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Here’s He’ll Prove His True Love & Loyalty, A/c To His Zodiac Sign


Anyone can say they’ll always be loyal and that their love for you is eternal, but how many guys actually mean it? How can you tell if he really will treasure you? What if he sneaks around behind your back? What if he’s just a big liar? There are so many ways he can hurt you, so how can you trust whether a guy is honest with you or not? Well, you can try doing things the hard way – you can just choose to believe him until he does or says something to make you doubt – or you can do it the easy way by looking at what the stars say about his personality.

Words hold so little value these days; what we need to be able to fully validate our feelings is his actions! If he’s really going to prove his undying love and loyalty to you, then you’ve got to know what to look for. Don’t just look at what element he is, you need something a little more in-depth. Read both his element and his sign’s entries to get an idea of how your man can put his money where his mouth is. Here’s how he’ll prove his undying love and loyalty to you, based on his sign and element:

20If An Air Sign Loves You, He’ll Make Sure You Never Doubt His Commitment

Air signs are known for bouncing around, unwilling to stay in one spot for too long.

Due to their flighty natures, Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra guys have to put in overtime to prove they want to stick around.

You might think it’s easy, that all they have to do is hang out with you for a while to prove that they’re always going to love and remain loyal to you, but no, that’s definitely not the case. They need to do a whole lot more than that to prove themselves! By going the extra mile, you’ll have no doubts about his commitment to you.

19An Aquarius In Love Will Tell You In Several Different Ways

There are several love languages and an Aquarius is willing to use them all to let you know he’s planning on keeping you in his life. The five love languages are Words of Affirmation- so he’ll perk you up with compliments and reminders he loves you, Acts of Service- so he’ll volunteer to do the dishes when it’s your turn or will offer a great foot massage.

Receiving Gifts is another language, so expect little presents here and there, Quality Time – he’s going to be by your side and you’ll have his full attention, and finally, there is Physical Touch. He doesn’t have to literally sweep you off your feet – he’ll just hold your hand or walk by and caress your hair. It’s all because he’s dedicated to you.

18Serious Libras Will Find Their Courage

A Libra’s weakness is his indecisiveness. They’re also prone to avoiding confrontations, but if he’s in love with you and if he’s trying to prove his loyalty, he’s going to discover his courage and stand up for what he wants or what you want.

If a Libra guy wants to be with you and you’re starting to wonder if he’s serious, he’s going to stop being so indecisive.

He’s going to tell you exactly what he wants (you) and he’s going to let you know exactly how he plans to keep the two of you together. He’ll pour out his heart without holding back and then he’ll push a healthy conversation to determine what you want and he’ll convince you the relationship is worth staying for.

17Gemini Men Invite You To Family Functions

Gemini men who want to prove their feelings will start inviting you to birthday parties, reunions, barbecues and more. He sees you as part of his life, much like family members are part of our lives – the only difference is he actually got to choose you!

Your Gemini man wants you to know you’re cherished and that he wants a future with you. By inviting you to these events, he’s not just letting you know how serious he is but he’s also telling his family to expect you to stick around for the long haul. Appreciate it because Geminis won’t do this for just any girl.

16Gemini BONUS: He’ll Make Future Plans – And You’re Part Of Them

When a Gemini gets serious, he starts to settle down. He doesn’t have his head up in the clouds anymore and he’s more open to planning ahead. In the past, he might have said he was interested in hiking and suddenly he’s already gone, but now he’s thinking of going along a specific trail on a day that’s expected to be sunny and dry and he’s planning what kind of snacks to pack for the trip.

Perhaps the most important thing he’s factoring into his future plans is your presence.

To prove his undying love and loyalty, your Gemini is planning your future – together. Enjoy it!

15Most Earth Sign Guys Need To Dig Deep To Prove Their Love

The trouble with Earth signs is they’re always so happy and serious in their relationships. Their no-nonsense approach to dating makes it hard to forecast what’s going to happen because the assumption is they’re already deeply in love and are nothing but loyal.

So do they really need to prove it? The short answer is yes, no matter who he is and no matter what sign or element, he does need to prove that he’s going to stay by your side through thick and thin. It’s just that Earth signs need to try a little harder than others – but if they’re genuine, they’ll be willing to do it.

14Virgo Guys Will Overcome Their Shyness For You

It’s really hard for a Virgo guy to tell you exactly how he feels. It’s even worse when it comes to any display of affection, whether it’s in public or private. You’ll know he’s trying to prove his undying love and loyalty when he starts to leave his comfort zone for your sake.

Remember, he’s really struggling to do this and he’s pushing the limits but he’s got his eyes on the prize – you.

He’ll initiate a sweet little kiss when you’re in public or he’ll whisper he loves you when you’re in private. He’ll prove his love and get those butterflies fluttering in your stomach!

13Virgo BONUS: He’ll Let You See His Weak Side

You already know your Virgo guy is super shy, so it should come as no surprise that he’s always trying to show you his tough side. He wants to seem like he’s got his life figured out and there’s no room for failure. What he won’t show you, unless he’s serious, is the fear behind that pressure.

He wants to look great for you, for his family, his friends, and even in the presence of complete strangers! This is sure to low-key stress him out, so if he lowers his walls around you, you can be sure he’s telling you he’s seriously in love and he’ll remain forever loyal.

12If A Taurus Is Serious, He’ll Intently Listen To You

A Taurus guy’s stubborn nature is notorious among the Zodiac, but that doesn’t mean he can’t change for the sake of love. If your Taurus wants to prove that he’s in it for the long haul, he’s going to do his best to cut down on the negativity.

He’s going to make a decision like he usually does, but if you’ve got an alternative plan or have an idea about it, he’s going to listen and consider your words.

This may not sound like he’s really trying, but it’s a colossal change from his normal habits. Guaranteed he’s serious about the relationship if he’s willing to set aside his stubbornness.

11When A Capricorn Introduces You To His Grandparents, He’s In It To Win It

Capricorn guys take their families and family traditions seriously. If he introduces you to his parents, it just means he’s slowly acclimating you. It’s not until he introduces you to his grandparents that you know he’s probably going to wind up proposing. Grandparents are usually the definite “you’re part of the family” sign. Up until then, you’ve been “the girlfriend” and the relationship could go either way.

When a Capricorn is trying to prove his undying love, he’s ready to fully acclimate you into the family by introducing you to grandma and grandpa. He loves his family, he would never betray or hurt them, and now that you’re part of it, you can rest easy knowing he values you just as much as he does them.

10Water Signs Will Open Up To You

The thing about Water signs is they’re really emotional. They’re tumultuous because, well, you know, water- so when it comes to being serious about their partners, they know they need to brush themselves off and prepare to open up.

They’ll get their act together, really consider what they truly want and what their goals are, then they’ll let you see what they’re like beneath the surface.

It isn’t easy for them, so please be patient while they struggle through it, but if you see that they’re trying, you know they’re doing their best for the sake of your relationship and happiness.

9A Pisces Man Fights His Fears To Prove Himself

If your Pisces man is afraid of heights but you love roller coasters, he’s willing to face the ride for your sake. He may be a shaky, sweaty mess, but it’s a testament to how serious he is about you and your relationship. If a Pisces is serious about his girl, he’ll do whatever it takes- and what better way to prove your love than the classic tests of courage?

It may be outdated, but don’t tell your Pisces that! If he’s willing to fight his fears for you, then let him and make sure to show your appreciation because the poor guy will need it, as well as any encouragement you can give!

8Scorpios Become More Open To PDA

In previous relationships, Scorpio guys probably tried to keep the public displays of affection to a minimum.

But it wasn’t because they were too shy, it was because they wanted to keep their options open and appear to be in a casual relationship.

Once he starts putting his arm around your shoulders, pulls you in for a quick kiss or reaches out to hold your hand in public, you know he’s ready to take the next step. He’s showing you how serious he is and that he’s comfortable with the world knowing you belong to him and he belongs to you, too.

7If He Loves You, A Cancer Will Overcome His Insecurities

Some Cancer guys would rather pretend to be perfect than admit they can be insecure sometimes. It isn’t the healthiest way to live their lives and it’s definitely bad for any relationship, so if he’s willing to talk about his insecurities and face them, you know he’s serious.

He’ll never leave or cheat on a woman he chose to fully open up to and fight to keep. He loves you and he wants to make sure you’re taken care of, even if that means he’s got to toughen up a little. If your Cancer man is overcoming obstacles for you, there can be no doubt you’ve got his heart in your hands.

6Cancer BONUS: He’ll Introduce You To His Friends

A Cancer guy can be a little embarrassed or secretive when it comes to his girl – especially around his friends. A Cancer guy isn’t serious about her until he starts bringing her around the people he wants to impress most.

Once he brings a girlfriend around his friends, everyone will understand a Cancer guy is serious.

The only time a Cancer man’s friends see him with a girl is when he’s ready to commit 100 percent. He wants her to feel loved and he wants her to feel secure. He’s fully in love, his loyalty belongs only to her, and he’ll go the extra mile to prove it.

5Fire Signs Will Fight To Prove Their Affections

Due to their passionate nature, Fire signs can struggle to prove they’re serious about their partners. Most of them are so used to jumping around from one relationship to the next that when they’re finally ready to settle down and get serious, they realize they have no idea how to prove themselves.

It takes a lot of extra effort for a Fire sign to prove his undying affections, but it’s not impossible. If you’re dating a Fire sign, just remember that if he’s bothering to prove himself at all, it’s a good sign. Don’t let him get away with not trying hard enough though, you’ve got to whip your Fire sign into shape!

4A Sagittarius Man Will Invite You On His Journeys

The thing about Sagittarius guys is they don’t like feeling tied down. They greatly value their freedom and they want to experience all life has to offer.

So if your Sagittarius is starting to invite you on his hiking trips, deep-sea fishing ventures, and worldly travels, he’s telling you he’s ready to have a real partner.

He doesn’t want to just see and experience great things, he wants to share them with the one person he values above everyone else – you. There’s no greater sign that a Sagittarius is ready to prove his love and loyalty than one who invites his lady to join him in his numerous pursuits around the world.

3An Aries Is Serious When He Quickly Responds To Your Texts And Calls

Aries guys really love their alone time. They’re like squirrels who have had too much coffee! First they’re here, then they’re there, then they’re everywhere because they want to be part of everything! Unfortunately, this means their girlfriends are often left behind, struggling to keep up.

If an Aries guy is taking the majority of your calls, calling you back when he misses them, and is responding to your texts on a regular basis, then he’s prioritizing you. This is the most telling sign he can give to show that he’s ready to hand over his heart and eternal loyalty.

2Aries BONUS: He Wants To Learn More About Your Passions

When an Aries truly falls in love, he becomes interested in learning about his girl’s passions. In previous relationships, when he wasn’t so serious, he was always willing to share his hobbies and interests but wasn’t open to learning about anyone else’s.

If you want proof your Aries guy is truly in love with you, try introducing him to some of your passions.

If he’s open to the experience – or better yet, if he initiates a conversation about your passions – then he’s ready to take the plunge. You own his heart and he’s only too happy to remain your loyal boyfriend!

1Leos Will Ask To Be Exclusive

Leo guys are usually afraid to commit. In fact, they’d rather run from it than embrace it, so if he initiates a conversation about being exclusive, he’s telling you he’s ready to get serious. He’s had his play time and he’s looked around for someone to fit his emotional needs.

If he asked you to be his exclusive girlfriend, he’s telling you he’s going to be loyal, he’s going to love you the way you deserve and he’s never going to let you go. It might not seem like that big of a step to you, but to a Leo, it’s almost as big of a step as marriage.


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