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4 Signs That He Is With You Only Because He Is Afraid To Be Lonely

How old are you? Have you noticed that with aging people are more afraid of loneliness? What about the guy you’re dating? Where do you stand with him? These are the questions that are not strange to us but we’re afraid to ask them, or maybe we are just afraid of the answers that we might get. How about we face them together in order to make it less painful?There are four signs that will help you to get a conclusion and answers on previously asked questions, so let us begin:

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1. He only text you when he is alone

You are in a relationship for a while now and you have noticed that there are no texts from your boyfriend while he is busy? How strange, right?

The person that you are with should be with you all the time. Being in relationship is not a part-time job. When you’re in, you’re all in. Texting 24/7 is exhausting and that’s not the topic now. Nobody is expecting you to be online every second of every day but merely to know how you’re day is going.

If he wakes up on Sunday morning and has nothing to do and texts you while you get no messages on busy Monday morning, something is wrong. When he is out with his friends you’re switched off, well excuse me mister, it’s not how it works!

It is not a problem to enjoy your relationship when both of you are available, but what happens when you’re having a hectic week is what will give you all the answers you need. A simple text: “Hey babe, I’m busy and it’s madness here, call you later!”- will be a sign that he is not with you to kill his free time, but you are really on his mind. Let’s be honest here, no matter what he’s doing, 7 second text won’t ruin anything and it will mean a world to you knowing that you are with him even when he has no time for anything else.


2. You are not his priority

I like to say that we can’t choose our family and those are things that we have to live with but we do choose our partners. So imagine this: you have made a decision to live with somebody, meaning that somebody said NO to everybody else. That somebody chose you over everybody else and made you priority and he shouldn’t be treated as anything less.

Same goes when it come to you and your partner. You’ve chosen him over everybody else and he should chose you as well. You should be the first thing on his mind when planning everything else. If he’s planning his week, firstly he needs to make sure there is enough hours with you and then he can continue assigning the rest of his hours wherever he wants. Like on the airport: people with priority go first.

If this is not the case than make sure you explain to your partner where the two of you are standing. You can’t keep prioritizing him if you are only an option to him.

3. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends

Excuse me, what was that? He doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends, is he ashamed of you or what? Could it be that he is not planning anything serious with you, since you are there only when he has extra time in his schedule and doesn’t know what to do with it?

Don’t ever allow yourself to be an option. This will drown your confidence down and boy, you’ve been building it up for a long time to let it dissolve like that.

If he really plans anything with you than he must be aware that you and his friends will eventually have to meet, and if he likes you then he’s going to be pleased to introduce you to them. Anything less that this is screaming that “something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

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4. You’re often bored with him

We imagine to have time of our lives with our partners and people we engage in relationship with. We plan to do all these fun stuff with them and to spend as much as time as we can together. What happens when your partner refuses to do fun things with you? What if he only accepts to hang out with you if it’s something casual that you could do with anybody or even alone?

When we like somebody then we try our butts of to make them like us as well. We tend to do things that we never did or repeat the most interesting things that we did so far. If your partner is not doing all these things for you, then is he really that into you?

If the two of you go and grab a lunch together and you spend your time on your mobile phones doesn’t that tell you something? It seems to me that he is just afraid to go out alone and be perceived as solitaire so he accepts to take you out and pay for the food since it is a small price he has to pay in order for him to keep his reputation.


And boy, it is better to enjoy your meal alone than to fool someone just to make you feel good. When taking this into consideration, pay attention to your behaviour as well. Be sure that you are not the one that is afraid to be lonely and that you are not in possession of all those bad characteristics that you’re persistently searching in him. Remember that you don’t need another human being in order to be happy and happiness comes from within. Don’t be afraid to be alone and don’t be afraid to kiss goodbye the one who is with you because he is afraid to be alone. You deserve much more that that.

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