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Here’s What Every Zodiac Sign Is Doing Wrong In A Relationship

Some people are great at giving relationship advice, and there are plenty of people who seem to need it. Sometimes a person can feel like they’ve simply seen it all and are officially a pro at helping people figure out their love lives. However, the truth of the matter is that when it comes to love, everyone has something they’re constantly doing wrong when they find themselves in a relationship.

Whether it’s big or small, it’s absolutely critical to deal with this issue before it gets out of hand. Even a seemingly little flaw probably got in the way of past relationships, and present relationships aren’t exempt either. The last thing that a person wants is to find that their own internal conflicts are ruining any chance of love.

But the first part of fixing things is acknowledging that there’s a problem. Everyone is sure to be doing something wrong in their relationships, so don’t stress out over it. Each astro sign has an internal energy that causes them to not be their best in relationships. The key is to work past this issue, without letting it get out of hand.

It’s time for people to take control of their actions and stop them from potentially messing up their love lives. But they should also acknowledge the things they’re good at in a relationship, too!


24 Pisces Wrong: Digging Up The Past

You’re not exactly proud of this, however you always find yourself doing it. Trying to dig up details from your lover’s past is simply what you do best. While this isn’t exactly your most glamorous quality, it’s absolute something that you struggle with.

It’s time to stop trying to figure out every flaw that your lover might be carrying from their past. 

The truth of the matter is that we all have that one thing that we’re not exactly proud of, even you! The last thing that you would want is for your lover to be trying to figure out things from your past. Trust us when we tell you that sometimes it’s best to simply keep things buried, instead of trying to display them for the world to see.

23 Pisces Right: Pick The Battles To Fight Wisely

While digging up your lover’s past is definitely your flaw when it comes to relationships, there are some things that you’re absolutely amazing at. Of all the astro signs, you definitely know the right moments  to challenge your partner on an issue.

You’re not about to start huge fights over all problems that your relationship might come across. Instead, you make sure to pick your battles wisely as you know what’s worth fighting over, and whats best to let slide. This allows your partner to know that if you’re upset over something, it’s usually something serious!

22 Aquarius Wrong: Ruining Their Confidence

As an Aquarius, you’re used to having all of the attention on you. You always find yourself dominating every situation that it’s only right that the spotlight shines your way.

Your lover might not exactly appreciate your constant criticisms trying to get them to your level. 

Instead, maybe it’s time for you to be a little more understanding from where your partner is coming from. Not everyone is going to be able to be as successful as you are. All of your negative words might just be ruining your lover’s self esteem. While this is totally the last thing that you want to happen, it’s what’s seriously going on. It’s time for you to be a little more supportive when it comes to your lover’s emotions.

21 Aquarius Right: Having Realistic Expectations

Even though you’re always striving for the best, you still have realistic expectations. While everyone around you seems to be seeking things that are impossible, you know what you can actually achieve.

If there is anyone who knows what their strengths and weaknesses are, it’s totally you. You’re not about to put yourself in a situation where you know you won’t be able to achieve your goal. Instead, you make sure you pick your dreams carefully based on your capabilities. You also understand that everyone around you has different expectations, so you can’t expect people to be able to reach your level. Keep on focusing on yourself and ignore whatever goals other people are working towards.

20 Leo Wrong: Breaking Promises

You’re so used to being single that having to find yourself in a relationship seems like foreign territory. You’re usually able to get your way, even if that means having to use manipulation and lies to do so.

That’s why when you find yourself in a relationship, it’s often accompanied by a lot of lying on your end. 

You’re simply willing to do whatever it takes to get your way, even in a relationship. This is the last thing that you want to do as a relationship is a balance of power between two people. The last thing that you want to do is base your relationship off of lies. We promise that everything will eventually crumble and fall if you keep living this way. Get ready for the world to see your true self, rather than these lies that you keep throwing.

19 Leo Right: Giving Each Other Space

You of all people know the importance of giving each other space in a relationship. Even though you might find yourself head over heels for a special someone desiring to spend all your time together, it’s probably best to spend some time apart.

This allows you to take some time for yourself and breathe. You’ll be able to really analyze where your relationship is going and how you and your lover are doing together. Even if your lover is trying to spend all their time with you, make sure to create some distance once in a while. You understand the significance of creating some distance between you and your lover. Keep this up and it will only strengthen your relationship!

18 Cancer Wrong: Trying To Change Them

It seems as if your standards are at times completely over the roof. You’ve spent so much time with your thoughts bouncing around in your head that you simply need a second opinion.

It might be surprising to find out that what you desire might not be realistic. 

That’s why the last thing you want to find yourself doing is being in a relationship where you keep trying to change your partner. Even if your lover has a ton of things they have to work on, it isn’t your call to make. You can’t enter a relationship with the aim of changing someone, as it’s simply not realistic. Instead, you have to love them unconditionally for who they already are, not who you hope they’ll become.

17 Cancer Right: Motivating Each Other

As a Cancer, you know what you want and what you have to do to get it. That’s why you’re absolutely the best astro sign to be in a relationship with as you’re always ready to motivate your lover to achieve their absolute best.

You’re willing to do whatever it takes to make your lover feel inspired to achieve all of their goals. You understand that the only thing in the way between you and your dreams is hard work. That’s why you make it a priority that your partner understands this principle too, as it’s the key to making things work. Keep on doing exactly what you’re doing when it comes to inspiring your partner. This vibrant energy is sure to keep them obsessed with you!

16 Libra Wrong: Being Overpowered By Jealousy

It seems like Libras are totally known for being incredibly jealous in their relationships. While you’ve kept these feelings to yourself in the past, at this point you make it well known when you’re not okay with a certain situation.

Unless you want your lover to run the other way, it’s time to tone down the jealousy. 

It’s completely true that jealousy showcases that you care for your partner, however, yours often gets completely out of hand. Instead, we recommend that you take some time to really figure out why you’re jealous. The last thing you want is for your partner to think you’re completely over reacting as you obsess over something insignificant. Figure out if your jealous actions might be based off of some type of insecurity that is sparking jealous behavior.

15 Libra Right: Offering Security

Libras totally know how to make sure that their lovers feel comforted. You’re always there offering total support to your love through whatever situation. Your love is unconditional and there is nothing that will get in the way of you being there for your partner.

Your best asset in a relationship is offering security to your lover. This lets them know that you care and are willing to do whatever it takes to help you. Sometimes all we need is to know that the person we adore is there for us. Luckily, you’re able to offer this complete support for your partner. Keep up this loving attitude as it makes your partner feel like the most important person on earth!

14 Aries Wrong: Becoming Manipulative

You’re not exactly proud of this, however, you understand that manipulation is simply in your nature. As an Aries, you’re constantly trying to figure out how to have the upper hand on everyone, even in a relationship.

While you understand that this isn’t healthy, it feels like there is nothing you can do to stop it. 

Your thoughts are constantly filled with whether you or your partner have more power in your relationship. It’s time that you understand that trying to manipulate your partner, even if it’s unintentional, is not healthy whatsoever. This behavior will eventually lead to the downfall of your relationship if you keep on trying to gain power over your boo.

13 Aries Right: Complete Transparency

The last thing you’re about to do in a relationship is lie to your partner. While your manipulative nature might be unintentional, telling the truth is something you always make sure to do. You understand that a strong relationship is based in completely honesty.

That’s why you always make sure to be an open book for your partner whenever they need. Complete transparency is the number one thing you should be doing in your relationship. You’ve seen other relationships fall down since lies kept on flowing through. That’s why you’ve made it your number one priority to be truthful with your lover. If you’re not truthful, what’s the point in even being together?

12 Capricorn Wrong: Taking Them For Granted

You’re so used to being the center of attention and having lovers willing to do whatever it takes to get you. That’s why when you finally find yourself settled down in a relationship, you’re still expecting your partner to bend over backward for you.

However, sometimes you forget to give your partner the exact love and support that they deserve. 

You can’t expect your lover to do everything for you with nothing in return. We’re getting the feeling that your past lovers were so over not being appreciated by you. It’s time to turn this flaw around and show your adoration for your partner. This will keep the relationship even stronger as your parter knows you appreciate them for who they are rather than what they do.

11 Capricorn Right: Being There For Each Other

Even though you might not showcase your appreciation for your partner, you’re at least always there for them. You totally adore them for who they really are that you’re not about to ditch them when they need it.

You’re always there for your partner, whether they know it or not. That’s why we recommend that it’s time to show your lover how obsessed you actually are for them. The best way to do this is through a cute romantic gesture that will really show them that you care. While this might be totally out of your nature, it’s something you have to do to declare your love. Switch things around when it comes to showing off your love and support!

10 Virgo Wrong: Ignoring Critical Issues

As a Virgo, you’re known for ignoring the things that stress you out. In your head, you assume that if you forget about the issue going on that it probably isn’t even an issue. Even though this may work in keeping you going, you’re still subconsciously stressing over these issues that just don’t seem to go away.

It’s time to get to the bottom of the conflict, rather than trying to cover it up. 

Stop ignoring the critical issues in your relationship that have to be dealt with. We totally understand that it is intimidating to open up something difficult and figure it out. You more than anyone understand that having past issues brought up might be the very thing that pushes you and your partner apart. However, if you want to move forward, you’ll have to take a few steps back and see what’s holding your relationship back.

Virgo Right: Meeting Half Way

You’re absolutely awesome at meeting your lover half way in a relationship. There is absolutely no point in trying to get your way when you can come to a mutual agreement with your lover. As a Virgo, you more than anyone understand that the key to a relationship is a balance of power.

You’re not worried about having the upper hand in a relationship. You’re more than willing to meet half way to make things work. It’s not about one person being right or wrong, but rather coming to a mutual agreement. Even though you sometimes want to prove to your partner that you’re right, it’s often best to simply come to a mutual agreement.

Gemini Wrong: Wearing A Mask

While you totally disagree with the cliche that all Geminis wear masks, you might agree when it comes to relationships. You often find yourself trying to put your best foot forward when it comes to love. It’s critical for you to be the best version of yourself, as you think that’s the key to making your lover fall for you.

Even though wearing a mask might help you end up in a relationship, it’s based on false pretenses. 

Your lover will eventually figure out who your truly are as you’re not able to keep up an act forever. We promise that this will cause some major issues to arise, whether you want them or not. That’s why it’s critical that you stop putting on a persona when it comes to love. Show your partner who you really are!

Gemini Right: Having A Little Bit Of Hope

You’ve been through absolutely everything that you’ve learned the trick is having a little bit of hope. Even if your relationship might not be going the way you hoped it would, you’re not freaking out. Instead, you’re constantly looking towards the future.

A Gemini knows that the secret to making everything work is by having a positive attitude. The last thing you want is for your negativity to overpower things and inevitably lead to a downfall. Instead, focus on the positive in every situation and you’ll be able to eventually come out on top! We promise that this happy thoughts are exactly why your partner needs to get them through the hard times.

Taurus Wrong: Not Taking The Blame

You’ve been single for what seems like forever that you’re so used to only having to deal with your own thoughts. It’s safe to say that at times you need a second opinion to help you figure out if you’re right.

Luckily, your lover can help you come back to reality and show you that you might not always be right. 

This is totally out of the blue for you that you’re simply not willing to admit that you’re wrong. It’s time for you to be willing to take the blame on a situation, rather than disagreeing with your partner. While we know it’s the worst to admit defeat, it’s a necessary step in a relationship. Say thank you for your lover’s second opinion and for helping to keep you grounded!

Taurus Right: Forgive & Forget

There is no point in holding onto negative vibes. That’s why you’re a firm believer of forgiving and forgetting. Even if your lover makes a big mistake, you’re willing to figure it out with them and move past it.

The truth of the matter is that if you’re still holding onto the conflict, then you’re not over the situation. If you find yourself still stressing over your partner’s mistake even when you promised to move past it, then you still have to work on it. The last thing that you want to do is to pretend that everything is okay when it’s not. Work with your lover to over come these issues rather than pretending that everything is okay.

Scorpio Wrong: Being Overly Controlling

Scorpios are totally used to having all of the control in a situation. That’s why you often find yourself seeking trying to take the power in your relationship.

Even though your partner might be submissive and let you get away with it, it still isn’t okay. 

Stop trying to take charge of the relationship and instead give your partner some say. There is no way you’ll be able to grow with one another when one person calls all the shots. We totally understand that it might be intimidating to be dependent on your partner, but it’s a natural part of any relationship. Being overly controlling will only push your partner away in a matter of time.

Scorpio Right: Learning To Compromise

Even though you might be a little overly controlling at times, you’re still willing to compromise on the major issues. You and your lover need to come together when it really matters, rather than trying to seize power from one another.

Keep your willingness to compromise as it’s absolutely critical in a relationship. You want you and your partner to be on the complete same page when figuring out issues. You don’t have to submit to your partner’s desire, and neither do they. Instead, simply work on finding a middle ground between you and your partner. This is your key asset in any relationship that you find yourself in that it is critical to uphold it!

Sagittarius Wrong: Ignoring The Future

As a party animal, you’re so used to living in the moment and making the most out of the present. You often find yourself stumbling into a relationship as you just go with the flow. While we love your fearless way of life, it’s time to take a look at the future.

If you’re not willing to add your significant other in your future plans, then maybe you don’t see your relationship as being serious enough. 

It’s time to add them in the picture when looking at the future. While it’s totally important to make sure that everything in the moment is going well, it’s time to think about the future. Consider if you’re not thinking about the future of your relationship due to the fact that you don’t see yourself with this person eventually?

Sagittarius Right: Expressing Your Love

If you’re head over heels for someone special, you’re going to make it known. You’re not scared of being vulnerable and showcasing to your lover how you feel. Instead, you’re ready to scream to the whole world how much you adore this special someone.

This is an asset in any relationship as it proves that you’re not embarrassed of your lover. You’re willing to make it known how much you adore this person. We promise that your partner adores you for this attention as it really showcases how much you care for them. While you might not be willing to look at the future of your relationship, you’re at least willing to declare your love in the present.



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