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7 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Having An Affair

You can never play it too safe in love. Yes, whenever you get into a relationship with someone, you always want to be hoping for the best. You always want to be seeing the good in your partner. You never want to be assuming that you’re just getting into a relationship with someone who is only going to cheat on you.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should be recklessly allowing yourself to fall in love either. You still have to make sure that you stay guarded. You still want to make sure that you aren’t being made a fool of. The harsh truth is that there are so many flawed people out there who are capable of despicable acts in relationships. And you would never want to be subjected to their abuse.

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When you start to fall in love with someone, you tend to get your hopes up. You have heightened expectations at everything that the two of you could be. You get excited at the thought of your relationship eventually blossoming into something that you can really sink your teeth into. And you might have your guard up at first.

However, over time, you learn to really trust your partner. And that’s good. That’s important in any kind of relationship. No one can blame you for doing so. But the problem with trust is that you also develop a kind of complacency. You might start to blind yourself to the things that you should really be paying attention to. And that can be a recipe for disaster on your part.

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It always hurts whenever you discover that your partner is having an affair with someone else behind your back. And sometimes, people will be so afraid of confronting the pain that comes with that truth that they would rather stay blind to the atrocities that are being committed in their relationships.

You don’t want to be that kind of person. Just because you ignore the signs doesn’t mean that they’re going to go away. Just because you refuse to acknowledge the truth doesn’t make it any less true. Your boyfriend is having an affair and you need to do something about it.

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You always want to be assuming that your boyfriend is treating you right. However, that doesn’t give you an excuse to be blind to the many sins that he is committing against you. If you notice that a lot of the signs on here apply to your man, then it’s likely that your man is cheating on you.

1. He acts emotionally distant towards you.

He doesn’t seem to express any interest in bridging any emotional gaps that might exist between the two of you. there is a real emotional distance between the two of you and that’s because he is slowly slipping away as your boyfriend. He’s starting to gravitate towards someone new on an emotional level.

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2. He has secretive behavior.

He always makes it seem like he’s hiding something. He’s always acting as if there’s something that he wants to be keeping secret from you. He exhibits behavior that is just downright sketchy and suspicious. You just get the sense that he’s acting uncharacteristically closed off and secretive.

3. He is constantly bringing up the name of a particular girl.

There is this one girl who keeps popping up during conversations that the two of you have with one another. At first, you didn’t mind. But then, it started getting excessive. He kept on mentioning this woman on an almost unhealthy rate – to the point that your suspicions have been aroused substantially.

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4. He becomes irritated by you all too easily.

He seems very irritable with you lately. Even the slightest thing is enough to set him off. You notice that he’s really starting to develop a kind of irritability whenever the two of you are together that just isn’t normal in a typical relationship. This shows his pure discontent for the state of your love affair.

5. He starts adopting new mannerisms and hobbies.

In science, it has already been proven that we tend to adopt the mannerisms and interests of the people we most admire. And if you notice that he’s taking on some new hobbies, catchphrases, or mannerisms, it might be because he admires someone new.

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6. He makes a drastic change to his physical appearance.

A lot of times, having a newfound romantic affair can trigger some kind of drastic physical change. That can take the form of a haircut, physique, clothing, or whatever aesthetic component you might be able to think of.

7. There is a drastic change in the dynamics of your sex life.

Just because your sex life has drastically changed for the better doesn’t automatically mean that you should be celebrating. Sometimes, a drastic change in sex life is a sign that he’s getting more practice elsewhere.



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