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25 Little Things She Does That He Actually Finds Irresistible

There’s no universal list of traits that are unarguably irresistible. Different things make different people’s knees go weak, and everyone has a different idea of what’s attractive and what’s not.

A complete turn-off for one person might be the most irresistible thing ever for someone else. That said, we did some research and gathered a bunch of different opinions from the web about what some people do find out-of-this-world attractive.

She’ll never be totally tantalizing to absolutely everyone in the room, but by adopting one or two behaviors on this list, there’s bound to be someone out there who won’t be able to take their eyes off her!

First and foremost, we believe that confidence is always an alluring and admirable quality, so it’s probably not the best idea to do anything that makes us feel uncomfortable, even if we think it will impress the guy we’re seeing. As cliché as it sounds, it’s always better to act in ways that feel natural to us. That might not be irresistible to every single man you come across, but it will be to the right one.

25She Cracks (Bad) Jokes To Break The Ice At Parties

Studies have shown that one of the most attractive qualities in a potential partner is a strong sense of humor.

Naturally, many guys find it adorable when girls make jokes because it feels good to laugh.

The atmosphere is always more relaxed when you’re with someone who knows how to make a good joke and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. You don’t have to pretend to be a goofball if you’re not, but don’t be afraid to crack a joke if it comes to you.

24Taking Risks And Being Daring

Courage is another admirable quality in a partner. A scan of numerous dating and lifestyle websites shows that lots of guys find it irresistible when a girl takes risks and pushes herself outside her comfort zone. This doesn’t have to include huge risks that could land you in jail (or worse) by the way. Just showing that you do have an adventurous side will hook the interest of a lot of guys who are looking for an s from their day-to-day lives.


23Using Manners When She Doesn’t Have To

Interestingly enough, a few guys have admitted online to finding it attractive when a girl swears like a sailor. But far more confess that they like it when she’s polite.

It’s even more admirable when she doesn’t have to do it but keeps her attitude humble anyway.

For example, being polite to your boss is no big deal, because your alternative is probably getting fired. But using manners with strangers on the street or your server at a restaurant shows you’re doing it because you want to, not because you have to.

22Going Bare-Faced Every Now And Then

Again, we’re not here to tell any girl that she needs to be wearing more or less makeup. Your aim in life isn’t to impress men, so regardless of what they like, stick to what you feel comfortable with.

But if you are interested in what the majority of men online seem to think, going without makeup is a good look.

Most men won’t notice the flaws you cover with foundation or that your eyelashes aren’t as long as normal. So wear makeup for you, not for them.


21Swapping The Uncomfortable Dress For Some Sweats Or PJs

The same applies with clothes. Some gals feel amazing when they get dolled up and put on an expensive dress that is kind of uncomfortable, and we say all the power to them! A lot of guys don’t seem to be too bothered by that kind of thing, though. So again, don’t do it just for them! An overwhelming number have commented that a girl is totally irresistible when she’s in her sweats or her PJs and is comfortable enough to just be herself.

20The Face She Makes When She Eats Something She Loves

Many girls believe that eating in front of guys is an unattractive thing to do. Ha! We’re more than happy to debunk this myth. It’s understandable that this can be daunting, especially in a society that puts so much emphasis on body size.

But interestingly, most guys admitted that they like it when a girl feels comfortable enough to eat or drink what she loves in front of them.

Seeing someone else in a state of pure bliss is always pleasant to watch.


19Showing That She Can Think For Herself


There are endless solid reasons why you shouldn’t dumb yourself down. Sure, some guys are looking for a girl who can’t think for herself and can easily be swayed in any direction, but is that the kind of guy you’re really looking for? Instead, many guys have admitted to finding it totally attractive when a girl proves that she’s got some brains. Simply being yourself and being witty will do the trick, or being able to talk about real and deep topics.

18Ranting About Something She’s Passionate About

You might not have noticed this in yourself, but you’ve probably seen it in others. When we focus on something that brings us happiness, it lights us up from the inside out.

By talking about things that you’re passionate about, you’re actually making yourself shine.

Even if you think you look like a crazy woman talking about your secret Game of Thrones theories, it makes you stand out from the crowd and reminds him that you’re a person with passions and feelings.


17Remaining Mysterious By Covering Up

Opinions seem to be pretty divided on this one. While some guys find that it’s irresistible when a gal shows off some skin, others have admitted that there’s a sense of mystery when she leaves parts of herself covered. So we’ll leave this one up to you! Women’s rights are about choice, and in our opinion, nobody should have to cover up or strip down to appeal to anyone else. The world can’t agree on this, so you do you.

16Being Nice To Little Kids (Future Mom Material)

This one goes back to the days of the cavepeople! For many guys, a woman is very attractive when she’s doing things that let him know that she’d be a good mother, like being nice to small children.

Even if he’s not looking to get married and start a family now (or ever), it’s just an evolutionary thing.

In the same way, women tend to find guys more attractive when they subconsciously show that they’d be good providers and protectors.


15Standing Up For Herself And Knowing Her Worth

Sadly, some men are attracted to girls who don’t have a high self-esteem, who don’t understand what they deserve, and who are too scared to stand up for themselves. But most men are more impressed with a girl who does speak up when she needs to and doesn’t accept less than she deserves. Knowing your worth doesn’t have to involve being arrogant or looking down on people, but rather simply being assertive and respectful of all people, including yourself.

14She Owns Up To Her Mistakes

Rejoice: perfection isn’t actually irresistible! Well, not to everybody, anyway. So stop beating yourself up for not being a robot.

Our research shows that some guys find it attractive when a girl messes up, gets embarrassed and then owns it.

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that she’s just human, and she’s not taking herself too seriously. Plus, the ability to admit it when you do make a mistake is pretty impressive, because honestly, not everyone is capable of that.


13Playing With Her Hair

Hair seems to be a big thing for a lot of guys. More than one confessed that it’s a huge turn-on when a girl plays with her hair, whether she’s twirling the loose strands or flicking it over her shoulder. We guess there’s just this weird fascination guys have for hair. Spraying perfume in your hair is also said to weaken knees. Some guys also admitted that they like a girl’s hair best when she first gets out of bed and it’s totally messy.

12Showing How Independent She Is

All guys are different, but our research showed that a fair few like a girl to be independent and not rely on him for every little thing. It might come down to reverse psychology—if she doesn’t act like she needs him, he’ll wish she did. We all know from watching the now-classic How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days that most guys don’t find it attractive when a gal is clingy and dependent, so this makes a lot of sense.


11Asking Him For Help When She Needs It

At the same time, guys usually don’t like to feel like they’re useless. There’s a big difference between completely relying on him for every little thing and simply asking for help when you really need it.

Letting him know that he’s needed makes him feel valued and appreciated.

Which is why it’s such a powerful thing to do (even if it feels like you’re giving up your power). So never be afraid to yell out for help if you need it.

10She’s Quick To Laugh And Smile

They say that smiling and laughter are contagious, and there are at least a couple of guys out there who agree! Although Victoria’s Secret models would have us believe that we’re more attractive with a pout and sultry stare, it’s not always best.

Many people actually find it irresistible when a girl laughs, or even when she just smiles.

In the case of meeting someone new, this behavior lets a guy know that you’re happy and fun to be around. Plus, smiling is a science-backed way to feel good.


9Keeping The Conversation Flowing

Humans will never agree on what’s irresistible, but most of us can agree on what’s a downright turn-off, and that’s awkwardness. When a conversation is awkward and uncomfortable, most people are reluctant to go back and have another one with that same person. So of course, it’s attractive to most people (men and women!) when someone knows how to keep the conversation flowing without any effort. This skill takes practice if it doesn’t come naturally to you, but it’s not impossible!

8Having A Bunch Of Energy, Positivity And Infectious Enthusiasm

Positivity, enthusiasm, and energy are infectious. When people give off these vibes, they make those around them feel good, and as a result, they’re usually quite popular. ‘

So it makes sense that a lot of men reported that they find it irresistible when a girl has a lot of energy.

You don’t have to be bouncing off the walls to have energy; it can simply be agreeing to go on dates, paying attention to the conversation, and having a good attitude.


7Blushing After Accepting A Compliment

Knowing your self-worth might be an irresistible thing to do, but being a snob usually has the opposite effect. It seems that a lot of guys like it when a girl blushes after they compliment her, and this is most likely because it shows that she’s not so arrogant that their compliment means nothing to her. We guess that this is where songs like One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”come from. That said, you don’t have to decline compliments to be humble.

6Strutting Perfectly In Heels

Some guys like it when a girl throws on her sweats and lets it all hang loose. And then there are others whose hearts beat for high heels. There’s no denying that heels have a certain allure about them when they’re worn and walked in correctly. A confident walk in a good pair of heels might send some guys over the edge! But again, you’ll never please everybody, so the best thing to do is what you feel comfortable with.


5Regular Old Stretching

We bet you’ve never thought twice about this! According to some guys, a girl stretching is the cutest thing ever. This could be because doing so reveals more skin (maybe, if her top rises up) or gives off a vibe of total relaxation.

Since you do this anyway, it might be worth trying it out in public to see what kind of reaction you get.

The stretches that were mentioned as being particularly irresistible were the back arch and the arms above the head.

4Glancing At Him When She Thinks He’s Not Looking

Everyone has been caught staring at someone before. Sometimes it’s painfully embarrassing, but some guys actually love to catch a girl staring at them. Staring suggests interest or even fascination, so it acts like an ego-booster. When a guy finds out that a girl has been staring at him, it might make him feel like she’s letting him know with her eyes that she wants him. There’s also a difference between creepy staring and subtle glances—we’re guessing the former is less irresistible!


3Making The First Move

Traditionally, the pressure has been placed on men to get up and make the first move in a romantic setting. Society has always seen them as the pursuers or the chasers, so they’re almost always expected to initiate contact.

A girl making the first move defies societal expectations and takes a lot of courage.

Which is probably why a lot of guys confessed that this is totally attractive. Making the first move might scare off some guys, but others go crazy for it.

2Chasing Her Dreams, Whatever It Takes

A girl with ambitions who is prepared to chase her dreams to the end of the earth is irresistible, according to quite a few men out there. This says a lot about her character, including that she is a motivated and driven person, and she cares deeply about the goals she sets for herself. These are admirable qualities, and naturally, make someone all the more attractive in a romantic situation. So never be afraid to get real about what you want in life.


1Emitting A Confident Vibe

We said it before and we’ll say it again: confidence is key. And it looks like we’re not the only ones who hold that opinion.

Our research showed that plenty of guys find it irresistible when a girl is confident and shows that off.

Being confident is about being comfortable in your own skin and loving yourself. It’s not about having no flaws, but about accepting that you’re not perfect and rocking it anyway. Confidence always shines and makes a girl impossible to resist.




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