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Here’s What Kind Of Texter He Is When He’s Interested, A/c To His Zodiac Sign


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Like it or not, face-to-face communication is on the decline. Even in the world of romance, where certain traditions and etiquette have governed for centuries, physical affection is being replaced by digital affection. Texting is here to stay.

Instant messaging like this is so dominant in our culture that different archetypes of phone users have actually emerged, and can be spotted from a mile away. Everybody fits into a certain category of texted, and everybody has a kind of texted that they love to text. Of course, that also means that everybody has a kind of texted that they can’t stand.

A person’s sign can have a lot to do with what kind of texted they turn out to be. The way in which someone texts, whether it’s through quick, grammatically incorrect short messages or long essays sparing no detail, reflects their overall personality. And many believe that their overall personality is determined by their sign.

Each category of texted has their go-to moves for when they’re interested in somebody romantically. Just from his messaging style, you can make a good guess about whether he’s really keen, or just not that into you. Check out what kind of texted each sign turns into when he’s got his sights on you below.

The Fire Signs Are Direct And Will Talk With You For Hours

In life, the fire signs—Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius—aren’t afraid to say exactly what’s on their minds. So of course, they’re exactly the same in the digital world. These signs never mince words, and it usually doesn’t take a lot of decoding to figure out if they’re really interested or not. They’re great communicators, although can sometimes be a little harsh, so if they have feelings for you, they will talk to you over text and phone calls as much as they can. And through that communication, they will certainly say some things that will make you blush.

Aries: The Guy Who Can’t Handle It When You Don’t Reply

Aries is one of the proudest signs in Astrology, and he also has the nerve to follow his feelings and stay true to his heart. When he’s happy about something, he will tell you, and when he’s unhappy about something, he will also tell you. He can’t handle being left on read if he’s interested in you, because his personal style is to reply to everything, so he can feel insecure if your style is different. While most of us quietly wait in anguish for those we like to reply, Aries will straight up send you question marks until you do.

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Leo: The Visual Texter Who Actually Prefers Snapchat

You could say that Leo is a visual creature. When he likes you, he will want to talk to you on basically any platform he can, as well as in person. He has the confidence to do it on the phone, face to face, via pigeon carrier and all in between. But his preferred method of communication is actually Snapchat because it allows him to have a visual to back up all the words. He isn’t one to sit around and read into things, and he wants to work on his bond without having to read essays in text messages, so Snapchat is the best thing for him.

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Sagittarius: The Guy Who Texts Through Bitmojis Rather Than Words

Sagittarius similarly loves to communicate with the person he’s interested in, and unlike other signs, doesn’t usually get too nervous to carry on with the conversation. Being as easy-going and smooth he is, you might find that he likes to have entire conversations using bitmojis rather than using words. For one thing, he does this to try and impress the person he’s talking to by making them smile and laugh. It also means he can express himself more clearly because, like the other fire signs, he’s not the best at expressing himself through words. The bitmojis capture his mood better than his words ever could.

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What You Won’t Get With Fire Signs: Guys Who Forget To Reply

The fire signs may be a lot of things, but they’re not ghosters. That’s especially the case if they have true feelings for you. They can be a bit reckless, but never enough to forget to reply to you. These guys spend a lot of time thinking about their passions, so if you happen to be one of them, you can be sure they won’t neglect you in any way. They also tend to reply as soon as they first see a message, so if he’s giving you the excuse of “I saw it and then was going to reply later but forgot”, he’s probably not that interested.

The Earth Signs Send Short, Sweet Texts, And Prefer To Talk To Your Face

When it comes to the earth signs—Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn—they value honesty, tradition and integrity. That’s why a lot of the time, they prefer to talk to your face rather than to have a conversation over text. Don’t be alarmed if you only get short texts from these signs, and they don’t come too frequently. More than likely, they just want to save the conversation for when they actually get a chance to see you in person. But these signs usually have a way with words, so the texts are normally sweet enough to take your breath away.

Taurus: The “I Put Kisses After Everything” Guy

Like the other earth signs, Taurus has a habit of sending texts that are short and sweet. He usually prefers to leave the best conversations for when he actually sees you in person. This is especially the case if he likes you. But he still wants to show his affection in a way that’s not too confronting, so he tends to put kisses at the end of all his texts. They won’t be rows of “xxxxxxx” since he’s way too refined for that, but he will add on one or two just to slowly get you used to the idea that he likes you more than he likes his other friends.

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Virgo: The Grammatically Correct Texter

Virgo is sometimes referred to as the writer of the signs, and whether he’s writing an academic essay, a business email or a text to the person he likes, he makes sure the grammar is correct. That’s not to say that he uses incorrect grammar with people he doesn’t like—this guy is a perfectionist with everybody. But he’s more likely to put effort into his texts and proofread them over and over again if he does like you because he’s subconsciously trying to impress you with his skills. Watch out for texts that are super polished—he’s probably gone to a lot of effort to make them that way.

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Capricorn: The Guy Who Only Texts To Ask If He Can Call

If you’re involved with a Capricorn guy, you should know that he’s not a natural texter. If you want someone to dedicate time to texting you all day long, or having long and deep conversations this way, maybe seek out Scorpio or Aries. Capricorn prefers to speak rather than write, so he will always try to move the conversation to a phone call, or to a physical meeting. He likes to be quite direct and doesn’t like to waste time texting about nothing. In his mind, if you have something to say, you may as well pick up the phone and say it.

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What You Won’t Get With Earth Signs: Guys Who Badger You For A Reply

It’s safe to say that some signs, or some personalities, are more demanding than others. The earth signs can be critical, but they usually aren’t huge pains. Some signs feel insecure if you leave them on read without replying straight away, but the earth signs don’t do that. For one thing, even when they have feelings for you, they always keep their lives filled with things to do, so they don’t sit around dwelling over texts. To them, that’s not a productive use of time. Though they can be worriers, they usually don’t worry about things like texts that haven’t been replied to.

The Air Signs Send Some Of the Best Texts, Though They Can Be Inconsistent

The earth signs might be the wordsmiths of the signs, but the air signs are the romancers. Truly charming and charismatic, their texts will keep you glued to your phone in anticipation of the next one. They tend to send texts sporadically rather than to a strict routine so that spontaneous factor makes them all the more exciting. It’s no surprise that these signs can be airheads, so if they do forget to reply to your text, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t care about you. They can get flustered and anxious with all they sign up for in life, and can genuinely forget to check their phone.

Gemini: The Over-Excited Sender Of Multiple Short Texts

Gemini gets excited about basically all things in life, and texts are no exception. Especially when he’s got a bit of a crush on you, Gemini won’t be able to stop himself from sending you every little thing that’s on his mind as soon as it pops up. Because you could say that he doesn’t think things through and is instead a little impulsive, he tends to send multiple short texts rather than one long one. If he likes you, you can rest assured that your phone will be buzzing all day, every day. He also puts lots of exclamation marks without really meaning to.

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Libra: The Smooth And Charming Wordsmith

The air signs, in general, aren’t wizards of words, but Libra is kind of an exception. It’s not that he’s got a talent for crafting beautiful words about anything—he’s got a knack for being romantic, and expressing himself romantically to woo the person he’s interested in. Libra’s messages are full of confidence because he knows he’s got it and will leave you feeling weak at the knees. He’ll send messages first without being reminded and have you smiling like an idiot in public when you read them. It’s kind of hard to resist his charm, but you can try.

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Aquarius: The Aloof Texter Who Takes Hours To Reply And Drives You Crazy

The air signs, in general, aren’t wizards of words, but Libra is kind of an exception. It’s not that he’s got a talent for crafting beautiful words about anything—he’s got a knack for being romantic, and expressing himself romantically to woo the person he’s interested in. Libra’s messages are full of confidence because he knows he’s got it and will leave you feeling weak at the knees. He’ll send messages first without being reminded and have you smiling like an idiot in public when you read them. It’s kind of hard to resist his charm, but you can try.

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What You Won’t Get With Air Signs: Guys Asking To Take The Conversation To Phone Calls

While some signs might prefer speaking over the phone, or in person, to texting, the air signs love texting and usually won’t try to call you instead. Texting might not be traditionally romantic, but it allows the air signs to get creative with words they would never have the courage to actually utter, or with emojis that make things more interesting. Even when they’re interested in you, they never spend a huge amount of time on their phones, so they prefer to send quick texts than to dedicate an hour to a conversation. Texting allows them to be the multitaskers they are.


The Water Signs Like To Get Creative With The Texts They Send

Seeing the world through emotional and passionate lenses, the water signs happen to be some of the most creative signs in Astrology. They love texting because it allows them to be more creative than they would have the confidence to be in person or on the phone. There are a million different kinds of conversations you could have over text, and the water signs love to explore all of those. Their conversations are usually long and intense, and they love saying things that they wouldn’t have the confidence to say in person. They also have an affinity for emojis.

Cancer: The Guy Who Needs You To Text Him When You Get Home

Once Cancer develops feelings for you, he starts caring about your wellbeing. Super sweet and kind-hearted, this sign will act like a concerned parent when he likes you, and text you to make sure you’re okay. If you walk home alone, he’ll request that you send him a text to let him know that you made it home safely. The same applies when you drive somewhere, or when you travel by plane. He also sends messages to check up on you when you’re sick. If he likes you, it’s blatantly obvious through his messages how much he cares.

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Scorpio: The Novelist You Have To Set Time Aside To Respond To

When Scorpio sends a text message, he means business. Actually, this is his approach to all things in life, so of course, communicating with the person he likes is no different. Scorpio’s favorite thing to do is talk about deep, real things, and this is especially true if he has feelings for you. He’s highly adaptable, so while he’d probably prefer to have those important conversations in person, he’s happy to do it over text. He’s the guy who sends you long messages that are complex—the kind that you need to think about before you can respond to.

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Pisces: The King Of Emojis

Pisces is one of the most emotional signs and he’s also the most creative. When it comes to text messages, he likes to apply that creativity as much as he can by inserting different emojis. He has an emoji for every feeling he has, and special emojis he keeps only for those he likes. Emojis are actually a way to see into his soul since he likes to use them to express his basic emotions, so it’s a good sign if your messages are filled with them. And to be perfectly honest, he’s the type who probably won’t reply to you at all if he’s not interested.

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What You Won’t Get With Water Signs: Guys Sending Brief, Meaningless Texts

Nothing that the water signs ever do is brief or meaningless, and their texts are no different. These guys don’t do anything in halves, and they don’t see the point in texting for the sake of it. You probably won’t get a “good morning” text or a single emoji sent just to let you know that they’re thinking about you. Instead, you’ll get long messages or messages that were written with a specific purpose in mind. That doesn’t mean messages from the water signs are infrequent, however. They only send important messages, but they can usually find something important to message about every day.


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