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Here’s The Sign He’ll Never Fall In Love With , A/c To His Zodiac Sign


Love may be the focus of countless songs and movies and novels, but most of us agree with the idea that you never know when you’re going to fall for someone. That can be annoying if you’ve been single for a year and just want to know when you’re going to be in a relationship already. It can be tough to hang in there (as your friends and family keep telling you to do) and keep smiling.

If you’re currently in a long-term relationship, think about when you and your boyfriend started dating. You probably had no clue that it would happen and even laugh about the days leading up to your first date and how you kept thinking, “I’m never going to find someone.”

What if Zodiac has more to do with who you’re going to fall in love with than you realized? It’s just as likely that the same is true for your potential love interests.

Read on to find out the one sign that he’s never going to fall for, according to his zodiac sign. But don’t worry, that just means that the right guy is out there and his zodiac sign is going to point him right in your direction.

20Water Signs: They Wouldn’t See Themselves Dating A Leo

Water signs are emotional and sensitive. Any guy that is one of these signs would have trouble on a first date with a Leo. He would find them a bit too much to deal with.

There are some people that are more energetic than others, and that’s a good way to describe Leo signs. If you’re a Leo sign, people might ask you how you have so much energy on a daily basis and how you are so dynamic.

It’s just the way that you are, so you can’t really answer that question, just like water signs tend to be very emotional.

19Pisces: He Couldn’t Date An Aries Woman

We all have bad days and can be in bad moods. That can be difficult enough for us to navigate since we always wish that we could snap our fingers and turn things around, and it gets harder when we’re in a relationship.

If we’re an Aries sign, it’s possible that a guy who is a Pisces sign would never fall in love with us.

Aries signs can be in bad moods from time to time and they don’t have a lot of patience. The Pisces man is more on the sensitive and emotional side, and he might find our moody nature a bit tough to deal with.

18Scorpio: A Virgo Wouldn’t Be Their Future Wife

Scorpio and Virgo wouldn’t be the best match because Scorpios are full of passion and more on the loud, aggressive side, which is the complete opposite of a Virgo. While opposites do sometimes attract, that energy would be tough for a Virgo to handle.

17Scorpio BONUS: It Won’t Be True Love For Him And The Pisces Girl

Pisces signs are very emotional, and Scorpios, well, aren’t.

It seems like even on a first date, the Scorpio guy and Pisces girl might not really understand each other. They would just have very opposite personalities. It doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have a platonic relationship. It just might not swing in the direction of romance, and that’s okay.

It’s better to recognize that on the first date and walk away so you can both find the right person. Otherwise, you’re entering a relationship that isn’t right, and it might take much longer to figure that out, and that can be difficult.

16Cancer: He And Pisces Would Be Too Similar To Really Work

Both Cancer and Pisces signs are sensitive and emotional. They could be described as homebodies for sure and they definitely would rather stay home and chill instead of going out and partying. Because they are so similar, they might not work well in a relationship, and they would need another partner who could balance them out more.

Think about the last person that you dated (or your current boyfriend): you two have some common interests but some differences, too, right? Chances are, that’s what attracted you to each other. It’s awesome to be similar in some ways, but being different can be really interesting.

15Air Signs: The Taurus Woman Isn’t Their One True Love

Air signs sound very bohemian: they don’t really go for logical, practical things or people or situations, and kind of have their head in the clouds. That’s not a bad thing. We’re all unique and different and Air signs just tend to be more bohemian.

It doesn’t seem likely that a man who is an Air sign would fall in love with a Taurus woman who is practical and can be stubborn.

These signs are just too different from one another to get along. It’s actually good news, though, since it opens up the possibility of each of them finding their true love.

14Libra: Falling For A Leo Would Never Happen

These two are both the kind of people who really love to talk. They have strong opinions and feelings about things, and they don’t like when someone tells them that they’re wrong or has a different opinion. These two are more likely to argue than to fall in love.

Sure, you might be thinking that sounds really exciting and awesome, and it’s true that they could have some interesting conversations in their early dating life. But the Libra man will fall in love with someone who isn’t a Leo because he would need someone who he gets along with a bit more smoothly.

13Libra BONUS: The Libra Man And Sagittarius Woman Won’t End Up Together

Sagittarius signs love to travel and would rather do that than anything else, and Libras really want to fall in love and be with someone who is there for them always. They definitely want different things from a relationship and different levels of commitment.

You know how sometimes a couple breaks up and you’re truly surprised because you thought that they were so good together? This might be the reason why or at least one of them: because they just wanted different things. One wanted to travel a lot and the other wanted to start settling down. These things definitely happen.

12Gemini: This Man And The Cancer Woman Won’t Work Out

While Cancer signs love to stay home and are very much in tune with the way that they’re feeling, the Gemini doesn’t want to deal with a schedule that repeats itself. These two wouldn’t understand each other and it’s possible that the Gemini man would be a bit bored if they started a relationship.

Have we ever met a guy and gone on a date with him and felt that, even though he was nice and had a good job and some cool stories, we just didn’t see ourselves with him? This is the same thing. The Gemini man could find the Cancer woman perfectly interesting, just not the love of his life.

11Aquarius: He And Cancer Won’t Have A Love Story

Aquarius signs are all about being social and have been described as a very independent sign. They also have moments when they need to stay home by themselves.

Cancer signs value loyalty and really want to be around the people that they love on a regular basis. It seems likely that the Aquarius man and the Cancer woman wouldn’t have a love story since he would need alone time and she would want to be with him all the time.

Sometimes it seems like the amount of alone time that you need or don’t need can really tell you who you should be dating. If two people love to be around their partner all the time, that would be a great match, right?

10Fire Signs: Wedding Bells Aren’t Ringing For Them And The Virgo Woman

Fire signs and Earth signs definitely sound like they would be the total opposite of each other, just from those elements alone.

A guy who is a fire sign would be too strong of a personality for a Virgo, who is more on the quiet side of things.

Of course, it’s totally fine to embrace your personality. You should never pretend to be someone else and even if you had a crush on someone who didn’t feel the same way, you can still feel good about who you are. If you’re a Virgo, then you will absolutely find love… it just won’t be a guy who is a fire sign.

9Aries: Sparks Aren’t Flying For Him And Leo

Leo signs like to be the center of anything that is going on and Aries signs can be in horrible moods and have a tough time when they have to wait for anything. The Aries man would never fall for the Leo woman because they would be too super strong, tough personalities and might drive each other crazy. It’s also very possible that they would end up offending each other.

Sometimes you just can’t predict whether you and someone else will get along, let alone fall in love. That’s why you can be so confused when you go on a date that is a set-up. The people setting you up really thought that it would be a perfect match, but your personalities just don’t work well together (and probably your signs, too).

8Sagittarius: He And Cancer Won’t Fall In Love, Either

Cancer signs want to stay home a lot, and Sagittarius signs love to travel. For that reason alone, it doesn’t seem likely that these two would fall in love.

If you’re a Cancer sign and have a crush on a Sagittarius, maybe you have experienced this yourself and wondered why a love connection wasn’t happening. This could be the reason why.

It’s good to stay true to yourself, though, and even if you tried to love travel more than you do, that wouldn’t be what would ultimately make either one of you happy. It’s totally okay to admit what you do and don’t like. That will make it much easier for you to find the right guy.

7Leo: He And Pisces Won’t Work Out

The Leo man needs a partner who is confident and secure, just like he is. The Pisces girl is too sensitive for him and he might find her too emotional for him.

Yes, it’s true that Pisces signs are emotional. That doesn’t mean that your emotional state is a bad thing, though. It’s just the way that he feels (just like you feel a lot, which is totally great).

While the Leo man might feel that way, there are going to be so many others who will feel the exact opposite, so it’s worth hanging in there (as the people in your life who care about you would suggest that you do) and waiting for the right person.

6Leo BONUS: It Won’t Be Real Love For Him And The Sagittarius Woman

These two are very strong personalities and that might be too much for one relationship.

If there is one zodiac sign that Leo men might not fall for, that would be the Sagittarius woman.

That’s totally okay since each of these zodiac signs can be free to find someone who will appreciate their amazing personality and love them for being as bold as they are. There is definitely someone for everyone and it can be good when something doesn’t work out. You’re available for the next person who you’re better suited to. That’s the cool thing about love: you really can’t predict when it’s going to happen to you… and that goes for every zodiac sign.

5Earth Signs: They Are Too Logical To Fall For A Sagittarius Girl

When we think of Earth signs, we think of someone who we would describe as “earthy” or “down-to-earth.” It’s not surprising to hear that Earth signs always want things to be practical.

When it comes to the one zodiac sign that a guy who is an Earth sign wouldn’t fall for, that would be a Sagittarius.

Why? Sagittarius signs love to travel and don’t like to live by the details. Since Earth signs are practical, it doesn’t seem like this would be a great match. But that’s okay. It just means that both these signs have a love story in their future that will be much better suited to them.

4Taurus: He Wouldn’t Match With A Leo

Taurus signs are stubborn and always look at the reality of any situation. Leos are known for always wanting to be the center of attention. They can be stubborn, too, since they need to be the focus of any situation, so it seems that the Taurus guy and the Leo girl would clash.

Leos may want to be the focus of situations but it’s not always a bad thing since we’re attracted to dynamic people who love to talk and meet new people. If you’re a Leo girl who has met a Taurus guy and are wondering why sparks are flying, it’s going to be okay. There will definitely be someone who will appreciate how gregarious and fun you are.

3Virgo: He Couldn’t See Himself With Another Virgo

Virgo signs are shy, quiet, and not exactly social butterflies. They are okay with smaller groups or talking to one other person, but they wouldn’t be thrilled to get an invite to a huge party or festival. If you’re a Virgo sign, then this is exactly the way that you want things to be. You would take a small group any day.

A Virgo man wouldn’t be able to see himself with another Virgo because in this case, opposites do attract. He would need a partner who is different from him and can bring him out of his shell a little bit (while still understanding that there’s nothing wrong with being exactly who you are).

2Virgo BONUS: He And Taurus Will Have Zero Spark

Even though Virgo and Taurus are both Earth signs, it doesn’t seem that they would get along. The Virgo man is shy and can’t date someone without feeling really secure about them. He needs to know that they won’t make fun of him or make him feel bad about himself. (We can all relate to that, whether we’re a Virgo sign or not.)

The Taurus woman is going to be too stubborn for him since he’ll never be able to tell what she’s thinking.

These two could make lovely friends. They just might not be all that likely to fall in love.

1Capricorn: He Would Be Too Strong-Willed For An Emotional Pisces

The Capricorn sign is all about family, making sure that everyone thinks about tradition, and in general, they’re very reliable and responsible people. They don’t like to forgive people and can approach situations in a negative way (which we all can if we think about it). Everyone has a trait or two that’s not their favorite, and for the Capricorns, they can act like they know a lot of things. That’s a quality that Pisces might not respond to very positively.

It might not love for the Capricorn man and the Pisces woman. And, honestly, that’s okay. It can be great to find out who you don’t get along with and it helps point you in the direction of who will be your true love.


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