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Golden Rules For Everlasting Romance

A good relationship canโ€™t just happen all of a sudden. You need to work hard to get somewhere with your partner and frankly speaking some of us get tired in the middle of the way. If you have found your soulmate but you are not quite sure how to make your love last forever, check some of these golden rules. I am sure you will learn something new and improve your relationship!
1. Talk, talk, talkย โ€“ Communication is an essential part of every relationship. Period. If you two donโ€™t talk, what is the purpose of being together anyway? I know I would never settle with a man who doesnโ€™t talk to me. I need someone who will tell me how his day was and what he needs from me. I know I need someone like that. Many couples say that they have no time for talk. Excuses, excuses! If you want to ask something you will find some time to do that. Otherwise, it means you donโ€™t care about your partnerโ€™s opinion anymore. Even though guys like when our mouth are closed it is nice to hear a womanโ€™s voice from time to time.   2. Be confidentย โ€“ Is there anything hotter than a confident woman? I donโ€™t think so. If you care about yourself and you are confident enough to be alone, every man will want you beside him. Confident and strong women are attracted to men more than those who are not independent and need some sort of help all the time. Having an Alpha female next to you gives you a powerful feeling and there isnโ€™t a place you would rather be than in her arms. So, my dear ladies, it is okay to ask your guy to help you but there are some things you should keep for yourself only. By doing this you will bring your relationship to a whole new level. 3. Itโ€™s not about being right, itโ€™s about being happyย โ€“ You know that saying all men like to mention: โ€œI get to say the final word in this house โ€“ yes dear!โ€ Funny, right? Even if guys like to be right sometimes they will just stop having an argument with you and be happy for the rest of the day. If your wife is happy, you will be happy as well. Simple as that! In the end, it doesnโ€™t count who was right and who was wrong. We just tend to remember nice memories with our loved ones so never mind if you are not right all the time. Someone has to do that as well.   4. Get nakedย โ€“ Making love with your partner is very important for your stable relationship. I am not saying you two should sleep together until you die but having some time for you only during your golden age is preferable. God invented sex for a reason. Sex is there when we fight so we can make up again. Sex is there when we are sad so it can make us feel better. Sex is there when you have a back pain so bring it on. Anyway, I just wanted to say that words canโ€™t say everything. We need to express our opinion with touches and kisses sometimes. Every woman will feel special when her man wants her. Every guy will feel special when his lady is craving for him. It is a natural thing and it can just make our relationship better.   I hope I helped you realize how blessed you are if these tips are your routine. Love is the most important feeling in the whole world and it feels great to be a part of it. In the end, I just want to tell you to cherish and show love to your loved one every single day because one day you will regret you didnโ€™t do all you wanted on timeโ€ฆ. Good luck!


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