When we fall in love, it’s so easy to disregard little quirks and habits we notice about our significant others. Cutting people slack, we sometimes even find their small flaws cute—until they become bigger issues.

Just the way we dash to read the awesome traits for our new flame’s sign, we should also be wary and look at their low-key flaws, too. For instance, Libra men tend to have their heads in the clouds, causing them to be highly unreliable. For a headstrong and stable Taurus lady, it’s advisable to proceed with caution, as these two innate character traits can certainly lead to some clashes.

Of course, just because two people may be different doesn’t mean opposites don’t attract. As long as a girl goes into her new fling with an open mind and is understanding of their mannerisms, who knows what can happen! Those same flighty Libra men can also be wonderfully passionate, so don’t go running just yet.

We’ve decided to cut the average lady’s research in half and give her a helping hand. Read on to find out which signs have severe mood swings, tend to go overboard with their emotions, or are even simply just overindulgent, both for ladies and their partners.


24 Cancer Man: He’s Emotional To The Point Of Irrational

The Cancer guy is soothing and gentle. If you need someone to look after you and make you feel secure, he’s a wonderful guy to have. Be wary, though, as his emotions can sometimes spin out of control and be too much to handle. At times, he’s unable to control his mood swings, so if you catch him while he’s temperamental—steer clear!

Unfortunately prone to pessimism, the Cancer man can sometimes let his mind get fogged up with irrational thoughts. As long as you know to navigate the Cancer waters and go do your own thing while he’s having a moment, you’ll fare just fine!

23 Cancer Girl: With Her Head In The Clouds, She’s Known To Become Pessimistic

Just like the Cancer guy, the Cancer woman doesn’t know how to stifle any pessimistic thoughts that enter her mind. Overemotional since her imagination runs wild, she can sometimes create the most incredibly far-fetched situations in her head—and then get upset before they even happen.

While it’s certainly frustrating for those around them, you’ll have to understand that there’s not much you can do once she gets into one of her angsty moods. Just step back and give her some space. When she eventually snaps out of it she’ll come back to you, as loving and as faithful as ever.

22 Gemini Man: He Has An Erratic Nature

Entertaining and inquisitive, the Gemini guy will keep you on your toes with conversation and energy, bouncing his enthusiasm onto you. Adjustable to any situation, he’s able to adapt to whatever the room demands, and for that, he’s great to have around. Unfortunately, that adaptability can also make him pretty erratic even when he doesn’t have to be, which can leave some people scratching their heads.

Since they are so quick and sharp, it’s difficult for Geminis to stay interested and invested in one task, so they’ll be bouncing to the next one before even finishing the first. It’s this lack of patience that’s definitely their biggest downfall.

21 Gemini Girl: Her Anxiousness Can Lead To Mood Swings

The Gemini girl is expressive and wise, an intellectual who loves cultural stimulation. Although she’s enthusiastic about the arts and can be a fantastic buddy to have around in social settings, she’s also prone to being very anxious, leading to troubled mood swings. Since she sometimes bites off more than she can chew, she tends to get intimidated, making her head feel clustered and unable to make decisions.

If this ever happens, just give her some space to breathe—she sometimes simply needs a bit longer than others to come to a conclusion. Definitely restless all the time, she’ll bounce right back to her fun self shortly.

20 Aquarius Man: His Unpredictability Can Become A Lot To Handle

The Aquarius man is mysterious, alluring, and eccentric—sure to attract people from the start. He’s intelligent and inventive, always looking for ways to culturally better himself and hone his knowledge of the world. He can also be unpredictable, to the point that he will drive some other signs wild. Inconsistent with everything they do, Aquarius guys will always keep you guessing and you’ll never know what they’re setting out to do next.

They’re also known to dislike monotony, so don’t try to tie this guy down. Instead, let him come to you and be your charming self. Once he falls for you, he’ll be incredibly loyal.

19 Aquarius Girl: She’s Extremely Impulsive

As mysterious as her male counterpart, the Aquarius lady is a flighty creature with a taste for adventure. Friendly and popular, everyone is attracted to her charm and ability to maneuver her way through any situation with grace. She’s unfortunately very impulsive, however, ruled by her feelings above any sort of logic. A trait that can drive any earth sign wild, she’s definitely detached and loves to “go with the flow.”

Her biggest fear is losing her freedom, so let her roam. If she really cares about you, she’ll come back in no time, craving intellectual stimulation and genuine conversation.

18 Libra Man: He’s So Flighty, It Can Make Him Unreliable

Your Libra guy is going to come off as incredibly charming when you first meet him. Wooing you from the get-go, these social butterflies can adapt to any situation, genuinely making his lady feel like his queen. So, what’s the issue with him? That charm he possesses and takes wherever he goes can make him extremely flighty.

The trick to keeping the Libra man keen is to woo him right back. Give him some of that social grace that appeals to him and he’ll be all yours! Once he falls in love for someone, he falls hard and will be an incredibly devoted partner for years to come.

17 Libra Girl: Some People Will Find Her Superficiality Too Much

Much like the Leo girl, the Libra lady loves the finer things in life and will sometimes carelessly flaunt it. A social butterfly herself, she’s always dressed to the nines and looking to impress. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a disheveled Libra woman!

Although the time and care she takes into herself can be alluring at first, some signs simply aren’t attracted to her vanity. Stand by her, however, and you’ll learn that she’s so much more beyond her superficiality. A die-hard romantic, she’ll be up for any adventures, or even simply to take care of her partner in the comfort of their home.

16 Virgo Man: He Has Trouble Thinking Outside The Box

When you first meet a Virgo man, you’ll be attracted to his mysterious allure and likable nature. Studying you intuitively from the start, this guy is focused on everything you’re saying and is extremely observant. Because he’s so in tune with you, you may get the impression that this guy is psychic, but no, he’s just awesome at paying attention.

Once you start to get to know him better, however, you may find that focus a bit too much to handle. The Virgo guy has issues thinking outside the box, which can prove to be a problem for abstract thinkers. Practicality above everything else means it’s sometimes quite hard to change a Virgo’s mind.

15 Virgo Girl: She Loves To Judge

The Virgo girl is truly a perfectionist. Analytical and intelligent, she strives for achieving everything she sets out to do in an orderly and efficient manner. That’s why if she meets someone that doesn’t meet her high standards, she can certainly be overly judgemental.

Paying attention to so much detail all the time can be tough for her as she’ll catch any small mistake right away. She definitely needs to learn how to relax, but she’s probably better paired off with a partner who has the same level of practicality and efficiency as she does. Otherwise, expect serious face-offs.

14 Taurus Man: He’s Stubborn, Making Him Very Set In His Ways

The Taurus man is a beacon of trust and security. A very practical guy, he’s great for raising a family and starting a life with. Reliable and ambitious, you never have to worry about the Taurus having a hidden agenda. His practicality can, unfortunately, make him stubborn, however, to a point where you cannot change his mind.

Although he is easy-going and won’t rock the boat with fights as some fire signs would, this earth sign is simply set in his ways. Don’t even bother trying to use logic to sway him, as it simply won’t work! As long as you understand that you two simply won’t find common ground on certain topics, just move on. He’ll be sure to do the same.

13 Taurus Girl: She’s Known To Be Very Materialistic

The Taurus girl is just as motivated to succeed as her male counterpart. Dependable and patient, she enjoys seeing her hard-earned dollars come to her—and then she feels the need to burn a hole in her pocket. Unfortunately, she’s materialistic and loves to maintain an image of someone who is succeeding.

This also makes her self-indulgent, and she’ll gladly pounce on an opportunity to try a new fancy restaurant or buy something trendy. Lucky for you she’s generous, too, so before you run off to judge her for her values, understand that she’s always willing to lend a helping hand.

12 Scorpio Man: Known To Have A Jealous Streak

A fierce man, the Scorpio fella loves being in control. Extremely independent, he’s also possessive and loves claiming things as his. Because of this, he’ll want you all to himself and may get a bit jealous if you decide to stray and have a life of your own.

A guy that values trust above all, the Scorpio dude will certainly make you jump through hoops to earn his. Once you do, however, he’s the most loyal partner, with his jealousy truly subsiding as much as possible. A man that’ll take you on a roller coaster ride, the Scorpio is perfect for those looking to add a little spice to their lives.

11 Scorpio Girl: Cross Her And She Can Become Very Resentful

Much like the Scorpio man, the Scorpio lady is just as feisty as her male counterpart. With a flair for the dramatic, this girl can be an absolute riot at times—and also a total nightmare. If you cross your Scorpio woman, be prepared to fight fire with fire.

She can be extremely vindictive, so you never know what you’ll get after an argument with this sign. From a harmless sarcastic remark to painstakingly plotting her revenge, this girl is not one to be messed with! It’s not all difficult, however, as the Scorpio lady is passionate to a beautiful point as well, truly making you believe you’re the only man for her.

10 Leo Man: His Temper Can Sometimes Get Him In Trouble

An exceptionally charismatic and attractive man, the Leo will make you feel like you’re the only one for him. Careful though, upset this guy and his temper will rise—to the point of getting him in trouble. As passionate as he is in romantic throes, he’ll produce that same level of intensity in his rage.

Sometimes overly dramatic when things don’t go his way, you may have to let him lick his wounds and calm down—he’ll end up going back to showering you with affection shortly. Making up for his rage by being devoted and loving, he’ll have you attempting to adapt to his sudden fits of fury.

Leo Girl: Her Vanity Can Come Across As Too Forward

The Leo lady enjoys the finer things in life and isn’t afraid to show it. A dominant and extroverted sign, she loves luxury and, even more importantly, herself, so she’ll indulge in pampering that some men just won’t quite understand. In charge of her work and her own success, she’ll want to celebrate with the finest spoils life has to offer, and who can blame her?

As much as she loves to live lavishly, don’t be too turned off by it, as she’ll want to spoil you, too. If you match her energy and her lust for life, she’ll certainly show her appreciation for you.

Aries Man: He Can Sometimes Be Unreasonable If Things Don’t Go His Way

A natural leader with a wonderful determination about him, the Aries man can also be unreasonable if things don’t go the way he anticipates. An honest fellow, he’ll be first to put things bluntly if he doesn’t agree, which can, unfortunately, come across as a bit aggressive at times. As he is so stubborn, he won’t know how to process criticism—even if it’s constructive—so you may find yourself having to sugarcoat things as a means to not bruise his ego.

If you’re after a partner who will take charge and plan things to perfection, the Aries dude is perfect for you.

Aries Girl: She’s Very Headstrong, Sometimes To A Confrontational Point

The headstrong Aries woman is dominant. She’s enthusiastic and fast-paced, ready to take on life by the horns and excel at everything she does. However, it’s because of her headstrong nature that she can sometimes even become confrontational, challenging whoever decides to argue against whatever ideal she’s latched on to in her mind.

Fiercely protective of her family and friends, she’ll be first to pipe up about any injustice, and will never be the one to stay quiet as a means to not rock the boat. If your chats do lead to confrontation, do not be afraid to stand your ground! She’ll find this very attractive and in turn respect you—the biggest compliment an Aries lady can give.

Capricorn Man: He’s So Focused On His Future, He Can Be A Bit Isolated

The Capricorn guy is work-oriented. Practical and disciplined, you won’t find a sign that’s better at putting blinders on when work needs to get done. They’re confident and quick to think, perfect for making decisions on-the-go. The issue with this obsession to succeed though is that he’ll sometimes tune everything else out and won’t even notice when things go sour.

Isolating himself to achieve what he wants to, he sometimes needs a little nudge to bring him back down to reality. As he’s a moody creature by nature, it’s best to try and catch him when he’s witty and charming, then use some logic to get him to understand exactly how you feel.

Capricorn Girl: She Needs To Learn To Loosen Up

The Capricorn girl works so hard, it can definitely tire her out sometimes. Just as high-strung and motivated as her male counterpart, she’s patient and disciplined, ready to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. It’s probably because she works so hard that she can come across as stressed out, too, and by proxy moody and pessimistic.

Her issue with feeling like an under-achiever means she’ll always be striving for more and becoming incredibly sad if she doesn’t manage to do everything in a day. Just remind her that she’s doing just fine, and be her support system in times of stress.

Sagittarius Man: His Carelessness Can Yield Consequences

Meeting a Sagittarius man means you’ll most likely be wooed by his flirtatious nature and affinity for adventure. These guys will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a romantic getaway, truly sweeping you off your feet. Be careful, however, since his flighty nature can also lead to a certain carelessness that can certainly yield consequences.

It’s their open-minded nature that can make them extremely impatient and tactless, making them yearn for something new before they’ve even completed the task at hand. Firm believers in exploring and going at their own pace, your Sagittarius guy needs to roam, or better yet, have you prepared to adventure with him.

Sagittarius Girl: She’s Competitive And Needs To Learn To Lose Graciously

The Sagittarius lady is an intense one that needs a partner that’ll get on her level. She’s blunt and adventurous and truly up for trying something new all the time. Her playful competitiveness may seem fun at first too—until she loses. These free spirits have to win and will do everything in their power to ensure they do.

A trait that would benefit the Sagittarius girl would be to lose graciously, which, unfortunately, doesn’t come naturally to her. Being a fire sign, losing isn’t an option to her, so once it happens, let her sulk for a bit and give her some space. Perhaps even a friendly challenge to something else could help revive her.

Pisces Man: He’s Very Private, To The Point Of Shutting Others Out

Ah, the emotional Pisces man. Seemingly very quiet and reserved, he’s actually bursting with feelings—but keeps them all to himself. Private to the point of unfortunately making you think he doesn’t care, this has led the Pisces male to many problems in his past relationships, as he sometimes lacks action and putting things to focus.

Too busy with his head in the clouds, this is one dreamer that needs to wake up. The best way to handle a Pisces dude is to just be direct with him, as it’ll force him back down to reality and he’ll admire your honesty.

Pisces Girl: Her Sensitivity Can Sometimes Be A Lot To Handle

A romantic at heart, the Pisces woman feels her emotions very strongly. Constantly battling the emotional river of her soul, she’s either stuck amidst crashing waves or still waters. Because of this, her sensitivity can sometimes be a lot to handle, causing her to drown in her feelings. With these emotions, the Pisces lady is also a dreamer and in tune with her creative side, as well.

If you choose to get involved with this artsy creature, allow your own mind open to new cultural outlets, as she’s probably an enchanting intellectual. As long as you’re aware of her sensitivity, you’ll be able to maneuver riding the waves of her heart with much more ease.



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