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Romeo and Juliet is considered the love story of world literature – and Shakespeare gave her everything that goes with a good, heart-touching love story: the great love and the impossibility of living it. The tragic love of the two was considered a model for many love stories that should follow – in the literature, in the film and sometimes in reality. But there were tragic love stories long before Romeo and Juliet.

  • Adam and Eve
  • Orpheus and Eurydice
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara

Adam and Eve

It could have all been so beautiful: a man and a woman in paradise – no other people to whom the partner could have been jealous, no work that robs one of the time for love, no money problems, no blaring children and no difficult ones Mother-in-law.

But what would a good story be if there were not a problem: in the case of Adam and Eve, it is the tree of knowledge that they can not nibble at, the only obstacle to eternal happiness, and – maybe they know it not better – that’s exactly what they’re stumbling over.

It happens, what has to happen: “And Eve took of the fruit and ate and gave her husband, who was with her, also of it, and he ate.” The end of her life in paradise and the beginning of many worries and hardships.

Orpheus and Eurydice

From now on, all lovers have to deal with obstacles. They commit unnecessary mistakes and stumble blind in traps, which the reader sometimes long before them.

It seems to belong to the basic experiences of love stories that they must not be – everything else is trivial. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans knew that, thanks to a large number of love messengers, they could actually have written about happier loved ones.

An almost perfect love existed between Orpheus and Eurydice. Orpheus, of divine descent, was famous for his songwriting, which delighted not only animals, stones and gods, but also his beloved wife Eurydice.

There was nothing there that could have disturbed her luck, had not a serpent come near and bitten Eurydice. Only a miracle could save the couple, and a miracle happened:


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Orpheus was allowed to bring Eurydice out of the realm of the dead on one condition: he was not allowed to turn around until the two had left the realm of the dead.

But the temptation was too great, and again what had to happen: Orpheus turned around and Eurydice had to return forever to the realm of the dead.

And because this end is so terribly useless and tragic, we suspect that love was just too big, too beautiful to last forever. Or was he perhaps not the right one, was his yearning for love greater than love itself?

Romeo and Juliet

Love at first sight meets Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is actually a real fluttering spirit. Just now he loved Rosalinde full of longing, when he sees Julia, and: away with the love for Rosalinde.

Julia is not only young and beautiful, she also returns his love immediately. Everything would be best if there were not the hostile families. A long story full of rags and yearning begins.

When, in the end, there is still a chance for both of them, they want to wholeheartedly allow them to finally find each other forever. Yes, oh! A misunderstanding, a wrong moment – Romeo thinks Julia dead and kills herself. And Julia, the faithful, loving Julia follows him.

Why these two must also die, again in cruelly tragic ways, one can only guess. Perhaps Shakespeare did not believe in eternal love, suspecting that falling in love could end even for two such as Romeo and Juliet. And before that would be the case, the poet’s death here seems better – at least in the literature.

The most famous love drama in the world

Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara

And the movie has also created his love legends. One of the most rousing is probably the desperate love between Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara , which has nearly knocked millions of viewers out of their minds, where the two of them built obstacles where none needed to be.

Scarlett is 17 years old when she meets the 17 year older Rhett Butler for the first time. The audience immediately knows that the two belong together, but especially Scarlett does not suspect it. She gives her heart to the sissy and esthete Ashley .

It is the time of the American Civil War and not only in heart matters it is stormy. The struggle between the northern and the southern states accompanies the struggle of these two, who are too similar to truly live together in peace.

Why had just this love story that does not shine a happy ending , as a film, as well as a book template so great success? Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that the author has managed not to let hope die until the end. After all, the two still live and every viewer can write the novel for himself to end.



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