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Autumn Equinox Is Almost Here And These 3 Signs Will Be The Least Affected

The Autumn Equinox is almost here for us! And so is the Libra season. They happen on the 23rd of the month and we are about to receive huge doses of energy from both.

Did you know that every season resonates with 3 zodiac signs? While the autumnal signs are Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius, the signs of the Spring are Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.

So these Spring signs will feel the least effects this Autumn as the Equinox marks the beginning of the Fall and Winter.

As the Sun passes through our Equator, it also crosses the ‘celestial equator’. The current shift from North to South marks our Autumn Equinox. The vernal signs hence can enjoy a break till the next year. This break doesn’t let them off the hook completely but the burdens will be lesser. Read on to know what these signs are up for:



You finally get a break from all the chaos in your life this Autumn Equinox. Instead of rushing head-on into your problems, take a break and reflect on the solutions for now. Let go of past patterns and keep expectations to a minimum. Honesty will take you forward only when you acknowledge your contribution in the various situations of your life.


You are not one to flexible about your ways. All this while the stars kept putting you in difficult situations but this Equinox is here to save you. Things will seem better and you will be back in control. As the Sun moves to Libra on the day of the Equinox, your health and fitness come into focus. This is the time for you to adopt a good habit or a new diet to recover from all the summer fun!


You are exhausted from all the twinning and this Autumn Equinox is the best time for you to take a break. This is also a good time to forget all obstacles on your path of happiness. This is your time to find your authentic self and contentment. Unite your energies on one common goal and you’ll be well on your path to reach happiness very soon.

This Autumn Equinox offers you a rare chance. Your hectic and adventurous lives finally slow down. You have the chance to catch up on all that you missed as you enjoy a break now. It is of no use if you are always busy but none of it actually takes you ahead.

As the world around you keeps spinning, sit down and take a deep breath. This calm is here to stay till the end of the year and some more. Utilize this time properly and soon you’ll be prepared to lead in Spring 2020!



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