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25 Innocent Things Guys Are Afraid To Ask Their Girlfriends For

When you enter a new relationship it can be exciting and thrilling. You’re on cloud nine and it seems like all your dreams have come true.

But the longer you are in the relationship, it can grow stale if you aren’t careful. Both partners should be doing things for each other that make each other feel special and loved. That way when you are celebrating your 10th  anniversary you feel confident that you will still be there celebrating your 25th.

You may think that you know everything there is to know about your guy and that there are no secrets between you, but that might not be the case. There are some things that guys are afraid to say out loud, whether it’s because they think you won’t approve or that you will be angry at them. It could even be that a guy is embarrassed to ask you for something in a relationship.


25He Really Wants To Know Why You’re Mad

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It’s the age-old question that guys wonder about.

“Is she really mad at me? She tells me she isn’t and she says that nothing is wrong yet I can’t touch her and she hasn’t smiled in hours.”

One Glamour user stated, “Please don’t assume I know what you’re thinking, because I definitely do not!”

Sometimes we assume that men are always in tune with what we’re thinking even when they have no idea. If you’re upset with him, talk to him about it head on, the time you spending waiting for an apology will only intensify your negative thoughts and feelings about the situation.

24He Wants You To Make Him Feel Strong Sometimes

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Sometimes men want to to be told they’re strong even if they don’t feel that way.

“This isn’t the ’50s anymore, but there are still some genetically determined pieces of men’s self-worth,” says marriage therapist Mike Dow, PsyD.

If you notice he is lacking physical confidence, suggest doing something that will get his testosterone moving like going for a run together or taking a hike. Being active will not only stimulate a positive reaction from his body but his mental state too. Not only will he feel strong, but his mood will improve too!


23He Wants You To Take The Lead

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Relationships are about compromise; one partner shouldn’t be calling all the shots.

While taking the lead isn’t gender specific, some men have a harder time speaking up when they feel like they’re the ones always making decisions. If you notice he gets frustrated when you ask him to make the final arrangements, ask him if he is bothered by it.

It may not be that he dislikes the taking the lead, but that he feels exhausted by the expectation of doing so.

22He Needs Some Alone Time

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“The male brain is more linear, moving from task to task,” says Dr. Dow. Plus, “communicating at work all day exhausts his brain more than yours.”

When he gets home, he might need an hour or so to recharge. Relish in this opportunity to give yourself some alone time too! Take a bath, read a book or veg out with a TV show; tranquility is important for everyone, and shared alone time for couples who live together can be a real gift.


21He Feels Disrespected

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What you may find hilarious, he may consider being belittling. If you are dating a guy that is more sensitive than most, then you might want to check in with him to make sure your jokes aren’t cutting too deeply.

He may feel disrespected and doesn’t want to tell you because he’s afraid that by asking you, he’ll offend your sense of humor.  Pay attention to his body language when you deliver your punchlines, is he laughing along with you or just shrugging it off?

If it’s the latter, you might be hitting the wrong nerve.

20He Wishes You Were More Romantic Toward Him

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There are a lot of women out there that assume that it’s only women that like to be romanced.

One Glamour user stated, “I secretly like romantic, cheesy or sappy gestures.”

It’s true, there are lots of guys out there that like that sweet stuff as well, and why wouldn’t they? Those gestures make your partner feel loved and appreciated.

They may not feel comfortable outwardly saying so because part of being romanced is catching your partner off guard. If he is constantly planning and performing sweet things, he may also be dropping hints that he likes the same.


19He Wants To Ask You Questions Without Fear

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You may think that there is no reason for your man to fear you but a lot of guys will keep secrets from their partner if they think they’ll get mad.

“If we get that this secrecy is about fear, we can be more compassionate and help our mate with his anxieties,” says couples therapist Sue Johnson, Ph.D., author of Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love.

If he confronts you about an issue he’s having, try to listen actively and respond constructively, even if you don’t agree. Blowing your top will only discourage him from opening up to you next time.

18He Wants To Be Admired

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The probability of a man straight up asking you if you admire him is low. That’s an awkward question for anybody to ask.

Similarly, it’s something everyone likes to hear. Compliments go a long way, and having to request them from your partner defeats the purpose of receiving them.

Feeling built up and supported by your partner can make a person feel invicible. So next time he succeeds at something or wears a cute outfit, make a point of verbalizing how proud you are of him or how good he looks.


17He Wants You To Take Better Care Of Yourself

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No guy wants to have to ask his girlfriend to get a new haircut or start going to the gym. In a world where women are constantly criticized for their appearance, it can be tricky for men to seem like they’re coming from a place of concern and not a superficial one.

He loves you, or he wouldn’t be with you but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want the best for you as well. A lack of interest in how one presents to the world can sometimes indicate deeper internal struggles. He may be worried about you but scared to hurt your feelings.

16He Likes To Be Teased Sometimes

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So, what does that mean exactly? There is a certain amount of playfulness that guys love in a relationship. This doesn’t mean his partner should constantly take jabs at him, but keeping him on his toes by challenging him will create a fun dynamic you can both participate in.

One Glamour user stated, “I liked to be teased. I don’t always want to be the one in control; let me guess and joke around a little, too.”


15He Wants You To Join Him On Game Day

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Taking interest in our partner’s interests isn’t always easy; there will be things that one person likes and the other doesn’t. But indulging each other once in a while will make your relationship stronger. If your man is an avid sports watcher, try watching a game with him once in a while, and learn a little about the game beforehand so you can be an engaged participant.

“My girlfriend knows how important Sunday football games are to me, but she comes in to watch and either passes out or acts really bored. I appreciate her wanting to watch with me, but if I know she’s not enjoying it, I’m not enjoying it either.”

You don’t have to like it or do it every week, but joining him periodically will make him feel like you care about what he cares about. Likewise, he should do the same.

14Make An Effort To Do Things He Likes

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A guy is pleased when he recognizes that his girl knows him. You know what clothes he likes, his favorite TV show and when it comes to gift giving you are the queen.

Thoughtfulness can go a long way.

One Glamour user stated, “I want my girlfriend to show she knows what I like. Make me my favorite dessert, rent my favorite movie—that way I know she actually pays attention when I talk.”

13He Wants More Cuddle Time With You

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Guys may not come right out and ask you for more cuddling time even if they need it. Feeling close to their partners is important to them but they don’t want to come across as needy.

Open up a dialogue with your guy about your individual preferences; some people crave physical touching while others feel closeness in other ways. If you can establish a balance of what works for you, neither of you will feel deprived.

12To Not Flirt With Other Guys

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Some women believe that flirting is harmless and that as long as there are no lines being crossed that it can even add a little spice to their current relationship. But regardless of how friendly you think you are being, your guy doesn’t want you flirting with other guys and he certainly doesn’t want to witness it for himself.

One Glamour user stated, “Don’t flirt with other guys. I don’t care if he’s your ‘best friend’ and it doesn’t mean anything.'”


11He Wants Lots Of Love After Work

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He may have had a long day at work and is hoping for a neck massage when you get home. A lot of guys won’t ask you for it because they know you also worked all day. It can be hard to spread the love around when you are both exhausted but it’s important for your relationship as well. One Glamour user stated,

“It feels selfish or rude to ask for some TLC after my girl works so hard all day, but it would be nice to get a voluntary back rub once or twice a week.”

10He Wants Some Help With the Dirty Work

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You may have the kind of household where the man does all the outside yard work while you take care of laundry and dishes.

Believe it or not, guys don’t always enjoy doing the dirty work and may want some help. Sure maybe you don’t want to help out with the most recent blizzard but it wouldn’t kill you to go out and help with raking the leaves every now and then. ”

Tell him that you want him to share with you,” says Dr. Johnson. “If he hates doing yard work, that’s OK. But if it results in resenting you for not helping, that’s really scary.”


9Take Turns Doing Different Things


We all get into our routines in relationships, and sometimes we begin to resent the roles we take on. Men feel this too.

One Glamour user stated, “I wish my girlfriend would make our morning coffee for once. Why is it always my responsibility? I have to take a shower and get ready too!”

Everyday tasks like making coffee or cleaning the bathroom can easily be exchanged and rotated. Take turns and change things up, it’ll help keep things from getting stale.

8He Wants You To Put In A Little Effort

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After five years in a relationship, you might think that your man doesn’t mind if you forget to shave every now and then. And while some men don’t care, for others it can be a real mood killer.

If you notice he’s making passive aggressive comments about your unshaven legs, ask him honestly about his expectations, as well as your own. You might feel the same way about his mustache or beard. If you talk realistically about what you both like, you can establish some mutual ground rules.

If you disagree, however, you might have different views on the relationship you’re in. Some people are more high maintenance than others, and neither of you should be with someone who makes you feel less confident.


7He Needs Some Encouragement

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We all have doubts about our lives and that includes your man. No one is perfect and he may feel like he is falling short in some aspect of his life.

He might not tell you directly that he needs some pumping up but if you notice he’s got less confidence or he’s having a rough week at work, let him know you’re on his side and believe in him.

Sometimes a genuine pep talk can make a huge difference.

6He Wants You To Pay Sometimes

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Dates are expensive and not every guy has an unlimited trust he can dip into. Moreover, money talk is awkward and he likely won’t ever ask you to pay, even if he can’t really afford always forking over cash for dinners.

One Glamour user stated, “When we first start dating, it would be nice if the girl at least offered to pay. I wouldn’t let her, but still, the offer is nice. Once we have dated for a while and are serious, it is OK for the girl to pay sometimes too.”

The easiest way to avoid this situation is to take turns paying. If this makes either of you uncomfortable then try cooking together more often, and take turns paying for the ingredients.  This way, you can bond together without permanently denting your savings account.


5He Wants To Ask For Time Apart

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It’s healthy for couples to spend time apart with their own friends. You can fall into a dependent relationship if you don’t have a life outside of your boyfriend.

The last thing you want is for him to think you are boring because you have no life. Get some projects of your own and be busy without him.

Ultimately, it will be the best thing for both of you.

4It’s Okay To Make The First Move

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Even after you have been in a relationship for a while and have your own groove, you shouldn’t expect your guy to always make the first move.

Be the one to grab his hand or kiss him first. Make eye contact with him across a crowded room and remind him what the early days were like.

One Glamour user stated, “I want girls to know that sometimes we don’t want to do all the work. Sometimes it’s hot for the girl to make the first move.”


3He Wants You To Drive Sometimes

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While we’ve all seen our share of guys who insist on driving, not all of them enjoy being the sole operator of a vehicle. If you have your driver’s license, offer to drive once in a while so your man doesn’t feel like it’s always expected of him.

One Glamour user stated, “Why does the guy always have to drive? It would be so nice if she would offer to drive me around every once in a while.”

Bonus if you’re a chick who loves cars and driving!

2He Wants You To Call More And Text Less

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It might surprise you especially considering how popular texting has become that some guys would much rather if you just called.

It’s much more personal to them and he gets to hear your voice. “If you want to talk to me, call me, don’t text me. I want to hear your voice.”

It’s surprising to hear that but it makes you realize that technology may have gotten the best of us.


1He Wants You To Stop Staring At Your Phone


Too much social media is not good for any relationship. You have to be able to connect without screen time. Focus on what’s happening in real life, like your boyfriend.

One Glamour user stated, “Get off of Facebook! Seriously, when we are hanging out together, who cares what’s going on with your 900 friends on the Internet?”

We couldn’t agree more and you have to decide for yourself what is most important in your relationship.



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