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5 Proven Signs You’re Wasting Your Time With Your Partner

  Are you just wasting your time? For the past few days, you’ve had a nagging feeling that you are wasting your time with your partner. Sometimes he can be so sweet, but most of the time his behavior leaves a lot to be desired. Well, here’s the truth: if that guy is not worth your time, there is no reason to stay with him. Be strong and say goodbye! Relationships are notoriously confusing and it can be very difficult to know if you are wasting your time with your partner. It’s important to trust your gut instincts, keep your eyes open, and pay attention to the telltale signs. By learning how to read these cues, you’ll know just what to do if you have doubts about your man.

1. He’s still in touch with his ex, and they often spend time together.

Some men just don’t realize that staying in touch with their ex can cause big problems in their current relationship. In fact, most relationships don’t get off to a solid start when a man is still close with his previous girlfriend. If you really like the guy, your best bet is to talk to him about how their friendship makes you feel. However, if you choose to focus all your energy on them and the important moments they’re spending together, you will definitely be wasting your time. Your boyfriend might still be in love with his ex and he’s finding it very difficult to break the bond they created. Don’t wait around for him to decide whether he’s going to choose you or her!  

2. You feel like you can’t be your true self when you’re together.

Sometimes, you catch your boyfriend making weird faces at things you say and do. You’ve begun to realize that he doesn’t want you to show your true self because he no longer appreciates who you really are. If you find you need dual personalities just to keep your relationship intact, you’d better move on because this is clearly a one-sided relationship. A relationship can’t thrive if both parties do not show their true selves.

3. He has not fixed a date.

You’ve been texting back and forth for weeks now, and he calls you every night. It seems like things are going great, but you see him out with friends and at parties and you start wondering when he’s actually going to ask you out on a date.   If he’s not putting in the effort to make you feel special and build the relationship, you’re definitely wasting your time!

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4. He doesn’t tell you much about him.

Don’t get me wrong, we know how much men like to talk about themselves. He listens to you intently and he even asks questions and responds when you ask him. But you begin to realize that you’re doing most of the talking, and he’s not telling you much about his personal life or how he’s feeling. Ask yourself this: What do you really know about his job, his family, and what he likes to do in his free time? Relationships involve two people, and it’s possible he’s just not that into you. It might be time to step aside and let this one go.  

5. He’s already told you he’s not interested in a serious relationship.

We’ve all made this mistake before. He’s not hiding anything; he told you on your first date that he wasn’t looking for anything serious. You pretended you were OK with it at first and tried to go with the flow. But some time has passed, and you’ve become quite attached to him. You keep telling yourself that he will change his mind and turn into your Prince Charming. Girl, come back to reality and listen to what this guy is clearly telling you!

6. You feel like you’re not one of his priorities.

You know that you don’t instantly become someone’s priority when you first start dating. But you’ve been together for a while now, and it seems like he always has more important things to do than spend time with you. If your man spends the majority of his time without you, you are just wasting your time with him. No matter how much interest he shows in you, it’s clear that he’s not in this for the long-haul. When a man is truly interested in you, he will spend time with you every time he gets the chance. If you stick around hoping you will become his priority, you might be waiting for a long time. You definitely deserve more. Love is best expressed through both words and deeds, but most people fall for words alone. Remember, making empty promises and saying nice things doesn’t take much effort for most people.   In every relationship, it’s important to know your worth – to love and appreciate yourself just as you are. Never sacrifice your dignity and self-esteem by allowing someone to make you an option. Wait until you find someone who wants to make you their priority! If you start seeing any of the above signs or feel like you’re sacrificing your dignity in a relationship, be aware that you’re wasting your precious time. Walk away immediately and wait for the right guy to come around. It might be sooner than you think!

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  1. Definitely not no.5. He has made sure we are an item. I’m his woman. He is my man. He asked directly and has always claimed me. The rest is questionable though.

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