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What Mind Games She Plays, According to your Zodiac Sign

Generally speaking, when it comes to games in love and dating, nobody wins. At first, the cat-and-mouse chase of the whole thing can be fun. It’s like a well-paced thriller but we can’t wait to turn the corner and hopefully see our crush. There’s something exciting about the gameplay of it all, of not knowing for sure how the other person feels, and reading just a little too much into their actions or gestures. It’s fun and titillating – to a point.

After a while, like when things evolve into a real relationship, the game-playing can feel contrived, juvenile, and even hurtful. All of us, at some level, want stability and security in our relationships. We’ve given our heart, our time, and our love to another person, so the least they can do is respond genuinely instead of trying to mess with us, right?

Sometimes, however, certain traits of astro signs can seep through our own personalities and influence our behavior in relationships, including the kinds of games we play with our dates or significant others. From trying to make them jealous and making promises we can’t deliver to running hot and cold, some of our worst qualities can be exacerbated in a relationship – but they’re the only way we know how to behave in certain situations! Does your game-playing behavior match your sign?


24 PISCES: Romantic Actions, No Follow-Through

Pisces is a sign that loves to love, but the problem is she can give too much of herself too quickly to someone. She loves being romantic and thoughtful to let her partner know how much they mean to her, but she can just as easily fail to capitalize on their reciprocated interest.

Pisces is a dreamer, so any real relationship rarely lives up to the ideal she’s constructed in her head, meaning that she might not know what to do with someone once she’s successfully wooed them.

23 PISCES: Flirtiest In Show

Born under an empathetic and intuitive sign, Pisces women know how to read people. They understand what people want and need and, since they tend to be selfless, they can respond to that really well. They’re also quite social, especially since they’re a Water sign. They like to flirt and have deep conversations where they can really get to know another person.

As a Pisces, she’ll be charming and super flirty to win her guy over, pulling out all the stops to make him realize that she’s the one he’s meant to be with.

22 ARIES: Playing Hard To Get

Aries women love competition and, out of all the signs, they adore the chase that comes before a relationship the most. An Aries woman will often pretend to not be interested in a man to see if she can get him to work harder to win her affection.

Plus, some part of her thinks that the detached ‘cool girl’ aura makes her even more alluring.

It’s her confidence that allows Aries to play this sort of dating game, because she knows that the person wants her – it’s just more fun for her to keep him dangling on the hook.

21 ARIES: Flirting Up A Storm

A bold sign through and through, Aries definitely isn’t a wallflower when it comes to dating. She exudes charisma and confidence, which means she won’t think twice about walking up to a guy at a bar and chatting him up. Flirting is like a second language to this Fire sign, and since she’s so used to taking the lead everywhere else, she’s happy to guide the conversation – and the date – to wherever she wants it to go.

Be advised, though: while Aries may not be the wittiest of the astro signs, she does know her way around innuendo.

20 TAURUS: Texting Stalemate

As one of the most stubborn signs, Taurus girls are traditionalists at heart. They like gentlemen who open doors for them and call instead of text. That means that they are always waiting for the dude to make the first move and, no matter how long it takes, they won’t message them first.

Taurus women want to be wooed, and if they have to take charge from the get-go, they’re going to lose interest. Oh, and don’t even think that they forgot it took you days to start up a conversation – they’ll be sure to bring it up.

19 TAURUS: Getting Too Serious Too Fast

Taurus girls don’t deal well with people beating around the bush. They’re a solid Earth sign and appreciate a more direct approach. This means that they don’t waste time on people who will waste theirs.

Less of a dating game and more of a way to weed out the weaklings, the Taurus girl will lay it all out in the open about what she wants and allow the man to make his move. This means she may get a little too serious too fast, but hey, who’s got the time to dawdle when you have a family on your mind?

18 GEMINI: Running Hot And Cold

The sign of the twins really shows their true colors when it comes to dating, because they will run hot and cold without even pausing for breath. These girls will want a dude badly one day, only to be completely distant and uninterested the next. They’ll obsess over crushes and then forget they even exist.

It’s hard to keep up with the Gemini gal, who may be the sign most likely to play with your heart. For such a good communicator, this Air sign really likes making us guess.

17 GEMINI: Flirting With Others

Naturally social and always curious, it may take a while for a Gemini girl to ever commit to someone, because there’s just so much out there that she wants to sample! This sign is a notorious flirt and can turn from a conversation with one man to laughing at the jokes of another without skipping a beat.

She can’t help it – it’s just her sign! Her intention isn’t to make her SO jealous, it’s really that everything she says comes out a little too flirty. She just likes keeping her options open.

16 CANCER: Having Major Mood Swings

Ugh, Cancer women can be some of the most difficult to deal with when it comes to dating. One moment, she’s head over heels for you, and then you wake up the next morning to find her cold and distant. Cancer is infamous for her mood swings, and she will use it as a way to manipulate your emotions.

Being the moody one in a relationship puts the onus on the other person to figure out what they did wrong and how to fix it, and that dedication and loyalty is what woos a Cancer lady every single time.

15CANCER: Minimal Effort, Maximum Expectations

For a sign that expects the world of their partner to soothe their bruised feelings, Cancer isn’t always so willing to put in the work themselves. They’re unlikely to ever play you or have someone else on the back burner, but Cancer will make their partners feel as though they’re not doing enough while doing almost nothing themselves.

They have romantic ideals that are almost impossible to be reached, but their melancholic persona can make them dissatisfied with just about everything.

All isn’t lost, however, because when you do win over a Cancer, she’s there for you forever.

14 LEO: Acting Like She’s Superior

Everyone wants to feel wanted, but Leo ladies will take it to the extreme by acting as though they are way too good for the guy who’s trying to get with them. She likes pretending that she’s something unattainable, but she’ll still give him just enough hope so that he’ll continue to pursue her.

She loves being the object of his affection, adoration, and admiration. Being an idea rather than an actual person is the way Leo wants to be thought of, and have the guy relentlessly persist.

13 LEO: Dating Around

Leo is a loving sign and when she finally does settle down, she’ll be incredibly loyal and thoughtful. Until then, however, she’ll happily date around. She doesn’t want any guy to get too comfortable before she’s ready to make things official, because she worries he might get lazy and stop trying to win her over, since he thinks he’s already won.

Keeping her dating pool wide open is way more appealing to her, plus she can’t deny the attractiveness of having a bunch of guys fighting for her favor.

12 VIRGO: Making Him Work For It

Not so much a game as an indirect result of how they are, Virgo women will make men work for their affection – by accident. This sign is naturally reserved and won’t put themselves out there unless they can be certain that they won’t get burned.

She could be totally into him and he won’t even know it, because she’s waiting for him to make the first move.

She’s a little neurotic and insecure, which is why she needs him to make the first move, even if she’s very into him already.

11 VIRGO: Second-Guessing Everything

Speaking of their anxiety and perfectionist tendencies, the Virgo girl will second-guess everything in the dating game. They might suggest something, but then backtrack and ask if their SO is okay with their decision. She’ll go back and forth on making a move or speaking her mind, weighing the pros and cons so often that it can leave her man wondering where her head’s at.

She’s not a sign who means to play games, because she tries to be straightforward in most aspects of her life. Games just come as an extension of her personality.

10 LIBRA: He’s Her Last Resort

Libra women can’t stand to be alone. Born under the planet Venus, they are always looking for their other half, and if that means settling for someone who’ll do for a short period of time, they will.

She needs a significant other to feel good about herself, and so a guy might just be a random placeholder until someone more suitable comes along. She’s a lover and bringer of harmony, though, so she’ll never make him feel that way, which is arguably the biggest and best (or worst) dating game she’s liable to play.

LIBRA: She’s Indecisive

The sign of the scales, the Libra lady is terrible at making decisions about basically anything. She always wants to be the peacemaker, which means she’s a big proponent of negotiation, so everyone only gets a little of what they want when it comes to Libra.

She enjoys having lots of lovers in her life, and may keep them around simply because they fill a specific need: one takes her to fancy dinners while the other shares her taste in movies; one is a snappy dresser while the other is complimentary. She just can’t make up her mind!

SCORPIO: Make Him Jealous

Scorpio women are experts at making their partners jealous. Their cunning and cleverness makes it easy for them to determine a person’s weakness and use it to their advantage. She’ll flirt with someone else while her BF is standing next to her at a party or casually mention that an old flame slid into her DM, just to watch him squirm.

This sign wants their partners to know that everyone is interested in them, so that their SOs can be thankful for every day they get to wake up next to them.

7  SCORPIO: Withholding Affection

Usually a passionate and loving person, a Scorpio woman could head in an entirely different direction if she’s in the mood to play games with her SO. This sign knows the power of affection, which is why she might decide to withhold it from her partner in a bid to get them to work harder for her love.

She’s a sign who is protective of her heart and wary of opening up to others, which could explain why she wants him to prove he’s worth the risk.

SAGITTARIUS: Ghosting & Benching

Sagittarius is a lady who refuses to be tied down. She wants to travel to wherever the wind takes her, and monogamous relationships don’t always work with that lifestyle choice. However, whenever Sagittarius does return, she’ll act as though no time has passed and be back to her flirtatious ways!

Her habit of ghosting or benching a dude isn’t done out of malice, it’s just that she doesn’t want to be constrained or restricted by relationships until she’s totally ready. She’ll always be far away, but she’ll keep in touch just enough to keep her man on the line.

SAGITTARIUS: Breaking Up & Making Up

Born to wander around the globe, Sagittarius needs a guy who can keep up with her adventurous spirit. Unfortunately, that usually means she’ll go through a lot of dudes on her journey to find that special someone.

Torn between a life of carefree adventure and a settled life with someone she loves, the Sag girl is in the habit of being in rollercoaster off-and-on relationships, giving just enough until she feels confined and then pulling away again.

The breakups and makeups with this one are enough to give you whiplash!

CAPRICORN: Making Excuses

Capricorn isn’t really the type to play games when it comes to love or dating – at least, not intentionally. It’s just that these women are so busy all the time that the importance of texting someone back or making a date on time tends to slip their minds. This can cause their SOs to feel like they’re not a priority or that they’ll always take a backseat to the Capricorn’s career.

The Cap woman will make excuses for their behavior, but they’re really just trying to buy some time before they inevitably do the same thing again.

CAPRICORN: Showing Off

Having a reputation of being all work and no play is a little unfair on this Earth sign, because anyone who knows a Capricorn woman in love knows that she likes to show off a little bit.

This sign isn’t known for being bold, but they do hone their talents and skills, and love showing off the fruits of their labor whenever they can. Impressing a date with their trivia knowledge or surprising them with a beautiful singing voice at karaoke is a way for the Capricorn woman to show that she has a few tricks up her sleeve.

AQUARIUS: Getting Away From It All

It can seem like the Aquarius woman is playing hot and cold when it comes to dating, but really she just needs some time to get away from it all, center herself, and breathe.

She can’t handle being around someone who needs her all the time, because she needs to be her own independent person. Disappearing without a word is a hallmark trait of this Air sign, and their partners can’t read too much into it. Sometimes, she just needs some me-time to remember who she is.

AQUARIUS: Picks Him Up & Drops Him

Relationships are an iffy situation for Aquarius women. They like the idea of love but the actual give-and-take of a relationship can be a bit much for them, largely because they dislike relying on another person for anything.

This means that this sign will frequently jump from relationship to relationship before anyone else has had a chance to take a breath. Plus, she likes exploring her options and learning all that everyone has to offer. It can leave quite a few dudes in the dust, but hey, it’s just the sign she is!


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