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What Kind Of Parent Our Partner Will Be To Our Kids, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Ever looked at your partner and wondered what kind of parent he or she would make to your future kids?

By checking out their astrological sign, you can get a better idea of what your girlfriend will be as a mother, or your boyfriend will be as a father.

For example, an Aries man will take his kids on lots of adventures because he’s so active and always keen to try something new. So don’t be surprised if he whisks the kids away on a weekend of white-water rafting and camping. A Taurus mom, on the other hand, will be like a lion guarding her cubs. She’ll care for her children and be a nurturing parent to whom they can always turn when they need comfort.

It’s great to get a preview of the type of parent your partner will be one day, so check out their star sign below to find out if your parenting skills would be in sync with theirs.


24 Aries Dad: The Fun Dad

If there was a superhero based on the Aries father, it would be called Adventure Dad! This guy’s a fun dad who loves to keep his kids entertained. He wants to make their experience of childhood memorable, which is why he’ll always try to come up with new and exciting activities for them to do together. There’s no doubt that his kids will always enjoy quality time with their dad, and there’ll never be a dull moment.

Dressing up in silly costumes? Wearing makeup and having a tea party? Building a fort in the living room? The Aries dad will do all those things and more. 

What kid wouldn’t want that?

23 Aries Mom: The Warrior Mom

The Aries mom is the mom who does it all. She’s a devoted parent while busy climbing corporate ladders, and pursuing her dreams. Yup, “warrior” is right!

Having a full and colourful life outside of the home makes her an inspiration to her young children. By seeing the way she lives whole-heartedly, they’ll grow up believing anything is possible for their lives. The Aries mom opens their minds up to lots of exciting possibilities.

22 Taurus Dad: The Gentle Father

The Taurus dad not only makes a great parent because he’s such a homebody, but he’s always gentle with his kids. He teaches them that it’s important to be kind and loving, while also being a soft place for them to turn when life throws them a curveball.

He wants his kids to grow up with great values, morals and a strong belief system, and he’s willing and ready to take it upon himself to instill these inside them for life.

21 Taurus Mom: The Nurturer

The Taurus mom is the one to make sure that her kids are always looked after and cared for, when it comes to their health, diet, clothing, as well as their emotional wellbeing. She’s got it all covered!

She can be quite protective, though, and sometimes comes across as a bit smothering, but that’s just because she wants the best for her kids! She’s like a lion fiercely protecting her little cubs.

20 Gemini Dad: The Big Kid

The Gemini father sees parenthood as a grand adventure, which means there’ll be many LOL moments on his Instagram account. He’s not the type of parent to discipline his kids, though. In fact, they might overstep many boundaries, and he lets them get away with it. As pointed out by Bounty, he’s the “good cop” of the family (which probably leaves his partner to be the “bad cop”).

The Gemini dad loves to spoil his kids, but won’t set boundaries for them or follow through on disciplining them.

This is because, the site adds, he’s got a liberal and spirited mindset.

19 Gemini Mom: The Versatile Mom

Easygoing and flexible are just two words used to describe the Gemini mom. But, as pointed out by Magic Horoscope, this doesn’t mean that Gemini is an AWOL parent.

She’ll always be there for her children and, with her great communication skills, she’ll nurture really strong relationships with them.

Best of all, she’ll stay up-to-date with all the latest things happening in her children’s lives. Devoted, she is!

18 Cancer Dad: The Traditional Father

The Cancer father is going to make an amazing parent. He’s a great listener, intuitive, and highly sensitive. This gives him great heart with which to raise children, which is one of the hardest jobs in the world.

Elite Daily points out that the Cancer dad is extremely generous and sensitive enough to listen to his daughter’s problems. There’s no doubt that she’ll be daddy’s little girl.

17 Cancer Mom: Loving… To The Point Of Being A Little Smothering

The Cancer mom will be highly nurturing.

In fact, she’s known as “the mother of all mothers.”

That’s quite a title, and she adores being a mum. Star Sign Style reports that the Cancer mom loves to fuss over her kids and she’s always ready to help them when they’re sick or in need of something. As they grow up, this care could feel a bit like smothering at times, but there’s no doubt her children will know just how much their mom loves them.

16 Leo Dad: He’ll Take Part In His Children’s Development

The Leo dad is certainly not the type of parent to watch his children grow up from the sidelines.

He’ll play an active and committed role in their lives, helping them to achieve their dreams, learn from their mistakes and become the type of people who are proud of who they are. See, his innate Leo pride will rub off on them!

The Astrologer points out that since Leo is a Fire sign with a love of being extroverted, he’ll enjoy social gatherings with friends, family and other parents. And there’s no doubt his kids will grow up loving the social scene, too.

15 Leo Mom: The Dramatic Mom

The Leo mom jumps right into motherhood, striving to give her children the best chance at an amazing future. She can be a bit OTT, though, such as by being very hands-on, but it’s just because she takes such pride in her children.

She’s also the mom who’ll dress them in designer labels before heading out into the world. They’re just so cute, she wants to share their adorableness with the rest of the world!

14 Virgo Dad: The Introverted Dad

Although he might not be extroverted like Leo dads, the Virgo father will raise his kids to be well-rounded. As The Astrologer points out, Virgo is an Earth sign so fathers born under this sign will make a lot of effort to include their children in various projects. For example, if he’s passionate about fitness, then he’ll take them along for his early-morning jog. On the other hand, if he loves animals, he’ll be helping out at animal shelters with them.

13 Virgo Mom: The Organized Mom

You don’t get more organized than the Virgo mom! Not only will her house be spotless all year round, but she’ll also have a list of the kids’ schedules and know where they have to be at the drop of a hat.

She’ll juggle lots of different mom duties. Just a word of warning — her perfectionism might become a bit OTT at times.

Although, she’s the type of mom people look at and ask, “How does she do it?”

12 Libra Dad: The Balanced Dad

Libra is a sign that’s all about balance and harmony. The Libra dad will strive to create a peaceful and loving home for his kids. Part of this will be achieved by turning the home into a palace of the arts.

Since Libra is such a creative soul, the Libra dad will encourage his kids to take up a variety of different artistic pursuits.

And best of all, he’ll have a great time engaging in them with his kids, making for awesome quality time.

11 Libra Mom: The Patient Mom

Kids tend to ask a lot of questions, but Libra is not one to become annoyed by that. She’s a peaceful, totally zen and blissful mom who’ll gladly spend hours listening to her children or spending time playing with them in the sandpit. As Marie Claire points out,

Libra moms are able to live in the moment with their kids. They’re amused by their quirks, questions and antics.

This is sure to make their kids love quality time with mom.

10 Scorpio Dad: He’s A Real Softie

The Scorpio man can be intense and pretty bold, but as a dad he turns into the biggest softie you’ve ever seen! As Baby Centre points out, the Scorpio father is passionate, so he’s likely to form strong bonds with his kids.

Because he’s so intuitive and interested in their minds, he’ll also make a great homework and chatting companion.

That said, you’re likely to find him snuggled up with the kids for an afternoon nap!

Scorpio Mom: Lovable But Controlling At Times

The Scorpio mom is quite complex. On the one hand, she’s a fiercely devoted mom who’ll go to great lengths to make sure she does her Mom duties perfectly. On the other hand, she can be a little neurotic and even controlling at times.

Marie Claire states that a glare from the Scorpio mom will be enough for her kids to know that she’s angry and they’d better listen to her!

She’d never lose her temper with them, though, because her nurturing spirit always wins.

Sagittarius Dad: The Surprising Parent

The Sagittarius dad can be difficult to read sometimes.

See, he’s all about having fun with his kids, but then in a blink of an eye he can become a disciplinarian who is quite strict with them.

Once they understand what ticks him off, they’ll be able to avoid his temper which can be quite dramatic at times! As they get older, his kids will share a few good laughs about how dramatic their dad can be.

Sagittarius Mom: Spontaneous Mom

The Sagittarius mom is always spontaneous because she loves having her freedom. That’s not to say she’s going to disappear on the kids for the weekend, but that she’ll take them along on her adventures! This is awesome because it allows for amazing mom-child memories to be made along the thrilling journey that is motherhood. Sagittarius is down for whatever it brings.

Capricorn Dad: The Provider

Capricorn is quite a traditional sign, and the Cap dad is one who fits into the stereotype of a dad who provides for his family.

He’ll work long hours and put in lots of effort to give his family everything they need to have a happy existence, not just when it comes to material things.

He’s the father who’ll do the dishes and put the kids to sleep after reading them bedtime stories, being fully integrated into his children’s lives.

Capricorn Mom: The Best Friend

It’s a great feeling to be best friends with your mom, and the Cap mom will always try to be great buddies with her kids.

That’s not to say she won’t discipline them, but she’ll always be there to share a laugh or gossip session with them.

It’s because she’s so full of love and doesn’t judge her children that she’ll become their number-one confidante as they grow up. From mom and child to BFFs? It sounds perfect.

Aquarius Dad: The Dad Who’ll Teach His Kids

The Aquarius guy is outgoing, fun-loving, and always looking for a cool new activity to try. Once he has kids, he’ll be sure to expose his kids to all those memorable times. He’s the dad who’ll love to teach his children how to ride bicycles, ice skate, and play baseball. You can be sure that he and the kids will be playing outside all day long until you call them in because dinner’s ready!

Aquarius Mom: The Unconventional Mom

The Aquarius woman doesn’t like to be pigeon-holed. She’s certainly not conventional, and that’s not going to change when she becomes a mom. As Magic Horoscope points out, the Aquarius mom believes in freedom, so she’ll want her kids to do what they want to do and learn from their mistakes. She doesn’t want to control their behaviour too much as this can cause them to restrict themselves in the future. Other people might not agree with Aquarius’s hippie-like mothering, but she doesn’t care. It’s all about what she feels is best for her kids.

Pisces Dad: The Artistic Dad

Pisces is a creative and artistic sign. This kind of dad will expose his children to the creative and beautiful world, encouraging them to take up an artistic hobby, such as writing, painting, or playing a musical instrument.

Being a Pisces, this dad will also be a big dreamer, which will be wonderful for his kids to see as it will create an imaginative childhood for them. 

The sky’s the limit with a Pisces dad.

Pisces Mom: The Pampering Mom

The Pisces mom will be extremely loving and pampering with her kids, not just when it comes to running them hot baths and giving them treats, but also when it comes to encouraging their personal expression and creativity.

She gives her children unconditional love, while also ensuring that they’re raised right. She’ll ensure that household rules are followed, and one of the most important ones is that her children focus on finding their happiness.

There will never be a lack of love in a Pisces’ home.



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