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Here’s Each Man’s Strength And Weakness, A/c To His Zodiac Sign

What do women desire in a man? Is it his personality or his physical appearance? How about his confidence or goal-driven attitude towards life? The truth is, the list can go on and on about what a woman desires in a man. This can be hard sometimes because many of the traits that are usually associated with the “ideal” man may be present in some guys but not all. This causes confusion for women because they are in constant pursuit of finding the right qualities in a man.

The search can be quite exhaustive, but zodiac signs hold the answers to many of the questions women have about finding their perfect guy.

Zodiac signs are a proven way to find out about the traits of men who are born under a particular sign. Some women may want the regal Leo the lion or the practical and logical thinker that exists with the Virgo male. But with every strong quality in a man, there are also weaknesses, as well. For example, Sagittarian males may be able to captivate a woman’s heart but he can also be flirtatious with those other than his partner. If you want to know what to look for when seeking (or dealing with) a partner under a specific sign, we’ve got you covered.

Ready to dive into the stars and find out what makes these men desirable or less desirable according to their signs?

24Aries Strength: Confidence Is Key

Aries is a sign that exudes confidence and loves to take risks. Aries men do not like to be restricted and love to go after their goals. Their passion spills over into everything and everything.

Aries men are naturally confident and they attract confident people.

An Aries is the type of man to compete for the affections of a woman since he loves a challenge. Arian men will try to win over a woman as well by giving her roses or taking his lady out to dinner every so often. He shares his passion with his partner and motivates her to go after her goals and dreams as well.

23Aries Weakness: Sometimes A Little Too Impulsive

The passionate Aries can have his confidence work against him. He may lose his temper pretty easily because his emotions often get the best of him. He acts on impulse more than reason oftentimes. His confidence can be seen as coming on strong and be taken as being too aggressive.

Since they act on impulse, Aries men may say something hurtful without even thinking about it. The partner of an Aries man will have to be patient with him in order to understand his actions. This may not be an easy task because Aries men love to hold grudges against their partners.

22Taurus Strength: One Of The Best Support Systems

Everyone seeks a faithful and dependable partner in a relationship, and the Tauran man has both of these qualities and then some. They are passionate and devoted to their relationship. They are supportive of their partner and they will make sure that their mate stays on the right course.

When you need a shoulder to lean on, the Tauran man is there for support.

They are very sensual as well. Tauran men generally hold on to family values and is a gentle person. Anyone looking for a man with a soft side is sure to enjoy a man born under the sign of Taurus.

21Taurus Weakness: Can Be Overly Emotional

Taurans are gentle and kind by nature, but there are some setbacks to being a Tauran male. Taurans can selectively show kindness to one person, and be totally silent towards others. Tauran males are only comfortable around certain people, so if there is a mismatch in a relationship, they will distance themselves from their partner.

Having a big heart can interfere with intimacy. Since they can close up emotionally, this is a major issue with the Tauran man as he feels everything so strongly. Taurans can also become too emotionally attached to their partners at times as well, which may be off-putting to an independent lady.

20Gemini Strength: If You Have A Problem, They Have The Solution

Geminis are good partners because they are able to ride the wave of tough times during a relationship. They are very flexible and they love to be loved. They will also reciprocate that love to those they think are really deserving of it.

When problems arise, Gemini men really jump into action by providing solutions and also emotional support.

The Gemini man falls deeply in love with his partner and he does not want to disappoint her in any way. He will want to go places that are not traditionally associated with places people would normally go on dates as he loves variety in his daily life.

19Gemini Weakness: Tend To Be On The Flaky Side

Men who are born under the sign of Gemini have trouble making decisions. They have a hard time making up their minds because of their spontaneous nature. They have so much energy that the energy is not focused. They are hard to understand because you may not know where they are coming from emotionally.

They will change their decisions in the blink of an eye and their partners have to take the time to understand them. Gemini men will also keep their distance from people and can be hard to cuddle with because of their unpredictable nature. Geminis also overcomplicate things and can cause confusion in a relationship.

18Cancer Strength: Advice Is Their Forte

Cancerians are protective and feel the need to defend their partners at a moment’s notice. They have kind hearts and can be trusted in a relationship.

When it comes to giving advice, Cancer men are the ones to go to because they are very intelligent.

They are creative and have the gift of persuasion. Cancerians are affectionate and value their partners. They hold their partners in high esteem and put them on a pedestal. A basic date such as staying at home and cooking dinner is the idea date for a Cancerian, and they focus on people above all else.

17Cancer Weakness: Sometimes Their Mood Swings Get The Best Of Them

Cancerians can become so emotional that it can cause a myriad of problems. They can be so emotional that it can actually ruin their lives. The Cancerian man can be very emotional to the point in which someone does not know exactly how they feel. Cancerians can become insecure within themselves and this insecurity will affect their partners.

They can become moody in an instant and they will expect their partner to intuitively know what’s wrong. Cancerian men can often be understood more by their family than their own mate, which adds to their partners’ confusion about their sensitive nature.

16Leo Strength: Big Hearted & Generous

This king of the jungle can be tamed as Leos are known to fall deeply in love with their partners. After all, their excitable nature can be tamed by the right partner.

In general, the Leo male wants to be loved and naturally feels like a king.

They also have big hearts and are very giving towards their partners. They are big on spending time together and sharing things (and experiences) together. Leos love to be the leaders that they naturally are in a relationship. Your Leo man may tend to dress sharp and act like royalty because Leo is the king of the zodiac.

15Leo Weakness: Can Be A Diva

Being regal requires a Leo to be the focal point of the relationship. This means that a Leo man can appear to be arrogant to his partner or come across to other people as being conceited. Leos may concentrate on their needs more than the needs of others.

Some Leos have trouble adjusting their behavior and feel that they have to be the focal point of the relationship. They will go after their own goals as they are commonly known to pursue their own interest. Leos also have trouble giving back the attention that they get due to being the “king” of the zodiac.

14Virgo Strength: Goal Getter

Virgoans work hard for what they want, and Virgo men will work just as hard to keep their relationship stable as they do at anything else. The Virgo man has dreams and loves to attain their goals.

Virgo guys also love to make their partners feel happy and often aim for the stars in their careers as well.

Virgos genuinely care about their partners and they take a practical approach to issues in their relationships. If an important decision is to be made, a Virgoan male is just the person to seek the answers. Virgos love order overall and are known to be neat-freaks.

13Virgo Weakness: Tends To Be Harder To Please

A Virgoan may go overboard when it comes to making a decision. They could become judgmental about themselves and others around them. A Virgo man will try to find and assess all of his partner’s faults and worry about other people’s opinions about them.

As the old cliché goes, perfectionists are never satisfied. This can be applied to the Virgo male, as he tries not to make mistakes and expects that from his partner as well. They tend to over criticize problems since they like to analyze situations. They can also be seen as controlling since they are so judgmental.

12Libra Strength: They’re Not Easily Shaken

Librans love to be a friend to everyone they meet. They have the type of personality that people like to be around as they are some of the most congenial of people amongst the zodiac signs.

Libra males are comfortable going along with the flow and can adapt to any situation.

They love to be around others and they can be just as friendly to their partners as they are loving. Libras know how to solve problems as they appreciate maintaining a balance and will also compromise with their partners. Libra males are some of the most generous people and are concerned with being fair to everyone.

11Libra Weakness: Decision Making Isn’t Their Favorite

Libras prefer the good over the bad, so if the going gets tough, they may flee. If their partner confronts them about an issue, they would rather not deal with the issue and try to forget about it.

In general, Libras do not like to make hard decisions. A Libra male may also be clingy as he dreads being alone. Librans will hide their feelings from their partners so they will not have to deal with any conflict. Over a long period of time, the mounting tension of hiding things may come out at the wrong time an result in a break-up.

10Scorpio Strength: In It For The Long-Haul

A Scorpio male becomes emotionally attached to his partner. He may fall in love fairly easily and feel like he has found their soul mate for life- even if it’s only the first date!

Scorpio males are known for their deep relationships and perhaps are more connected than any other sign in the zodiac.

Your Scorpio guy will take an intense approach in seeking a partner because he believes in a life-long bond. His trust is built upon a very deep emotional relationship. Scorpio males are warm-hearted and some are very passionate when it comes to their intimate relations. And when emotional support is needed, he is never too far away.

9Scorpio Weakness: Can Have Their Fair Share Of Trust Issues

The depth of a Scorpio’s commitment can affect his relationship with their partner. When a Scorpio male is hurt, he has a very hard time recovering from his pain because his relationship is so deep and interconnected with his partner’s feelings.

Scorpios tend to have a distrust of their partners and can become incessantly jealous of them. Feelings are also a problem for Scorpios because they will bury their feelings when they are hurt and will not open up to their partners. Their longing for intimacy may be a problem because they could become easily obsessed with the intimate part of their relationship.

8Sagittarius Strength: Never A Dull Moment

One of the most desired features that people want in a partner is a sense of humor. Sagittarians are usually loaded with humor and they love to laugh, especially with their partners.

The Sagittarian male will also return laughter because he wants people to be happy around him.

Partners who love excitement and variety may want to seek out a Sagittarian male. Some Sagittarians are attracted to romances that span international boundaries as they love to live outside of the box. He will instantly try to win over the heart of his partner when pursuing a relationship, regardless of where she’s from.

7Sagittarius Weakness: Tend To Struggle With The Truth

Men born under the sign of Sagittarius can often be impatient. They do not like to wait and they want instant satisfaction. They are charming to the point where their mouths can often get them into trouble.

Since they love to make others feel comfortable around them, they may make up stories and lie just to get that type of attention. Your Sagittarius guy may be hard to trust and want you to focus your attention on him a majority of the time. Sagittarians love to flirt because of their charming tendencies and this can be taken as a sign that they’re prone to cheating.

6Capricorn Strength: They Strive To Do The Right Thing

Capricorn men are concerned about their future as much as they are concerned about their relationships with their partners. Capricorns are committed to making the right decisions and they love discipline in their relationships.

Capricorns appreciate being stimulated emotionally and they love in abundance, which includes being close with their partners.

The Capricorn man wants to do the right thing all of the time, no matter who has an opinion about his decision. He is truly in search of the right partner and may go from one partner to the next in order to find the “right” one- unless that’s you!

5Capricorn Weakness: Can Be Too Controlling

Being right all of the time can come off as a sign of arrogance to the partners of a Capricorn male. Capricorns may be seen as perfectionists and very brainy to their partners. They will try to impose their intelligence upon their partners and could become a nuisance to the relationship.

Capricorns are seen as control freaks and can be an unwilling participant in the relationship. Their stubbornness makes them one of the hardest signs to understand. Capricorns are in search of truth and concerned with being right to the point that it can cause problems in their relationships. They often have doubts about the relationships they are in and whether they are with the right partner.

4Aquarius Strength: They’re Comfortable With Themselves

Aquarius value their freedom to the point where they don’t really need a mate. Some Aquarians are comfortable and love their freedom, but others still long to be in a relationship.

An Aquarian male may seek out a partner, or he may feel fulfilled enough with life on his own.

Men who do seek partners can still show commitment and make an investment in the relationship. Aquarian men are fair and they are also loyal to their partners. They make very good friends and they enjoy diversity. Aquarians love to solve problems and are good to have around in complex situations.

3Aquarius Weakness: Tends To Seem A Little Detached

Aquarian men can be detached since they do not like to be pinned down in a relationship. They have a hard time displaying their emotions because they can become so detached from their partners. This is seen as being non-caring, but that is just the nature of some Aquarian males.

Aquarians are full of ideas and are constantly thinking of other things, which relates to their detached behavior. They seem to ignore their partner while they are actually thinking of other things. Aquarians may expect their partners to have high expectations just like them and Aquarian men are pretty much inflexible.

2Pisces Strength: Their Partner Is Their World

Pisces men are filled with emotions and they seek someone who they will have an emotional connection with. Pisces wear their emotions on their sleeves and they also seek a spiritual connection with their partners.

Piscean men are also known for their gut feelings on relationships and they are usually seeking unconditional love.

Most Pisces men are full of love and they want to share their love with others. Partners who are seeking men who are homebodies are more inclined to be attracted to Pisces guys. Piscean men are also focused on listening to their partners because of their emotional connection with them.

1Pisces Weakness: They Can Be Overly Sensitive

Piscean men are masters of emotion. They may display happiness when they are sad. They can hide their feelings very well and their partners may develop a mistrust of them because of the perceived deception between them.

Pisces men can also be very sensitive and blame themselves for the inconsistencies in their relationships. Pisceans find it hard to trust others because some of them do not trust themselves. It is hard to tell which emotions that a Piscean may display. They can vary from day to day and their relationship may even end abruptly solely based on their emotional state.


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