giving a hoot. Figure out which side he’s on and make the necessary adjustments.


16He’s More Into “Guy’s Night” Than Ever


When you first got together, your man was more than willing to forgo guy’s night out for an evening with his special someone. The two of you would go on romantic dates every weekend and spend weeknights together making dinner at home or renting movies and “chilling.” But nowadays, he’s all about hanging with the guys. He has no issue ditching you for sports’ night or beers with his “bros.” The man who used to make you his number-one priority has suddenly remembered how much fun his friends are. While a balance is recommended, if your man has gone from seeing his pals once a week to seeing them once an hour, realize you are no longer his favorite.

15He Never Compliments You


When a woman spends time getting all dolled up for her dude, the least he can do is let her know that he thinks she looks great. Even if all he does is comment on your hair or realize your shoes are new, the confirmation that he thinks you’re a cutie makes you feel special, or at least gives you a clue that he’s noticing you. If your man used to check you out and he has now checked out, it is likely due to the fact that he is no longer into you. Save your primping for someone who appreciates your flair for looking fabulous.


14He Spends The Night On The Couch Way Too Often


What happened to falling asleep in one another’s arms? Bedtime was once the best time of day, when you and your boo would bounce into the sack and show each other all sorts of affection. But when a man is no longer interested in such activities, falling asleep on the couch becomes far too common. After watching hours of football or the nightly news, your man can’t muster up the energy to walk over to the next room to get cozy with you. He snores till sunrise on the sofa while you remain restless in bed wondering what went wrong.

13He No Longer Cares About His Appearance


For a guy who used to “manscape” and only wore designer duds, seeing him with a straggly beard and dried-up spaghetti sauce on his sweatshirt makes you wonder if he has lost all sense of self-awareness. Perhaps he’s gotten a little too comfortable in the relationship, but there’s a difference between being cozy and being crude. Of course you don’t care if your man wears ripped jeans or throws on a baseball cap when he’s in a hurry, but when he leaves the house with his zipper open and his smile reveals spinach in his teeth, it can only mean he’s not concerned if he’s turning you off.


12He Forgets Important Dates…Like Your Birthday


Oops. Your man just really blew it by forgetting about your birthday. And he did the same on your anniversary, too. A guy can be forgetful at times, but when he keeps forgetting about things that are important to you, it could mean that he just doesn’t care anymore. Don’t spend another birthday blowing out your candles alone. And anniversaries are meant to be spent with someone who considers you a priority.

If he’s no longer into you, this is certainly a heartless way of showing it.

And with this sort of behavior, before long, you won’t be into him anymore either.

11He No Longer Buys You Flowers Or Cards

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There was a time when your home smelled like roses and cards covered every inch of your fridge and lined every shelf. These days, you haven’t seen a carnation since you can remember, and Hallmark is wondering where your honey shops now. If your man used to shower you with gifts and now can barely spring for a cup of coffee, he may no longer care about you. You shouldn’t expect the relationship to be like it was when you first got together, but when he can’t even pick out a card for your birthday, it’s time to call it quits.


10He Doesn’t Bring You Around His Friends Or Family

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Your man may not be super close with his family, but if you’ve been together for a while and have never even laid eyes on his twin brother, something’s obviously off. Perhaps he’s worried about bringing you around because he doesn’t foresee you being in his life much longer. If he’s no longer into you, why bother to introduce you to his mom and pop?

If you start up a relationship with his relatives, it will only be harder for him to cut ties with you.

And if he can’t even hang out with you and his friends at the same time, you’re really not the one for him. Then again, maybe he just doesn’t have any friends.

9He Has No Problem Doing Gross Things In Front Of You

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When a guy wants to impress his girl, he will go to extremes to be sure he doesn’t gross her out. But if your guy always has a finger stuffed up his nose and had no issue passing wind in your direction, unless he’s thirteen, he’s just not that into you. Naturally, a fart can slip at an inopportune moment, and we’ve all been there, but if your man thinks passing gas all day is just like breathing, he evidently doesn’t care if he offends you. While he’s busy picking his nose, think about picking a new man to go out with.


8When He Has Time Off From Work, He Doesn’t Spend It With You


Since the both of you have such busy schedules, you’d think when your guy has some time off he’d want to spend every moment with you. But if he’s no longer interested in you, he’ll use that free time to do something else. Perhaps he’ll take his car to the shop or chill with a buddy he hasn’t seen in a while. He may even use the time to catch up on sleep, binge-watch his favorite shows, or hit the bar. If you find out he has some free time and doesn’t schedule you in, he may be on the way out.

7Date Night Has Gone From Nice Restaurants To Drive-Thru Fast Food


When you first started dating, your man took you to some pretty decent places to dine. He’d order a bottle of wine and never skimped on dessert. While you can’t expect him to be so elaborate all the time, it’s nice to be treated like a queen every once in a while. But if your man thinks supersizing your fries is the way to a woman’s heart, he is no Burger King.

Money is obviously an issue, but at least he can plate the greasy burgers and nuggets and light a few candles to turn fast food into something fancier.

But if he can’t even share the sweet and sour sauce, he’s not into you one bit.


6He Treats You More Like A Sister


If your man no longer shows you any affection and even a kiss on the cheek makes him squirm, you have fallen into “just friends” territory. He no longer thinks about you in a romantic sense and he’d rather hang out with his sister than pretend he wants to hold your hand. To him, you actually are more like a sister than a lover, so tell your “bro” that his actions speak louder than words. No sibling rivalry here. Just take his cue and find a new guy to cuddle up to.

5He’s Rude To Your Friends


It’s one thing if your man is rude to you, that’s bad enough, but if he treats your friends like crap, this must really mean he’s not into you.

When he can’t even tolerate your besties, the relationship has sailed.

Perhaps he sees these gals as an extension of you, so although they may be perfectly nice, he projects his feelings about the relationship onto them. While this is not exactly mature behavior, it is a sure sign that your man is headed for the door. Why don’t you remind him not to let it hit him on the rear on his way out!?


4He’s No Longer Interested In Hearing About Your Day


Have you ever been super excited to come home to tell your main man all about your day? Perhaps you just landed a promotion or you found out your sister is expecting a baby. Or maybe you just wanted to chit chat about what you had for lunch and think up ideas for how to spend the upcoming weekend. There was a time that you could read the Yellow Pages and your man’s ears would perk up. But these days, he’d rather listen to whatever’s blaring into his earphones than hear what you’ve got to say.

If he’s not interested in your world, then he’s not interested in being in the relationship.

He’s no longer into you, so save your stories for someone who actually cares.

3He Doesn’t Notice When You Change Up Your Look

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If you make a drastic change in your ‘do or show up in a flashy new ensemble and your guy doesn’t even notice a thing, he is evidently tuned out and turned off. He may no longer be into you if you look super fly and he doesn’t bat an eye. You feel like you’ve just stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine and he wouldn’t notice if you were wearing your PJs or a prom dress. This guy is not going to suddenly sit up and take notice. Take your fabulous self out for a drink and let him lose out on a good looking lady.


2There’s A Serious Lack Of Affection

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After being intimate, does your man either flee the scene or step into the kitchen for a cola? When you’d rather snuggle and he’d rather watch sports, you are out of sync. If your guy used to love hugging and spooning ’till sunrise and now he’s ready to roll over and read a book, you’ve got a situation on your hands. He’s probably no longer into you and is trying to make the situation as non-loving as he can. The next time he refuses to snuggle, suggest he sleep someplace else.

1He Has Reactivated His Dating Account


Well, well, there you have it. Your man is so over you that he has reactivated his Tinder account. He’s not even trying to hide the fact that he is looking for a new honey. He’s out there, so he’s no longer invested in your relationship. Let him swipe till his fingers get sore. If he’s no longer interested in you, he should have the guts to cut ties before trying to get with another girl. This man is not committed to you, so drop him like a hot potato. Let the next gal figure out what kind of guy he is.


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