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Here The One Thing Each Needs To Do Before They’re 30 A/c To Their Zodiac Signs

Every astrological sign has a calling. Whether we decide to follow it or not is irrelevant. We’re naturally inclined to do something or another based on our star patterns. It’s not just our livelihoods that we’re talking about either. Family, relationships, and new projects are all part of our sign callings.

Some of us might end up tangled in an amazing relationship (again) even though we vowed to stay single for a while. Some of us are going to end up across the country in another three years despite the fact that we want to put down roots in our current city.

It’s the little inevitabilities of life that sneak up on us. We are our patterns; they’re our habits, our ways of life, and could even be described as ourselves. This is how we can predict the one thing each astrological sign should do before they’re 30. We know that 30 is a big milestone (trust us) but that doesn’t mean that the excitement needs to stop! 30 is just the start of all of life’s biggest adventures.

These are the big things that will help set the tone for our futures. These are the things each sign needs to do before they hit the big 3-0.

Pisces Women: Take The Lead On An Important Project

Pisces are naturally a little more follower-based than leader-based. They like to join the crowd, even though their unique ideas often result in them standing out. The artist brain of the Pisces woman is strong. The emotional intelligence of a Pisces is also very high. The combination of these qualities makes actually them great leaders. Creative problem solving and high empathy means that Pisces women make strong, sensitive, creative leaders.

While the Pisces woman might want to follow, taking the lead on an important project will teach her a lot in the long run.

This is going to set the Pisces woman up for huge success in their future!

Pisces Men: Put Creative Work Out There (And Graciously Accept The Critique)

We’ve spoken to the creative mind of the Pisces before. This time we’re looking at the efforts and outputs of that creative mind. Some people don’t feel confident enough to put their creative thoughts out there. Words, photos, visual art, acting; whatever the facet of art is, we’re sure that the Pisces man is good at it. However, due to the fact that the Pisces is also a private creature, they’re not necessarily going to be happy putting themselves out into the world.

They’re sensitive, which means critique isn’t always going to go over well. By graciously accepting critique, the Pisces man will learn to take notes not as a personal affront, but as an opportunity for improvement and growth. That’s a lifelong skill.

Taurus Women: Move To A New City And Learn To Thrive

Taurus is a sign that likes to stay comfortable. There isn’t a whole lot of stress in a Taurus’s world, as they live by the motto “slow and steady.” Taurus’s world is driven by happiness, goal achieving, and little luxuries.

But the fact that the Taurus doesn’t often move outside of their comfort zone means that they run the risk of getting into a bit of a life rut.

While that’s not a bad thing to a sign that prefers cozy blankets to crazy nights, it can mean difficulties down the line. By moving to a new city the Taurus will learn self-sufficiency and networking skills. Plus, it will give some freedom to the self-containing Taurus.

Taurus Men: Go Out With Someone Who’s Outside Your Comfort Zone

We talk a lot about comfort zones. Many signs don’t have comfort zones that extend past arm’s reach. Many of them, however, also have wide and expansive comfort zones. The more outgoing a sign is, likely the further their comfort zone’s edges. Taurus men are able to push outside their comfort zone due to how goal-oriented they are. They’re happy to do what they need to in order to reach a goal. This doesn’t often extend to their personal life, however.

If a Taurus man is happy, he’s happy. Why change it? This is why we suggest trying to step outside the typical dating box. Date whoever draws your interest. Don’t put yourself (or your love) in one box.

Aquarius Women: Begin A Meditation Practice

The Aquarius is a sign that thrives in their own slightly chaotic environment. As a creative, intelligent sign, they have their own way of doing things. They like their conversation and their ideas, and they like those who are able to build off of them (without saying no to them). Aquarius tend to run a little more high stress than others, which is probably due to their internal processing powers.

Meditation might not work for everyone, but we’ve felt that it’s helped us.

Meditation is really just finding a quiet space to be with your own thoughts. It’s nice to breathe every now and then, and might even give a creative solution to challenges in your life.

Aquarius Men: Take A Solo Camping Trip

Aquarius is internal, but he’s not solitary. Aquarius men don’t particularly enjoy having too much alone time, especially if something is on their minds. They tend to like to talk to people, which isn’t unheard of for some other signs either.

Connection is an important thing to embrace in our lives, but sometimes we just need to get away from it all. The Aquarius man will learn a lot by going on a solo camping trip: self-sufficiency, love for adventure, and just how nice and calm it can be. The quiet will be good for the active brain of the Aquarius man. Plus, his adventurous side will feel very satisfied.

Aries Women: Reconnect With Family Members (Especially Parents)

Aries ladies are loyal and determined but can often have a bit of a short fuse. An Aries believes that their way is the best way, and don’t often submit to other people’s course of action. Due to this, there can sometimes be a strain in personal relationships.

While an Aries is loyal, other people around them might need a little downtime to cool off.

Aries women love fiercely and deeply, though, which means they never really sever their bonds or relationships. The Aries woman will want to reconnect but might be too stubborn to make the first move; trust us when we say it’s the best choice you can make. Reconnect with family and forge new bonds. It’ll help in the long run.

Aries Men: Learn To Cook A Fancy, 3 Course Meal

Want to impress someone? Make a weeknight special? Maybe even save some money? The best way to do it is to cook a fancy 3-course meal rather than spending the $100 a person on it. Aries men are practical romantics. They like to be sweet, but don’t always want to stand out. They might not know how to romance someone, but they’ll research and organize until they’ve crafted a foolproof plan.

By committing an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert recipe to memory, the Aries man will always be prepared to put on an amazing show. This will make romance feel like a breeze and will totally help any long-term relationships.

Capricorn Women: Travel To A Far Away Country

It might seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes the Capricorn forgets that there are worlds outside of what’s in front of them. Capricorn is one of the most practical signs, making it easy to forget about fulfilling their frivolous side.

While a Capricorn isn’t the most adventurous sign, traveling is good for them.

They’ll learn to go with the flow and change plans when they just won’t work. These are valuable life skills that will serve them well after they age past 30. Plus, the Capricorn will joyfully embrace the fact that they’re setting a goal and planning for it.

Capricorn Men: Drop All Responsibilities And Live The Easy Life For A While

Capricorns are some of the hardest workers. While Virgo is always working with their mind and Aries is always working to get ahead, Capricorn works for themselves. They plod along, achieving more than anyone thought possible using that slow and steady method we mentioned earlier.

They always work to fulfill their responsibilities first, but unfortunately, that results in a lack of adventure. Even Capricorns need to relax and understand how to just live life the easy way. Before 30 comes, take a breather and let yourself live a free, relaxed life. It might bring about a new discovery or two.

Cancer Women: Live Alone And Love Every Second Of It

Cancers love the feeling of intimate connection and don’t want to miss out on any sort of sweet time with their special someone. They get close to people quickly and trust with all of their heart, mind, and soul. Due to this, they can sometimes want to spend all their time with people, be it a best friend or a partner.

This is why we suggest the Cancer woman tries living alone.

We learn a lot about ourselves when living alone, and it only gets more and more essential the older we get. Take the plunge and try finding a spot to seclude in for a while. It won’t be forever, but it might be what you need right now.

Cancer Men: Become Good At Meeting New People And Making New Friends

Cancer men are in a similar situation as Cancer women. They open up and trust thoroughly, but only to those that they get close with. It takes time to build up trust with a Cancer, which means the friend group can quickly become a close-knit pool. While that’s not a bad thing, it will serve the Cancer man well to learn how to network.

Meeting new people and making new friends is important, and the sweet nature of the Cancer is well suited to doing well. Business, friendships, and partnerships will only get better by networking, enriching your life in the long run.

Libra Women: Let Go Of Grudges

Libra women are definitely not be fuelled by vengeance (we admit that we don’t know many people who are) but they do like things to be fair and square. A quiet sign, the Libra woman tends to watch and wait to see how situations play out. They like to speak up when they know it’ll make a difference and when it will even out the playing field.

They tend to hold on to hurt, inadvertently keeping a scorecard sometimes. Our advice: let it all go.

Enter 30 with a new frame of mind and a new way of thinking, and happiness will be falling into the Libra’s lap!

Libra Men: Loudly And Proudly Stand Up For Someone Else

As we mentioned in the last Libra section, Libras are a quiet sign. They don’t always raise their voices, which means it can be stressful when a situation arrives where they have to speak up. By practicing early on in their lives, Libra men can learn to loudly and proudly stand up for any injustice they see.

Learning this skill is much more useful than one might think in the business sector as well. By learning to stand up for others, the Libra will also learn to stand up for himself. That’s a skill that we all need to learn.

Sagittarius Women: Find And Embrace A Routine

Sagittarius is often referred to as the free-floating sign, jumping from one adventure to another and never wanting to settle down. While that will satisfy the creative and outgoing aspect of the Sagittarius, it can be a detriment when trying to work and play in your day-to-day life.

No one can adventure all the time, and we all need a little stability to come home to.

By finding and embracing a routine, the Sagittarius woman is finding and embracing parts of herself. This kind of self-care and knowledge is very important for future adventures, relationships, friendships, and even project management at work!

Sagittarius Men: Settle Down With Someone (But Maybe Not Forever)

For a sign that likes to travel all over the place, it just makes sense that you’d need to experience the opposite at some point in your life. How will the Sagittarius decide what choice to make if they haven’t experienced most (or all) of them? Sagittarius folk like change, but can sometimes find themselves stuck in the thick of too many changes too quickly.

By learning how to settle down the Sagittarius man will be training the side of himself that craves that stability. It’ll also be an excellent source of comparison for when the opportunity to settle versus to travel presents itself in the future.

Gemini Women: Make A Hard Decision And Stick To That Choice

Geminis can be all over the place, but we love that about them. Their energy is fantastic, even though they might switch from one decision to another at the drop of a hat. What we like about the Gemini is the fact that they aren’t afraid to change their minds. We also like the fact that they seldom worry about how they’re perceived; they just do what makes them feel good.

Mind changing can be the first step to indecision, though, which is a Gemini’s downfall.

Learn to make hard choices and stick with them. That kind of brain training will be helpful down the line when hard choices feel like they’re everywhere.

Gemini Men: Go On A Solo Date To Somewhere You Haven’t Tried Before

Solo dates are very important for signs that prefer to stick with people. Connection is a valuable, positive quality to have in a relationship. Unfortunately, it can lead to too much togetherness sometimes. By embracing these little solo adventures to new coffee shops or restaurants we find that we’re more at peace with being alone.

Making decisions solo all of a sudden becomes easier when we’re the only person around. This will set the Gemini man up for success later in life, becoming a little more self-sufficient and much more decisive. This will be a benefit both in a relationship as well as professionally. Everyone wants a manager who can make decisions!

Scorpio Women: Work In A Support Position, Rather Than A Leadership One

Scorpios are the hidden leaders. They like to be in charge but won’t always be put there. Scorpios tend to want to be in charge and will push and pull their way up to the front. They’ve got a method and have the care that it takes to execute that method well.

Scorpio leaders are good, but they sometimes need to take a step back.

The best way to know more about yourself is sometimes to step into a new role. By working in a support role, the Scorpio will learn more about the system and themselves and will be better able to lead the next time around.

Scorpio Men: Forgive A Dishonest Friend

Scorpios can get caught up in the idea that one flaw or mistake tarnishes someone’s whole character. While that’s not wrong sometimes, other times it can result in the end of an actually not-too-bad friendship. By learning to forgive someone who’s done wrong the Scorpio can start to practice forgiveness. This will make it easier in the future to work through issues, as well as fostering a better trust situation.

Scorpio men are intense, and it’s awesome; just don’t let the intensity overpower a subtler situation, especially when there’s a friendship (or relationship) on the line! No one likes to lose a confidant.

Virgo Women: Visit Somewhere With A Language Barrier

Whether it’s Spanish, French, Mandarin, or Italian, visiting somewhere with a language barrier will stretch a Virgo’s brain. For most of us English speakers, it seems scary to travel to somewhere we likely won’t be able to translate. It’s not the end of the world, though, as there are many resources available to help. Virgos like to be the intelligent ones and are often identified as the smartest person in the room.

By traveling somewhere that isn’t in your personal first language, not only will you have to stretch those research skills, but you’ll also have to face not knowing.

It can be humbling, and healthy for the Virgo.

Virgo Men: Buy Something Big, Fun, And Totally Frivolous

Virgos are practical people and would rather get their excitement and satisfaction from good discussion or an interesting book than a frivolous purchase. This is why we’re suggesting that the Virgo needs to make a silly choice at least once before turning 30.

Everything feels serious after 30, which can make it hard to give ourselves permission to purchase something frivolous. By learning to embrace frivolity early, you’ll be able to identify it when it’s absolutely needed. Sometimes the frivolous thing will be the best thing, and the Virgo needs to learn to be okay with that choice. It’ll ultimately give you a more rounded sense of satisfaction.

Leo Women: Stay Single (By Choice) For At Least A Little While

The lovely Leo likes to love. It’s a silly phrase, but it really gets right into the core of the situation here. Leos love to love others, as well as to love themselves. They like to be loved, and might even give a little too much love in return (just because they love it so much). All this loving aside, Leos tend to connect easily with people; they’re kind of like magnets.

By choosing to stay single and to just love themselves for a while they’ll develop a better sense of who they are, independently.

This will make it easier in the future to pick and choose relationships that are outstanding, not just lovely.

Leo Men: Make A Commitment And See It Through To The End

The fierce lion only has issues with one thing: commitment to decisions. Leos are hardworking opportunists and don’t feel any sort of shame dropping one thing and moving towards another. It’s brought them huge amounts of success before but can result in some broken hearts (and burned bridges).

By making the effort to consciously see the commitment through to the end, even if something better comes up, the Leo will learn to make smart choices rather than trying to fit in all the choices. And we all know that working smarter will ultimately get us to where we want to go!


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