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Here The Type Of Lifestyle Wants Vs. What They Actually Need A/c To Each Zodiac Sign

We all endlessly dream about finally getting the chance to live that iconic lifestyle we’ve always desired. Whether it’s a life of endless travel, an abundance of wealth, or even being a celebrity we all totally wish our lives were more fun than they currently are. We can’t even blame you for wanting more since we only live once and it’s definitely our job to make the most out of it!

Yet, while we often catch ourselves daydreaming out about this ideal lifestyle, that may not be what we exactly need. Every astrology sign has their own internal pull that guides them through life to follow their passions. Instead, our destiny is so much more meaningful and isn’t tied into having endless cash to spend on travel, clothes, and fancy cars to show off.

We’re positive that when you read your horoscope you’ll feel that it perfectly relates with what you’re feeling and going through.

It’s more than worthless to constantly seek a lifestyle that won’t actually make you happy. Instead, the lifestyle you need is the one that will bring you meaning, happiness, health, and never-ending love. Get ready to do some intense life reevaluation once you read your horoscope. Since fall is just around the corner, it’s official that this is the perfect time to make some changes for the better!

Sagittarius Woman: Starting A New Life Vs. Bettering The One You Already Have

As a Sagittarius, you’re always looking at life in a positive outlook above and beyond. If there’s anyone who’s a total dreamer, it’s you. That’s why it’s only time that you reconsider what it is that you truly want.

Instead of constantly aiming to recreate your life into something totally new, simply consider bettering the one you already have!

There’s no point in throwing everything out just because you’re not happy with how things are going. If you instead take small steps to better what you already have you’ll feel the world open up in new possibilities. You don’t have to leave everything behind for the life you’ve always wanted.

Sagittarius Man: The Call To Adventures Vs. Simply Traveling

Your inner energy is constantly pushing you to try something new and live life to the fullest. That’s why you constantly catch yourself daydreaming about running away and traveling the world. It’s time that you understand you don’t have to leave everything behind to achieve this goal, as it’s definitely doable.

You’re instead just going to have to work hard to save up the money you’ll need to travel. This is way more realistic than constantly hoping to leave your life behind and try something new. If you’re really obsessed with these travel experiences than you can always find a way to integrate more of them into your life!

Pisces Woman: Fancy Clothes & Stuff Vs. Being Grateful

We definitely feel your issue of constantly being bombarded with fancy clothing that we just feel like we need in our lives. It seems as if all of our worries would go away if we had the latest Gucci purse in our hands.

Instead, sadly this is all a marketing tactic and won’t actually give you the life you want. 

We recommend that instead of constantly wishing for fancy items, to be grateful for what you already have. If you’re reading this article then you’re already luckier than most to be wealthy enough to afford some type of device to access the internet. You’ll feel your life completely transform and open up once you realize everything you have!

Pisces Man: Becoming A Celebrity Vs. Following Your Dreams

It seems like when we were younger we totally thought we would eventually become a celebrity and live the dream life. Yet, as a Pisces, you still feel that way. While it would be more than cool to walk around with a prominent status, it doesn’t really mean anything. Instead, what’s important is following your dreams and being happy.

Simply being known as a celebrity won’t automatically make you happy. If instead, you can master your dreams you’ll feel so incredibly fulfilled it’s insane. We’re positive that as a Pisces you have more than it takes to make your dreams into a reality.

Aquarius Woman: A Partying Lifestyle Vs. Great Friends To Be Around

You feel like you’ve been missing out on that partying lifestyle you’ve seen in the movies. While we completely agree that you shouldn’t miss out on going to some awesome parties here and there, it isn’t exactly what you need.

If you think you’ll be more than happy constantly partying, think again.

We can promise you that you’ll feel completely unfulfilled and will get more than tired having to stay up until 4 am most nights. Instead, it’s time that you cultivate some strong relationships that you can count on. You can party with your best friends until sunrise!

Aquarius Man: Life-Changing Experiences Vs. Making Memories

It seems like you’re constantly seeking out those life-changing experiences that will motivate you to change your life around. Sadly, life doesn’t go exactly like a movie and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to experience these awesome experiences. Instead of being bummed out that you won’t live a movie lifestyle, focus on what you already have.

That means cultivating a life where you’ll be able to make beautiful memories with those around you. Try setting a new goal for yourself to try new things with the people you adore. You’ll find yourself coming closer to having those life-changing experiences once you realize you don’t have to do anything crazy to feel fulfilled.

Leo Woman: Being A Social Media Influencer Vs. A Job You Adore

We don’t blame you for wanting to be a social media influencer. These beauties are all across our screens that we catch ourselves dreaming of being an Instagram model to pay the bills.

Not only is that probably not the most realistic dream, it’s definitely unfulfilling. 

If you think running around in a bikini all day is your dream job, think again. Instead, shift all of your energy into figuring out the job you would actually adore. If you’ve been obsessing over some style bloggers maybe a job in fashion is instead something that you need. We’re positive you’ll find it once you start seeking what will truly make you happy.

Leo Man: Having Fun All The Time Vs. Finding A Balance

While we’re constantly told that life is all about happiness, which it is, it isn’t necessarily always about having fun. Instead of wishing that you never have to work and instead could be partying with your friends, maybe it’s time to reconfigure your thought process. It’s way more important to find a balance in life where you’re happy than constantly trying to party.

If you keep having fun all the time you’ll get worn out and will constantly be seeking bigger better things. If instead, you live a balanced lifestyle then your fun times will seem even better. We’re positive this is exactly what you have to implement into your lifestyle to feel happier than ever!

Aries Woman: Being The Centre Of Attention Vs. Quality Relationships

As an Aries, you’re so used to having a ton of friends and often being the ringleader. You just naturally draw the attention to yourself and that’s totally fine. What’s not fine though is wishing that eyes could be on you all the time.

We definitely predict that rather than being the center of attention you would feel much more fulfilled if you have some meaningful relationships with those around you. 

We’re guessing your relationships aren’t the best and that’s why you’re seeking admiration from others. Focus on cultivating some loving relationships around you before you shift all of your energy into having all eyes on you. You’ll live a much more meaningful life this way!

Aries Man: Endless Happiness Vs. Stability

We definitely agree that we always hear that the meaning of life is to be happy. While we agree to an extent, what you might be desiring more is stability. You shouldn’t be going to insane lengths just to incorporate happiness into your life. If you can instead rely on stability to get you through those difficult times, you’ll feel so much more fulfilled and happy.

Don’t do anything crazy or make any intense life changes just because you think it’ll bring you closer to happiness. Instead, reconfigure your life to a point where it’s stable and you feel meaning in what you do. We promise everything will come into place once you make this switch.

Scorpio Woman: Your Dream Romance Vs. Eventually Building A Family

As cheesy as it sounds, you feel like the one life change that would truly make you happy is living that movie like romance. We all want to be swept off our feet and endlessly serenaded but we understand it’s not exactly realistic or what we need.

If you instead ditch all of your desires for a movie like romance, you can actually seek a partner out who’s right for you.

Leave all of these expectations at the door and you’ll be shocked as to what you find! It’s more important for you to find the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with and eventually build a family. If you focus on the fancy stuff, you won’t see what’s truly important.

Scorpio Man: A Big City Lifestyle Vs. Being More Extroverted

You’re constantly dreaming about living in the big city and being able to experience all of the awesome perks that come with it. Instead, we predict that you’re up playing the big city life as it isn’t everything it seems. You’re creating this awesome lifestyle in your head that you think will come true if you move somewhere new.

However, what you’re really going after is making some great experiences this those around you. That’s why we recommend that you shift your focus to cultivating a great group of friends that are more than willing to make some life-changing memories. While a crazy lifestyle is something you can work towards, what you really need is people to have fun with!

Cancer Woman: Incredible Wealth Vs. A Fulfilling Career

While it seems like the American Dream is to become super wealthy and create the life of your dreams we’re not exactly sure that’s what people need. Instead, it’s time to shift our focus to working on our goals rather than striving towards unrealistic expectations.

We’re sure you already know but let us repeat it: money doesn’t buy happiness.

Instead, we promise that if you seek out a fulfilling career in something you love you’ll feel wealthier than ever. The true American Dream is making an income out of something that you adore and are passionate about. It doesn’t feel like work if you’re willing to do it for free!

Cancer Man: Fulfilling Every Desire Vs. Finding Meaning

It seems like we all keep a mental bucket list that we work towards. We’re completely terrified that we won’t be able to live out some of these experiences we endlessly dream about. However, fulfilling every desire won’t automatically make your life meaningful and special.

Instead, you have to figure out your passions and pursue them to truly fight for what you want. Fulfilling every desire doesn’t equal happiness. You have to take some time to reevaluate your life and figure out what it really is that you’re striving towards. We promise it’ll be something way more important than doing something unexpected.

Capricorn Woman: Living In A Movie Vs. Doing What Makes You Happy

As a Capricorn, you constantly have big dreams that you’re striving towards. We adore your constant positive outlook on life as you keep on making the most of it. While it seems like your life goal is to live life like a movie, maybe it’s time to reconsider what that actually means.

Your internal energy is seeking happiness so much more than a few movie like memories. 

It’s time to figure out what would actually make you happy in a realistic sense. You should seek a career and lifestyle where you feel fulfilled and passionate about everything that you do. That’s a million times better than having a movie like moment once a month and then hating everything else!

Capricorn Man: Jet Set Lifestyle Vs. Working Hard At Your Goals

While it would be super fun to fly from one place to another, you can’t keep dreaming about it. The last thing the universe will do is give you this iconic lifestyle just because you’re manifesting it. The universe adores hard work and will make sure that you’re spending each of your precious minutes working towards your dreams.

If you want to be rich and famous one day, you’re going to have to work for it. However, we’re positive that once you start living life towards working at your goal, you’ll realize a jet-set lifestyle doesn’t really mean anything. What’s actually important is constantly working towards your passions and being happy!

Libra Woman: Becoming Social Media Famous Vs. Finding Success In Your Work

We won’t disagree that being social media famous wouldn’t be pretty cool, but it’s not all that important. Instead, you have to shift your focus towards being successful in your work rather than putting on a show for the world to see.

You can cultivate a persona on social media, but that doesn’t necessarily prove that’s who you really are. 

Instead, if you work towards a passion you’ll actually find meaning in your work. We guarantee that you’ll be totally miserable if you became a social media star since you’ll always be putting on a show. It’s time that you put your true self forward and work towards what makes you happy!

Libra Man: Endless Travel Vs. A Few Actual Quality Trips

We completely understand that you’re more than ready to throw in the towel and travel the world but we have to urge you against it. You won’t automatically feel like you have a fulfilling life by always traveling. Instead, at times you’ll feel super lost on your trips since you’re all alone as won’t see those you care for in weeks if not months.

We definitely recommend that you shift your focus towards working hard and eventually being able to go on a few quality trips here and there. There’s no point in completely changing your lifestyle and running away on a travel trip that never ends. Don’t think you’ll automatically become happy just because you’re traveling freely.

Gemini Woman: Creating A Life That Imitates Art Vs. Creating Yourself

As a Gemini, you’re always looking at the big picture in life and seeking out your passions. You’re constantly trying to cultivate your life into a piece of art to truly be proud of it. Yet, instead of trying to mess with the universe by creating some faux experiences, you have to focus on yourself.

You’ll completely realize that when you work on creating yourself, your life will just fall into order. 

You’ll see everything open up for you in the way you’ve always desired. We’re more than positive that this is actually what you need, rather than trying to create awesome moments. Put yourself first and you’ll see your life eventually turn out like a movie.

Gemini Man: An Entrepreneur Vs. Focusing On Your Passions

As a Gemini, you’re constantly motivated to achieve greatness and success. However, it seems like you’ve been brainwashed by an ideology that being an entrepreneur automatically makes you a success. It’s time to ditch this fake persona and actually work hard to achieve your passions.

You shouldn’t be wasting your energy showing off to your friends that you’re such an awesome entrepreneur when you’re not successful. Stop thinking about what others around you think and go tunnel vision on working towards your goals. We promise this is the only way to actually reach success in life.

Taurus Woman: Living Fearlessly Vs. Expanding Your Comfort Zone

You feel like you’re just so over everything and are ready to throw in the towel and go a little crazy. While we’re loving your attitude, throwing everything away to be ‘free’ won’t exactly work.

Simply start by expanding your comfort zone to see what you can handle. 

We’re positive that you’ll see your world slowly opening up for you for the better. You’ll be able to take on new things little by little rather than going all in and jumping into a shark pit. The key is to constantly keep growing at every minute instead of hiding back into your bubble of comfort!

Taurus Man: Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself Vs. Loving Yourself

As a Taurus, you’re constantly hard on yourself to be a better version. Since you know you can handle anything, you often catch yourself being bummed out that you haven’t achieved everything you’re after. Instead of wasting endless energy trying to become the best version of yourself it’s time that you focus on learning to love yourself.

We guarantee that this is way better and you’ll feel a million times more fulfilled. Once you realize how amazing you are, you can go back to working on becoming even better. Just don’t forget how much you’ve already achieved and conquered. If there’s anyone who should be proud of themselves it’s totally you.

Virgo Woman: Traveling From City To City Vs. Finding A Place To Call Home

We definitely agree that all of these Instagram travel bloggers are making us totally jealous of that traveling lifestyle. You constantly feel the need to hop around from one place to another to experience life.

It’s time that you find a place to call home that you can focus on rather than trying to experience everything at once. 

The world will always be there waiting for you so there’s no point in trying to go all out right now. Instead, aim for finding some stability in your life to keep you happy and centered. You will feel a million times more fulfilled this way rather than hopping from one city to another!

Virgo Man: Cool Cars & Homes Vs. Living A Fulfilling Life

While you may want the fancy stuff, it’s definitely not all that worth it. Having a ton of wealth is much more so to show off to those around you rather than actually being happy with what you have. We promise that you will for sure appreciate the life you have if you stop obsessing over wealth. Instead of wasting your energy on the pursuit of wealth, it’s time to cultivate a meaningful life.

You’ll have to answer a few questions such as: are you happy? Are you living the life you want? Are you working towards your passions? If the answer for any of these is no, it’s time that you work at finding meaning that running after fancy items that won’t save you!


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