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7 Signs He’ll Never Stop Chasing You


No matter what you do, he will be right behind you.

This guy won’t stop no matter what. Okay, I know that this sounds a bit freaky and stalkerish, but if you like him, it’s not.

A man who behaves in this way is crazy in love with you and doesn’t want to lose you ever.

Even if you get together and start a relationship, he won’t stop chasing you.

He will make sure that every new day you have with him is yet another special day you wouldn’t want to trade for anything in this world.

He will continue to surprise you every day like you just met and he will continue to win your heart over because he knows how valuable you are.

He doesn’t want to lose you.

Maybe after you read these signs, you’ll realize that you wake up every morning next to the perfect man for you, next to the man who will love you forever.

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1. He lets you know he’s always thinking of you

He wants you to know that you are always on his mind.

He’ll either text you or call you to say he misses you or just to say ‘I love you’. And this will never get old because each day he’ll love you more.

You know that couples sometimes call each other more out of habit than really because they miss each other.

Well, your guy is genuine and honest. He just wants to make sure you’re okay and to remind you that you are on his mind.

2. He surprises you for no reason

He likes to keep things interesting. He will never stop surprising you because every other day with you is a blessing and it comes naturally to do something that will make you happy.

It comes naturally to him to surprise you just to see you smile and to evoke that special spark in your eyes when you’re happy.

Whether he takes you out to dinner, buys you a present or just surprises you with a date and movie marathon at home, it doesn’t matter as long as he keeps doing it.

3. He will never forget the important dates

Special occasions are his thing.

Okay, he treats you like this every day and he should because special occasions aren’t made for showing how much someone loves you only on that special date, but nevertheless, he goes above and beyond to make it as perfect as possible.

Well, remember this, because if he does this, he is a keeper.

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4. He plans his future with you

He is very serious about your future together.

He even has some serious plans of where and how he wants to spend his time with you. Every time he talks about it, he mentions you and he talks in the plural; he uses ‘we’.

Believe me when I say this: he is probably your soulmate and you don’t get second chances on soulmates, so grab him and be finally happy.

5. He is extremely devoted

He is so proud of you and devoted to you. He will show you around because he is proud to be your boyfriend.

Commitment is not an issue for him and he isn’t afraid to show his commitment to everybody around him. He will bost around about hitting the ‘Jackpot’ relationship.

6. He loves the whole of you

He loves you with flaws and all. He understands that nobody is perfect and neither is he.

You love him for who he is and he loves you back. He loves every little inch of you, no matter how fucked up it is.

Actually, he doesn’t want something that is perfect, he wants flaws because flaws create a unique personality—you.

Even when you’re mean to him when you’re at your worst, he loves you and he will never give up on you.

7. He is sensitive

Sensitive men can sense a woman’s needs more easily than men who are not that sensitive.

He can really tell what you need and what you feel, and he will walk an extra mile to make it come true.

It’s beautiful to have such a man by your side, a man that is not emotionally immature, and a true grownup who is ready to fight life’s challenges for you.

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