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A Beginner’s Guide On How To Read Tarot Cards

Getting into tarot cards can be pretty overwhelming. There are so many different decks that all have totally different artwork and, within those decks, there are 78 different cards to remember the meanings of. This can be a lot to take in when someone is picking up a deck of tarot cards for the first time to try to get into reading the cards! Memorizing the meaning for every card seems a little daunting when all you want to know is why you pulled the Judgement card when you asked if this argument with your BFF will ever end.

Keep reading to get a few essential tips to help a total beginner take the stress out of tarot cards!


10 Select The Perfect Deck

Before you can start reading tarot cards, you need a deck. Finding the perfect tarot deck is important because it needs to be one that you really connect with. Each deck has totally different art which can give the cards a super different feeling and may make you feel a different way about the card. Many beginners reach for the Rider-Waite tarot deck, but take a minute to look at the art in different decks and find one that really speaks to you!

Take A Closer Look

Once you’ve got your hands on your deck, it’s time to start reading the cards, right? Not so fast! First, it’s time to really familiarize yourself with your deck so you feel totally ready to read it and understand each card. After you open your deck for the first time, take a while to look at each card. Each card will have a unique image that relates back to the meaning of the card, so remember to take a minute to examine each image.

Clear Your Deck

When you open your cards for the first time, the cards are probably grouped together from how they were printed in the factory. This means that it’s important to clear your deck. This should be done between each reading and the way that a person clears their deck is totally up to them. One way is by shuffling the cards but other people like to spread them out all over their table or floor and really mix them up before they put them back together.

Draw A Card Every Day

Practice makes perfect. This is true in just about any hobby or skill and reading tarot cards is no different! In order to go from a total tarot beginner to an expert at reading the cards, you really need to practice.

Even if you don’t practice with a full reading every day, drawing one card each day from the deck and then examining the art and looking up the meaning is a good way to slowly learn what each card represents.

Learn Keywords

Learning the meanings to each card is probably the part of reading tarot cards that many people think is the most overwhelming part. One way to make this easier is to just relate a few simple, easy to remember keywords for each card. Write them down or save them in a note on your phone if you need to! Instead of remembering a long explanation for the card, just remember a few simple words that will help you when it comes to future readings.

Keep The Guidebook Handy

Even though remembering your own interpretations of each card is important for learning to read tarot cards, you definitely don’t have to rely on your own ideas of what each card means. Many tarot decks come with a guidebook that has each card on its own page and has a description of what the artist imagines the card means. While you’re doing a reading, keep the guidebook nearby so you can refer back to it until you’re comfortable with the meaning of each card.

Get Personal

Although the meanings in the guidebook that likely came with the tarot deck you picked are great, they’re also really general. Finding a personal meaning that relates back to your question and your life is the best way to get the most out of your deck!

If you’re feeling stressed about a big exam and you pull the Six of Swords which the guidebook says is about traveling, consider what that means for you. Perhaps your deck is telling you to travel somewhere new to study.

Get To Know Different Spreads

When it comes to reading tarot cards, there are quite a few spreads that people can do. The spreads are the way that the cards are laid out in order to represent different things. A common one that’s easy for beginners involves drawing three cards that represent three parts of a person’s life like the past, present, and future. Learning basic spreads like this one is a super easy way to get used to reading tarot cards for a beginner.

Read For Others… If You Want

After a person starts reading tarot cards, they might get want to start reading for other people. These people can be friends and family that you know in real life or even people that you know online through social media. Although reading tarot cards for other people can be a great way to get used to reading them and be helpful to a beginner, don’t feel pressured to read for anyone but yourself if you really don’t want to do so.

Don’t Let It Stress You Out

Although reading tarot cards can get overwhelming, it can be a really fun and eye-opening experience for people who get into it. It can help a person to answer questions, make decisions, or whatever else a person might turn to their deck for. All the different decks and cards may seem overwhelming to a beginner who just got their first tarot deck, it’s important to enjoy it. Don’t get stressed! Put the cards away and take a break if you need to.



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