Today you will finally have a little satisfaction that will make your mood go up to the stars.

You had lost a bit of panache lately and then you will need to acquire it again, otherwise, it may be a tragedy for you.

You could have huge rewards even tomorrow if you focus more on the programs that you have drawn up for these days.

On the contrary, you will have to make really heavy decisions.



There are many possibilities for you, but you must try to be more focused on this day, otherwise, you will not take any and give them to others, someone who maybe even deserves it.

You just have to take the chances on the fly, do not postpone them for a second moment, because everyone knows that opportunities do not wait, they run sometimes much faster and you cannot keep up with them, let alone resume them later!

Later it’s too late!



You run too fast with your mind, you are questioning some reports that have nothing to discuss, while you leave out others that should be carefully analyzed and reorganized.

Try to leave more room for those who ask, for example to a child who wants to live their adolescence or a partner who feels suffocated by your requests, and you will see that everything will be much better and you will be happier too!



By improving your relational activities you are sure to improve your work too.

Often it is, but you should not overdo it and mix the two too much.

Leisure and work cannot go hand in hand.

In short, being a workaholic today may not bring you the results you so much want and believe you can achieve.

This is not how we create respect and a strict reputation.

Learn from those who have more experience or who have already done the same journey.



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