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How To Turn On Your Partner According To Zodiac Signs

Have you ever asked yourself what is it that you have to do to make men want you? You have the feeling you’re doing your best but somehow they are not interested in you.

If you are looking for some advice, you came to the right place.

First and foremost, you have to find your lover’s ‘soft spot’ to make them go crazy for you. It’s your intention to make them quiver and shake. You want them to feel stuff they have never felt before.

That’s how you will be sure they aren’t going to leave you. You will make them feel as if they are under a spell and they will be totally unaware of your ‘secret plan’—to make them want you badly.

You have to give men enough just to hook them. Once you’ve done that, you are going to control the relationship because let’s face it, men can easily be controlled by anything that has to do with sex.

You shouldn’t give them all you’ve got immediately because they will get bored and therefore, they will continue their search for something else. They will seek something or someone who turns them on even more than you do.

Throw them chunks of attention bit by bit, so you can surprise them every time with something new. Make them want you even more than they already do. That way, they won’t be able to get enough of you.

Lust is an essential part of every relationship.

Where there’s no lust, love can’t grow. These are two things that are co-dependent.

If you, by any chance, have problems in a relationship because your man is cooling off, consider some of the advice given above.

As it has been already written, in case they might be cooling off, spice things up a bit. They won’t know what hit them and they WILL be coming back for more.

All of you out there should know some of the tricks on how to turn men on. According to the stars, there are some general ‘turn-on’ traits that every Zodiac sign possesses. So, to save yourself the trouble, look up the sign that interests you and find your answer.



Aries men are attracted to beautiful bodies, power, and challenges. They like spontaneous women who surprise them with romantic gestures, such as going to dinners or the movies.

If you manage to surprise them, they will be yours.

Aries men like to be challenged. So, if you are aiming for that kind of man, be prepared to continuously challenge him if you want his sexual attention. Challenge him to a race or pretty much anything you can think of.

Men of this Zodiac sign like to be complimented. You probably thought that complementing was ‘women’s club only, but you would be surprised to know that Aries men are suckers when it comes to compliments.

But, be careful! These men are very smart and they will figure out if your compliment is sincere or not. If they get the feeling you are twisting them around your little finger, they will bail on you.



Soft kisses and sensual touches—that is how you turn Taurus men on. They love the sense of touch. Anything that feels nice to touch will make them shiver. So, if you plan on seducing them, put satin sheets on your bed or a feathery cloth on the floor. Those soft things will turn them on.

Taurus men like all the attention they can get. With this taken into consideration, giving them gifts will take you places. They will make sure to make it up to you. In exchange for a gift, they will give you sex.

Taurus men like to be messy in bed. Sometimes, this may come off as kinky but it’s just the way they are. Raw and natural things are what they enjoy the most.



Intellect is what turns Gemini men on. They are suckers when it comes to words. The best thing you can do is to give them a detailed description of your dinner date. Tell them how you are going to get there, where you are going to be and what you are going to do. They will picture all that in their minds and if you have a good imagination and are good with words, you will get their attention.

Those men are turned on if you share the same ideals as they do. They like women who have the same interests as they do because they can take them to places they both like and they can share their ideas on which both of them agree.

Gemini men are known as multitaskers. This can be very useful in the bedroom department. Also, they like to try new things which include sex toys and positions. Is the idea of multitasking any clearer now?

The bottom line is they are very creative in general and therefore in the bedroom, too.



Cuddling and gentle kisses are what turn Cancer men on. They can’t resist a nice, warm hug. They are attracted to independent people, power, and leaders.

They are suckers for romantic gestures such as sensual massages and sexual touching. If you shower them with emotions, they will make it worth your while.

Cancer men love women who are confident and who know how to take a stand for themselves.

In the bedroom, those men are putting all their attention on foreplay. The reason this happens is that they are very emotional and they express it through sensual touching and kissing.

As far as sex is concerned, they expect their lovers to be at their best. A quickie is not an option for these men because they want their sex to last longer. So, if you want to sexually impress and turn on Cancer men, bring on your a-game.



In a jungle, Leos are kings, and in the “urban jungle”, Leos like to be treated as kings. The spotlight is reserved only for them. No one can get access to the center of attention when Leos are around.

If you want to turn on Leo men, get used to being in their shadow because the world revolves around them.

Leo men like all the attention they can get. But be careful, don’t over-flatter them because they are well aware of their good looks. There is no need for you to tell them what they already know.

Give those men your attention and they will be yours. Kiss them and touch them in a warm and sensual way and you will make them roar.

In the bedroom, Leo men like to hear you calling out their names over and over again. That boosts their confidence. They are miracle workers when it comes to making love but they are a bit self-centered.

Here is one more important piece of information – Leos like the camera, if you catch my drift.



Virgo men are known as perfectionists. They pay a lot of attention to small details. If you want to turn Virgo men on, make them your priority and shower them with love and they will adore you.

Due to the fact they are perfectionists, Virgo men like cleanliness. They want you to pay attention to your hygiene – to take care of your body. As you take care of your own body, they expect you to do the same for them.

Throw them a nice bubble bath, oil massage them or throw in some candlelight and you will be in.

In bed, Virgo men are once again, perfectionists. The best thing you could do is to ask them what they want, so you can take the test and ace it.



Libra men are very traditional when it comes to love. They will shower you with that classic, “old-school” romance. That includes candle lights, serenades, and cute, little love notes.

If you want to turn them on, you will have to pay attention to every inch of their body. You mustn’t miss anything.

When it comes to activities in the bedroom, Libra men aren’t having raw, meaningless sex; they are making ‘sweet-sweet’ love. They love long foreplays and they will give you a lot but they will expect to get everything in return. If you want to turn them on, you have to give in completely to them.



What turns Scorpio men on is resolving a mystery. They are real risk-takers. To turn them on with a mystery, you should try role-playing. Go on a date and dress like someone else. That will make them crazy for you. Those men are turned on by doing stuff they aren’t supposed to do.

In the bedroom department, Scorpios are the most passionate of all the signs. They like to be in charge and they consider themselves as ‘masters of the bedroom’.

When they see you are getting comfortable around them, they will show you their vulnerable sides. They will show you their deep desires, but be careful—they can be scary.

Scorpio men can get comfortable with what’s considered taboo, so in bed, they can sometimes get easily carried away.



Sagittarius men are known for their adventurous spirit—both in real life and in love life. The key to seducing Sagittarius men is being adventurous. Take them outdoors on a date or simply surprise them.

These men like flirting, laughing, and having fun. As soon as Sagittarius men realize you are not the type of a woman that can turn them on, they will leave you.

What turns them on the most is the athletic type of women and for a reason. They will wear you out, so you’d better be in good shape if you want to keep up with him.

Those men don’t give as much meaning to the act of sex as they do to the chase—the time they spend seducing you.

In the bedroom, Sagittarius men love to try new things that include taking risks. For example, they like to be surprised by things such as public sex, booty calls, etc.



Capricorn men are very traditional and they will avoid thinking out of the box. They are turned on by power and control. They like women who know what they want and how they want it.

Capricorn men are very traditional during the day, but as soon as night falls they can get really freaky. Once they get comfortable enough, they will be the dominant ones. The key to seducing them is to make them comfortable and they will rock your world.

Capricorns can easily get by without foreplay because, as in life, they will get right down to business. Sometimes, they can get carried away by expressing their dominance through sexual punishments.



Aquarius men are known to be extremely eccentric. Imagine what you would have done to turn on someone in a “normal way”, but in this case, you would have to do the exact opposite.

If you like the fact they are eccentric and you tell them that, they will get turned on even more. A few naughty texts and a massage won’t do any harm, as well.

In bed, Aquarius men are turned on by your pleasure. They don’t care for their own pleasure, only for yours. Also, if you let them experiment in the bedroom, they will make it worth your while.



Pisces men are givers by nature so it really turns them on when they are feeling needed. Creativity is what turns them on as well. If you want to seduce these men, you will have to be as creative as possible. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and fulfill your sexual fantasies. Pisces men will consider that very attractive.

In bed, Pisces men are taking lovemaking to a whole different level. They are turning it into art. Since they are very emotional, the best thing to turn them on is to emotionally connect with them.

If you aren’t ready to open up to them, Pisces men won’t get turned on by you.



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