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15 Things Women Do When They REALLY Like Him & 15 All Men Do

Liking someone is definitely one of the best feelings a person could ever have. When a girl meets a guy who she really likes, she walks around with a grin on her face and can’t stop thinking about the possibility of being his girlfriend.

Whether out grocery shopping, taking the subway to work, or at dinner with friends, a woman’s mind will keep turning back to him and wondering if he’s thinking about her, too. In the beginning, though, it’s all a mystery as far as whether he’s feeling the same way. Of course, once a couple starts dating, they tend to share what they were thinking all along. But before that?

Meeting someone new can be just as frustrating and full of confusion as it can be happiness-inducing. When a girl is crushing on a new guy, there are certain things she tends to do, and it’s the same story every time. Guys also have certain behaviors that they always exhibit when they’ve got their eye on someone as well, and it’s interesting to take a look at how they act, too, when they’re in this type of situation.

Here are 15 things that women do when they like someone and 15 things that all men do.

30Women: Tell Our Best Friends Immediately


Do we keep our crush to ourselves until the guy that we like says that he wants to be boyfriend and girlfriend? Definitely not.

While some of us might be tempted to do this and might say that this time will be different and we’ll wait a bit, we know that’s not really possible.

We always tell our best friend immediately after we realize that we like someone.

This could be after we meet them and when we’re hoping that we’re going to go on a first date or after the first date. How can we stay quiet about something so thrilling?!

29Men: Wait To Tell His Friends Until He’s Sure


While guys are definitely looking forward to telling their friends that they’ve met an awesome girl, they tend to wait a little bit before doing so. They want to be sure that they’re going to be dating this girl seriously before telling them.

While we often tell our friends about a new guy and then a few weeks later let them know that it’s not going anywhere, guys are more comfortable being super confident about their dating situation. It’s definitely interesting to compare and contrast.


28Women: Delete Every Dating App To Forget All The Bad Memories

Sweety High

When we meet a guy on a dating app, we are honestly so thankful to be able to delete the app and not have to use it anymore. We all know that it’s tough constantly having to swipe and figure out if this person seems okay. It’s just a lot of work.

When we really like a guy, we’re all about deleting our dating apps and also trying our best to forget the bad memories that we associate with them.

We don’t even want to hear the phrase mentioned ever again.

27Men: Deletes All His Dating Apps (In Case She Sees Them)


When men and women both want a serious relationship and are using dating apps, they want to delete them when they meet the right person.

A guy will definitely delete his dating apps once he’s sure that he likes someone… but not only because he doesn’t want to go on them anymore. He will also do this because he doesn’t want the girl that he likes to see them and get upset or ask him why he still has them on his phone. That’s an awkward conversation for sure.


26Women: Agree To Dates We’re Not Into… Like Hiking


We all have strong opinions about what we like to do on dates. Some of us like outdoor dates that involve hikes and camping and picnics. Others like cooking together or going out to eat or doing something fun and cool like going to a film festival.

Even though we feel very strongly about various types of dates, we don’t want this guy that we like so much to know that about us… at least not early on.

When he suggests going hiking and we hate that idea so much, we might smile and say that it sounds cool. We want to be easygoing.

25Men: Agree To See A Cheesy Romcom To Show He’s Sensitive


The funny (and awesome) thing is that when a guy wants to be with us, we could suggest any kind of date and he would agree. He just wants to spend time with us and he doesn’t care what we do.

This definitely shows us that we can let our guard down with a new guy as long as we feel that there is a good vibe between us and a great connection. After all, he’s truly there for you and not whatever activity you’re doing.


24Women: Purposely Plan Dates 3 Days Apart, Not To Seem Too Eager


We definitely would see a new guy seven times in one week when we like him. It wouldn’t seem like too much at all. While we want to keep hanging out with him a lot and hope that he feels the same way, we don’t want him to think that it’s too much.

We’re going to purposely plan dates at three days apart so we don’t seem too eager.

We’re hoping that he wants to see us even sooner than that and soon we want to be seeing each other every day. It sounds like the best thing ever.

23Men: Try To Play It Cool, Not To Come Off Too Strong


When we’re comfortable enough with a new guy to call him our boyfriend and start spending all of our time together, we find out all kinds of things about the way that we felt about each other in the first few weeks of dating.

We can open up about how nervous we were on the first three dates and he’ll tell us that he felt the same way. We’ll also learn that when we first started dating, he was trying to play it cool so he didn’t come off too strongly. This is something that guys do when they really like someone.


22Women: Invite Him Over For Movie Night

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Inviting the guy that we’re dating over for movie night is a great idea at the beginning of the relationship. It’s an easy way to spend more time together and not have to go to a loud, crowded, busy restaurant.

It’s often the way that we become closer and more comfortable around each other.

Plus, there’s the fact that it’s nice for us to show him the place that we live, and he can learn more about us by observing our apartment, the way we’ve decorated it, and so on.

21Men: Cook Her Dinner


Is there anything sweeter and more fun than when the guy that we’ve been dating for a few weeks makes us dinner? Probably not because it’s a really great thing.

Guys love to cook us dinner when they start falling for us, and they want us to know that they’re really interested in us. It’s how they show us that they care. Sure, there might be mixed results based on how good they are in the kitchen, but we honestly don’t care. The time and effort that they’re putting in means a lot to us.


20Women: Hide Our Quirks… Until We Feel More Comfortable


We all have things about ourselves that make us fairly quirky. The funny thing about dating is that we all get afraid of being rejected for being ourselves and we all think that someone doesn’t want us to be totally quirky.

Of course, when someone likes us, they think that our personality is incredible and they want to know everything about us.

When we like someone, we definitely hide some quirky aspects of our personality and then let them all hang out when we’re comfortable with this new guy.

19Men: Completely Themselves Right From The Start


In contrast, many guys will be totally themselves right from the first date, and they are cool with letting us see everything that makes them who they are.

We might learn a few things about them later on, of course, since we’re always learning new things about our partner. It’s just not possible to know absolutely everything in the first few months. But for the most part, guys are fully themselves on date number one and beyond, and that’s pretty awesome.


18Women: Make A Mental Checklist About Him


Mental checklists are a crucial part of the dating process for us. When we start dating a new guy, we start thinking about the guys that we have dated before and what we liked and disliked about them. We know that we want to date someone who loves his career and who is kind and has an epic sense of humor.

How does this guy stack up to what we want in a boyfriend?

We’re always going to make a mental checklist and we’re hoping that the guy that we like so much doesn’t have any red flags. We’re basically hoping that nothing is a dealbreaker.

17Men: Compliment Her Via Text Message

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If we’ve had some less than amazing dating situations before, we’re prone to seeing the strange moments and the red flags. When guys are dating a new girl, though, they think that she’s amazing and they want her to know exactly why.

When a guy likes a new girl, he’s going to tell her how amazing she is. He’ll compliment her and say that he’s really impressed by everything that she’s accomplished in her career. He’ll text her compliments and also say them in person. He really wants her to know how highly he thinks of her. Awww.


16Women: Try To Wear New Outfits For Every Date


The truth is that we definitely love to wear the same clothes all the time. We have a favorite cozy sweater, that pair of leggings that is the most comfortable, and a handful of dresses that we wear on dates or to parties.

But when we like someone, we feel like the pressure is on and we have to make a fashion statement on every date that we go on.

For the first little while, we try to wear different outfits on every date. Once we’re serious about each other, we can relax and just wear whatever we feel like.

15Men: Wear Pretty Much The Exact Same Thing Every Time


If we think about everything that our boyfriend wore during the first six weeks of our relationship, we can probably agree that he rotated the same two (or maybe three) outfits.

Wearing the same clothes all the time is just something that guys do, and even if they start dating someone new, they’re not going to go out and buy a bunch of new clothes. And it’s totally cool that they don’t. We honestly love when a guy wears the same cozy hoodie all the time… only if he lets us wear it sometimes, that is.


14Women: Bring Out Their Best Stories And Family Memories


We all know that small talk does happen in some situations, like trying to pass the time while waiting in line at the supermarket or meeting someone new at a party. Small talk when dating someone isn’t a good sign since we want to be able to have real conversations.

Another thing that we always do when we really like someone is bring out our best, funniest stories and family memories.

We want this guy to think that we’re someone special, and so we’re going to be pretty chatty. It’s the best way to get to know each other.

13Men: Crack Tons Of Jokes And Hope That She Laughs


We can tell that a guy really likes us when he cracks tons of jokes and it seems like his mission in life is to get us to laugh and smile. How adorable is that?!

This is something else that guys do when they really like someone, and it’s cool to be on the receiving end.

We know that when we like someone, we want them to laugh at our jokes, so we totally get it. We would never dream of not laughing when he says something hilarious.


12Women: Drops Hints That We’re Available For A 2nd Date

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It’s the best first date ever: we’re talking to each other a lot, we can tell that we like each other, and we really want a second date as soon as possible.

Is tonight too soon for the second date?

When we’re in this situation, we’re always going to drop hints that we’re available for a second date and that we would love nothing more than to see this guy again. We would never just say “Cool, bye” and go home. We know that it’s special to have such a good first date.

11Men: Ask Her On A Second Date (In The Same Week As The First)


When a guy likes a girl and has an amazing first date with her, he’s going to ask her to go on a second date. More than that, he’s going to make sure that the second date takes place in the same week as the first and is only a few days later.

This is crucial for creating a real connection and feeling close to each other. When we can go on two dates really close together, we’re confident that we like each other and that things are progressing. It’s cool when we realize that this guy likes us as much as we like him and wants to see us again so soon.


10Women: Start Planning Every Relationship Milestone

The Knot News

When we really like someone, we’re already married to them with three kids and a perfect house and a beautiful kitchen and throwing dinner parties every weekend. We make them avocado toast, eggs, and beautiful fancy lattes before they go to work every day, and Friday is pizza and family movie night.

Wait… what?! Are we thinking too far ahead?

Sorry, but we can’t help it. When we like someone, we start thinking of every relationship milestone that we’re going to go through together, and we can’t wait. From meeting each other’s families to living together, we want it all.

9Men: Live In The Moment


In contrast, guys are totally going to live in the moment when they like someone and are in a new relationship.

It’s funny how different we are in this sense. If we ask our new boyfriend where he thinks that we’re going to be in the next five years (or even in the next year or six months), he might shrug and say that he hasn’t thought about it. We might be offended by that but we really shouldn’t be. He’s happy with where we are and with the fact that we’re in a relationship, and he wants to continue that and see where things go naturally.


8Women: Hide The Extent Of Our Feelings Because We’re Vulnerable


We definitely feel vulnerable when we start a new relationship. We might be on the shy side and feel like we have to be really secure around someone to share our feelings, or maybe this is because we’ve had past relationships where our partners started arguments or weren’t big on sharing emotions.

It’s easier for us to hide the full extent of our feelings for a new guy when we start dating him than for us to tell him everything that we feel for him.

We’re going to get there soon, but we need to feel a bit more comfortable (and hearing how he feels about us will help).

7Men: Be Totally Open And Honest About How They Feel


A guy who really likes a girl will always tell her that he feels this way about her. He’s going to be open and honest.

Chances are, we’re not exactly used to this kind of talk, and we might be a bit surprised at first that this is the kind of conversation that we’re having. Ultimately, though, this is what we’ve been searching for, so we’re definitely going to be pleased that he wants to talk to us about his feelings. It’s going to feel really awesome. He knows that he has something great here.


6Women: Ask If He’s Still Using Dating Apps


Here comes the super awkward question: is this guy still using dating apps?! While we feel strange asking him, we know that it’s something that we have to do.

If you met on a dating app, then this is part of getting serious about each other.

It’s only logical that a few weeks or a month into the relationship, we would want to talk to him about this. We don’t want to use dating apps anymore and we want to know that he’s on the same page as us.

5Men: Hope She’s Not Still Using Dating Apps


Men and women have this in common. The difference is that a guy might be nervous about straight-up asking us if we’re still using dating apps.

Whether he asks us or not, he’s hoping that we’re not. He wants us to be as interested in having a serious relationship as he is, and he hopes that we’re not keeping our eye out to see if there is anyone else out there who we would like to go out with. We all want to find someone, start dating, and delete our apps.

4Women: Ask Him Tons Of Questions To Get To Know Him


There is nothing that we don’t want to know about the guy that we just started dating.

We’re always going to ask him tons of questions… even about things that are super small.

He might be surprised when we ask him if he loves or hates olives, but hey, we can’t help it. We think that he’s the best guy that we’ve ever met and we want to know everything about him, and we hope that he feels the same way about us. Asking questions is just in our nature when we’re super into someone.

3Men: Hope She Trusts Him Enough To Open Up


Guys want to know just as much about us. They might approach this differently, though, and hope that we trust them enough to open up.

This is why sometimes, we might ask our boyfriend why he never asked us about a certain situation or topic, and his answer will be something like, “I thought you would talk to me when you were ready.”

We might have trouble understanding this since it’s not the way that we would act, but it’s just the way that some guys are.

2Women: Try Really Hard To Think Of New Date Ideas When We’d Love To Just Stay Home

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We do a funny thing when we like a guy and have been dating for a little while: we want to stay home with them but figure that they want some exciting date night ideas.

We come up with some dates while secretly wishing that we could just chill on the couch together.

We should honestly just tell him the truth so we can stay in since chances are he just wants to spend time together and doesn’t care what we do. But it might take us a few weeks before we can admit how we really feel.

1Men: Hopes She Wants To Stay In Together


A date night in is honestly just as romantic as a night out on the town. Many of us feel this way and are honestly so psyched to be in a serious relationship where we can stay home a lot.

When a guy really likes someone, he wants to be able to stay in, and he’s hoping that she wants to as well. Most guys aren’t super big on fancy date nights or choosing expensive restaurants or things to do. We’re not either so when we meet someone who loves staying in as much as we do, it’s great news.


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