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Don’t Make Her Wait Too Long


You are taking your time. You are not in a rush to give her all she needs from you because you are confident she’ll be there forever.

She cares for you so deeply that you take that for granted and you don’t feel the need to change. You have the right tactics; you are a player. You know if you don’t give her too much, if you never keep her too close but give her just enough, she will hold on. She will keep you in her heart.

It’s not that she doesn’t see right through your games, she just allows you to behave like that. She lets you take your time. She hopes that that’s all you need—some time to change your ways.

She is waiting patiently for you to sort out your life. She is there to understand and to support you through all your issues. She believes in you even when you have a hard time believing in yourself. You have to know that she puts your happiness before her own.

But, you also have to know that she will get tired at some point. She’ll stop tolerating your games. She’ll stop settling for the breadcrumbs of affection and attention you are giving her.


You have to know that she wants you and only you at this point. But, when things change, she will get tired of waiting for you to give you what she longs for. She will have been craving your attention for so long that she’ll give up eventually.

She’ll let somebody else give her all she wants from you. She’ll give a chance to somebody who has it all together; somebody who knows what he wants. To somebody who knows that all he wants is her and he has no doubts about it.

Be careful because he is waiting right around the corner hoping you’ll fail. He is waiting around to give her what you still haven’t. He wants to be there for her. He wants to hold her tightly in her arms. He wants to kiss her goodnight every night. That’s why you should get it together quick. You are still in time—she still wants only you.

You just have to know that her heart can’t take any more waiting. It’s tired of being hopeful. It’s starting to seem like her love for you is just a dream that will never become reality. She doesn’t want to waste more time and now is the right time for you to act.

She knows she has parts of your heart, but she is not quite sure how big those parts are. You have to tell her because she is not OK with not knowing anymore. She needs all of you because she gave all of her heart to you.

So, get it together. If you feel all of it for her, go and tell her. Go, and don’t let the love go so easily. You’ll only end up with regrets. Go now, because time can slip away so quickly, love can get away from you and you won’t even notice before is too late.



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