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Here Are The Best Celeb Baby Names We Should Copy According To Your Zodiac Sign

Pregnancy is an exciting time as you’re planning everything for your newborn. One of the most important things is to choose the right name as your baby will be called that forever.  Luckily, we can look to astrology to help us figure out the perfect name to choose for a girl or boy.

Each astrological sign has certain qualities, so it’s best to pick a name that will suit those specific traits. For instance, fiery signs like Aries and Leo should have meaningful names, like Max (Aries) for a boy and Summer (Leo) for a girl. Unusual names like Luna and Otis belong to the nurturing and strong star signs, such as Cancer. Star signs like Pisces are the dreamers, so names like Finn and Willow are ideal. On the other hand, names like Rose (Scorpio) and Micah (Aquarius) are more elegant but perfect for the emotional signs.

Read on for more special names that celebrities chose for their children, along with their astrological significance.


24 Aries: Strong Leaders And A Bold Personality

This Fire sign is all about power and energy. Aries is also the fiercest sign as the Ram is energetic and bold. Aries is the sign of strength and leaders.

Influential names for Aries boys include Max or Michael. These names reveal strength and leadership.

They’re also quite popular names with celebrities. Christina Aguilera and Cynthia Nixon named their sons Max. Moses is also a good name due to its leader namesake. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their son Moses. It’s also quite unusual.

23 Cancer: Creative Meaningful Names

Cancerians love to take care of people and are very empathetic. Cancer names should be inspired by art or literature because of the emotional tendencies and personal meaning displayed by people born under this sign.

Luna is a mighty name because it derives from the moon woman leader in Roman mythology. Therefore it may be a name that holds personal meaning in the literature world, too.

In 2016, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend named their baby girl Luna. It’s unique as people mainly go for more well-known names. Cancer is a creative sign as well, and Luna does sound mystical and creative.

22 Taurus: Old Names Which Reveal A Noble Personality

The Bull is a grounded sign because of its loyalty and disciplined personality. Taurus also has a persistent and stubborn nature.

People born under this sign are known for wanting a stable way of life due to their cool characters and maturity. However, Taurus is also passionate about the lovely things in life, such as art.

Old Century names are preferable because they reveal the noble personality of this sign. Names like Otis, Abel and Oscar are old, but honorable. Surprisingly, some celebs like the ancient boy names. Tobey Maguire and Olivia Wilde named their sons Otis. If you like powerful and old names, Otis will be perfect.

21 Scorpio: Flower Names With Emotional Connections

Scorpio is known to be mysterious and secretive. Scorpio is also emotional as it’s a Water sign, and all Water signs tend to have a sensitive nature.

Scorpio is passionate, and names that reveal this side of them are preferable as they display mystery and love. The best names for Scorpio girls should be names of flowers as this will reveal their femininity.

Rose is at the top of the list as it’s a flower which signifies love and romance. Scarlett Johansson loved it so much as she named her daughter Rose. It’s not a fashionable name, but it signifies beauty.

20 Sagittarius: Brave Explorers Are Always On An Adventure

Sagittarians are explorers; they love adventure and travel. They’re always looking for the “why” to questions. There are famous names for famous explorers, such as Everest, which make for cool Sagittarius names.

There are other good ideas besides explorer names, such as those related to science. If you want a unique name that derives from the universe and no one really has it, the names Apollo and Orion are ideal. Apollo signifies the Sagittarius symbol, the Archer. Universe names aren’t popular among celebrities as Gwen Stefani was the only one to name her son Apollo.

19 Pisces: Nature Names For Ethereal Dreamers

The Fish is known for its creative nature and unrealistic way of life. People born under the sign of Pisces live in a dream world and love to express their emotions. If you’re a dreamer or want a creative name for your child, these Pisces girl names are inspiring because they are ethereal and have artistic meaning: Lake or Willow.

Pisces loves nature and names that connect them to a tribe. Willow is mighty as its origin is “a tree by the river.” It’s quite a popular name among celebrities as Will Smith and Pink named their daughters after the meaningful tree.

18 Virgo: Hardworking And Grounded Personality

Virgo is one of the hardest working signs as it loves to make to-do lists and have everything in order. People born under this sign don’t let emotions get in the way, and they’re grounded. Virgo also likes success and will work hard to get it.

Virgo boy names will have a lot of strength in their meaning. Most names will also have an ancient worker origin. For example, the source of the name Everett is a wild boar, and Mason’s background is stone. It’s a popular name as Melissa Joan Hart and Kourtney Kardashian named their sons Mason.

17 Capricorn: Successful And Wiser Than Their Actual Age

The sea goat is another ambitious sign because Capricorns never quit due to their determination. They’re successful and like setting goals in life. Capricorns are older than their years and have an intelligent nature.

The best girl names that reveal this prosperous sign are Matilda and Sage. Matilda means “power and might.” Sage is a herb, but its true meaning is a wise mythical character.

They’re both influential names, while being uncommon. Michelle Williams and Gordon Ramsay both named their daughters Matilda. Toni Collette called her daughter Sage. Toni said she chose Sage because she learns from her daughter all the time, People reports.

16 Libra: Thrive On Harmony And A Positive Way Of Life

Libra is the most balanced sign, with Scales as its symbol. Librans are harmonious and diplomatic. They’re also very romantic, intelligent and filled with positivity; they like to make people happy.

The perfect boy names reveal the balanced nature and empathy of this sign. Names like Miles and Alexander reveal Libra’s true identity the most. Alexander means “protector of mankind” and Miles means “gracious soldier.” Chrissy Teigen and John Legend chose the name Miles for their son who was born this year.

15 Leo: Always Playful And Cheerful

Another fiery sign like Aries and Sagittarius, The Lion is brave and has a nature filled with pride and loyalty. Leo also loves attention and has a playful nature. There’s no room for negativity.

The best girl names will reveal these traits. Adelaide and Summer are strong names, as Adelaide’s origin means “noble and kind”, and Summer reveals a cheerful environment. Another very unique name is Aurelia, and it means “golden.” It describes a lion perfectly.

Christina Aguilera named her daughter Summer because the season is filled with warmth, People reports, while Rachel Griffith’s daughter’s name is Adelaide.

14 Aquarius: Creative And Understanding Of Knowledge

This Air sign is known for its creativity and emotional nature. Aquarius also has two sides, one is happy and the other unpredictable.

Aquarians love their freedom and don’t like to feel stifled. They are known as the humanitarians of all the signs and love anything to do with intelligence.

Therefore, the best boy names will do well by signifying knowledge and creativity. Creative names, such as Rory and Taylor, will work well, but a solid, intelligent name is Micah. Aquarians have a deep understanding of knowledge and Micah has a stable meaning as it relates to someone who is smart. The actress from Grey’s Anatomy, Sarah Drew, named her son Micah.

13 Gemini: Social Butterfly And Likes To Stand Out

Along with Libra, Gemini is a very social sign. People born under this sign are also dramatic, cultured and up for anything.

Geminis like to stand out. Therefore a strong and unique name is ideal.

Gemini is full of energy and people born under this sign have a curious nature. They’re curious about the world and people. Since Gemini is an energetic and happy sign, a girl’s name needs to match these traits and stand out. The name Beatrice is fitting as it means “bringer of joy.” It’s also a popular name in the celebrity world as Bryce Dallas Howard and Eric Dane both gave this unique name to their daughters.

12 Scorpio: Strong Loyalty And Intense Emotions

As mentioned before, Scorpio is a mysterious sign filled with intense emotions. It’s one of the darkest signs because of secrecy and emotional feelings. Scorpio has two sides – intensity and love. They are loyal and protective of the people they love. The mystery surrounding them makes them interesting, and a different name is a way to go. For example, Xander and Jude.

Xander signifies a romantic soul with a passionate nature. It reveals the delicate but rebellious spirit of someone. Jude means “one who is praised.” January Jones named her son Xander and television host Alexis Stewart chose Jude for her daughter.

11 Virgo: Connection To Nature And Ancient Meaning

One of the most serious signs because they need everything to be in order and tend to worry they’re not doing things right, Virgo also has a helpful and loving nature.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and is the sign of the Greek earth goddess, Demeter. Therefore, nature and mythology girl names are essential.

They’re unique and sound intelligent. The best name is Anona, which refers to nature and mythology, and Hazel which is a type of tree and colour. Julia Roberts and Emily Blunt named their daughters Hazel. Emily admits she called her daughter Hazel because she wanted an old name, Hello magazine reports.

10 Leo: Life Of The Party And Powerful Leader

The Lion is a Fire sign and signifies warmth, loyalty and passion. Leos are mainly known for their pride which is a lion trait. However, Leos are also friendly and are referred to as the “life of the party.”

When the party’s over, Leos are good leaders and like to rule. Therefore, boy names need to signify Leo’s strength and leadership traits. Leo is actually a good name itself. Penélope Cruz named her son Leo. It’s a gentle yet strong and determined name.

Sagittarius: Being Curious About Everything

Sagittarians are always on an adventure as they like to discover new things and find their true selves. They’re optimistic and curious about life.

Sagittarius is another social sign like Gemini, and they want to be on the constant move. They’re irresistible because of their fun nature. Therefore, a perfect girl name for Sagittarius would describe an adventurous lifestyle and joyful life.

For example, Sarima means “celebration” and Seraphina means “burning fire.” Jennifer Garner is the only celebrity who named her daughter Seraphina. Gypsy is also a good choice as it means “bohemian traveler.”

Pisces: Names Of The Sea

The Fish is the most creative sign as Pisces loves a bohemian lifestyle. They like to draw, paint, dance and live in a fantasy. Pisces is a Water sign and love anything to do with water. It’s also the most sensitive sign in astrology because of its caring and loving personality.

The best Pisces boy names should reveal a water meaning, like Dylan and Finn. Finn means “ate the salmon of wisdom.”

It’s quite a popular name with celebrities. Tori Spelling and Owen Wilson named their sons Finn.

Libra: Balanced And Strong Leadership Skills

Librans can never make a decision. When they’re not deciding things, however, they can be balanced in all areas of life. Librans are referred to as diplomats as they like to rule over people with leadership and communication skills. They are social, lively and most of all artistic. Therefore baby names should reveal beauty and peace.

Strange names like Mabel and Cosima mean beauty and harmony. Stella is also a good name as it signifies “Star.” Matt Damon and Ellen Pompeo named their daughters Stella, which is a popular name in Hollywood.

Capricorn: Determination And Never Giving Up

Capricorns strive in every area of their lives. Their symbol is the Goat, which displays their innate determination. It also expresses climbing a mountain which is usually a sign of never giving up.

The best Capricorn boy names would signify determination. Jasper means “treasurer,” which signifies success as well as determination. Montgomery is also ideal as it means “of the mountain.”

Isla Fisher named her son Montgomery, and actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley called her boy Jasper. Montgomery is further unusual as it sounds more like a surname.

Taurus: Flower Names And The Arts

There’s a lot to this sign as Taurus is loyal and stubborn but also down to earth. Taurus loves music, art and literature because they’re so creative. They find beauty in these subject areas.

The Bull can also be organized, and they love money – saving and spending it!

If you want a girl name that signifies beauty, choose a flower name. The best Taurus girl names are mainly based on flowers. Kate Beckinsale named her daughter Lily and Olivia Wilde called her daughter Daisy.

Gemini: Full Of Energy With A Vibrant Social Life

The Twins is an energetic sign. Gemini is a social butterfly, and loves socializing in a large group. Gemini has lots of energy and a playful nature. Boy names which signify a Gemini personality are Tate and Felix. They both mean happiness. Felix became popular in the celeb world after Elizabeth Banks named her son Felix in 2011, reports Cosmopolitan. Former Spice Girl singer Emma Bunton named her son Tate in the same year.

Aquarius: Bohemian And Idealistic Lifestyle

Aquarians want to go their own way and do whatever they want. This Water sign lives a bohemian lifestyle as it’s idealistic and can be quite a dreamer.

The best girl names should reveal the Aquarius bohemian way of life and unconventional nature. One of the most unique names is Frida, and it means “free.” Another interesting name is Violet which is purple like the Aquarius birthstone, amethyst. Violet is a popular celebrity girl name as Jennifer Garner chose it for her daughter. Musicians Christina Milian and Emily Robison also picked it for their daughters.

Cancer: Creative Imaginations And Likes The Home Life

The Crab is a nurturer, but it also has a creative soul. Cancer is filled with imagination and follows a dreamer lifestyle.

Unlike adventurous Sagittarius, Cancer prefers a home life to an outgoing lifestyle. Therefore the best boy names will have meaning regarding home. Unusual names are Enzo and Ketan. Another interesting name is Julian, while relate to the month of July.

Enzo means “rules his household” and Ketan means “home.” Actress Annabeth Gish named her son Enzo.

Aries: Courageous And Not Afraid Of Anything

Aries is another courageous sign like Leo, as the Ram is brave and energetic. Aries always believes they’re right and hold a strong viewpoint. Aries love adventures and whenever they do something it’s like for the first time. They’re not scared of anything.

Strong girl names which show Aries’s courageous side include Andrea as it means “daring.” Aries’s colour is red, so Ruby is another good name as it describes the Aries planet, Mars.

Actress and writer Elisa Donovan named her daughter Scarlett. Ruby is a popular girl’s name in Hollywood as both Tobey Maguire and model Rachel Reynolds named their daughters Ruby.




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