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The Woman He Wants To Date & The Girl His Mom Wants Him To Ditch

There are women men tend to date quite happily, but then when they introduce those women to their mothers, things become awkward. If a mom doesn’t like the woman her son is dating, she might tell him to end the relationship. Some guys are close to their moms and will listen.

The types of women his mom probably won’t like include the princess and drama queen. These women demand a lot of attention, and he’ll burn out if he serves their constant needs. She’ll also be against him dating a damsel in distress. Although this type of woman might be appealing to him (at first, anyway), she’ll see right through her manipulations!

Read on to learn about the types of women he’ll want to date and the women his mom will warn him about.

20A Damsel In Distress Is Appealing To A Guy, But Not Mom

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Some guys like a woman who is in distress as they want to feel heroic. When she’s always asking him to fix things or do something for her, he feels needed. Since he wants to be the one to fix all her problems, she’ll always call him. Over time, he’ll get burned out for always being at her beck and call. She’ll feel powerful as she has him wrapped around her finger. She plays the victim, but he can’t see it. His mom will see right through it, though, and won’t be impressed at all.


19He Wants To Laugh With Her

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Looks are important to men, but it’s not all they go for. A sense of humour is an important trait. A guy wants to be able to relax and laugh with the woman he’s dating. A shared sense of humour is especially important as it displays a strong mental connection, which is vital for the relationship to be based on something more solid than physical appearance.


18A Princess Is A Nightmare In Mom’s Eyes

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There are many downsides to the woman who acts like a princess. She demands to be pampered, have his full attention 24/7 and for him to give her everything she wants. He must lavish her with gifts as she has expensive taste. She doesn’t have manners, and it’s all about her. She will also dress up in designer clothes and always look immaculate.

When his mom meets her, the outing will turn sour as mom won’t like it if she sees her son’s girlfriend constantly demanding things of him or being high-maintenance.

17He Loves Self-Expression

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Physical attraction is essential, but a guy can also be attracted to a woman who uses self-expression. It’s appealing.

Self-expression is the way someone communicates with body language. If she uses movement and rhythm during dance, for example, she comes alive as her inner personality and happiness are revealed.

He wants a woman who shares her thoughts and expresses her feelings. If she says what’s on her mind, it’ll attract him more. Communication with body language is ideal as it reveals inner beauty. Men find inner beauty beautiful, and it may even be more attractive than outer beauty.


16His Mom Rolls Her Eyes At The Drama Queen

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There is a type of woman who lives a life full of drama. She’s known as the drama queen as she always reacts negatively to things. It can be the tiniest problem she’s dealing with, but she’ll respond with temper tantrums. Her life is a constant explosion, and it can be tiring. If she’s continuously exploding in front of him, especially if he’s the culprit, he’ll get annoyed. If his mom meets a drama queen, she’ll be put off immediately because of her turbulent personality.

15Laughter And A Positive Nature Will Draw Him To Her

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Men like to have a good time while on a date. They want a woman who radiates with joy and laughs with them. In men’s eyes, a positive, cheerful disposition is one of the most attractive qualities. These are what draw men to a certain woman over others, and they’re great qualities because they can make men feel so much more comfortable and relaxed on a date.

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14Moms Don’t Like The Clingy And Needy Type

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Mothers don’t like needy women as they’re likely to feel that their sons will have to work super-hard to keep the relationship going. A clingy woman never feels assured about things, especially relationships. She needs her boyfriend to constantly reassure her that he’s not going to leave her for another woman. If she suspects anything, she’ll become needy and emotional, and he’ll always have to tell her not to worry. It’s a vicious cycle!

13Certain Things Stand Out To Him

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Before men and women get to know one another, they’re first attracted to looks. According to Her Way, there are qualities men are attracted to more than others. Different men have different types of looks they go for, of course, but some qualities generally stand out more than the rest.

Men like a high pitched voice. It signifies youthfulness and femininity. Gorgeous, healthy hair is another quality the website mentions, along with a beautiful smile.


12His Mom Wants Him To Ditch The Fighter

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He might like to have debates with his partner, but if she regularly wants to argue with him about various topics because she has to be right, it can create a negative relationship. The conversation will never be positive.

Constant arguing in a relationship is not helpful, especially if it’s over trivial things.

His mom wants him to have a positive girlfriend and won’t like her if she’s always picking a fight. It also makes family get-togethers really awkward.

11He Wants A Woman Who Loves Herself

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The reason why this point is so important to guys is because it’s based on self-love. If she’s cynical or insecure about herself, it will put her dates off. Men like women who are positive about their flaws and don’t hide them. They want a woman who’s happy with every aspect of herself, personality and looks.

Loving herself reveals to men she won’t be bothered with his flaws, either, and it makes the relationship positive.


10His Mom Doesn’t Want Him To Be Controlled By A Woman

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It’s not nice when someone controls the person they’re dating. The one type of woman a mom won’t want to meet is a woman who controls her son. It’s off-putting if she controls what he wears, eats or how he lives his life, as it shows he doesn’t have a say or any freedom in the relationship. A mother will dislike watching her son’s personality disappear before her eyes because he’s being so controlled by his girlfriend.

9He Wants An Independent Woman

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Another attractive quality is when a woman is creative and lives according to her own rules. A man will like it if she stands out in the crowd and has a bold personality. It’s also good if she’s independent. This will prevent her from being too needy or clingy in the relationship. Basically, she shouldn’t try to define herself according to the relationship. She should stand on her own two feet.


8His Mom Doesn’t Want Him To Date A Scream Queen

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Men like their dates to be respectful, and their moms also do! Moms don’t like women who are disrespectful to their sons. If she puts him down and is rude in public, it’ll embarrass him and his mother. If she’s causing drama, it’ll create a scene, and everyone will look at them. He wants someone who’s calm and won’t draw attention to them. His mom wants him to find a woman who is classy and dignified.

7He Wants A Woman Who Sees Life As An Adventure

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He wants a woman who lives life large. She must be curious, playful and open-minded. Travel and adventure are important to him, so it’ll impress him if she’s keen to explore the world. He’ll want to be with her as she’s exciting and the relationship will never be dull. Sharing a zest for life will keep things very interesting.


6He Wants An Equal Partner

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In modern times, dates either split the bill or take turns paying for things. Some women still expect the men they’re dating to pay for everything, though, but this can feel quite stressful for the men in question. A man doesn’t want to feel like she’s just with him because of his wallet, or that she’s trying to take advantage of him.

5He Wants Someone Who Is Empathetic

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A woman who is empathetic, both to him and other people, is a must. He wants a woman who’ll support him and be a soft, caring place to fall when the world throws him a curveball. Compassion is an appealing trait because it signifies a caring and kind heart. Without it, it’s very difficult to build a real, lasting relationship. He’ll spend most of his time feeling like she doesn’t understand him or care about him.


4Overthinking Everything He Does Is Too Much

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Some woman can’t help but constantly think there’s something wrong. It’ll be over the smallest things as well. His mom doesn’t want someone who will question everything he says or does, or nags about the smallest things. If he doesn’t give her any reason to question him, then there’s no reason for her to interrogate him all the time. His mom obviously wants her son to date someone who is chill and trusts her son.

3He Admires A Woman Who’s Ambitious

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Ambition is a top quality he looks for in a woman as it shows she has goals and dreams, and works hard to achieve them. He wants a woman who’s sure about herself and isn’t always questioning her career choices or goals.

He likes it when a woman knows what she wants, as this proves she’ll be a great teammate with whom he can achieve goals, too.


2His Mom Doesn’t Want A Rebound Girlfriend

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A mom doesn’t like it if her son brings home someone who’s technically dating him to get over a breakup. She wants a long-term girlfriend for her son, not someone who won’t be with him for long. His mom might also think his girlfriend’s not over her ex or doesn’t have a lot of feelings for her son. She might notice that his girlfriend is just using him if she doesn’t really seem to engage with him or comes across as flaky.

1He Wants Affection And To Form A Connection

Men love affection, and they want the women they date to like it, too. It forms part of creating a strong bond between them. A guy will love it if his girlfriend takes his hand or hugs him. It shows him she’s really into him. A secure connection will form, and the relationship will be warm. He’ll also feel wanted and loved, which everybody needs in order for the relationship to flourish.



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