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You Are Way Stronger Than Everything ( Nothing Can Bring You Down)

You are stronger than all the bad things that happen to you. They will pass, but you will stand out there proud and beautiful. Because that is what you are.

You are stronger than all the bad language together. You are stronger than those false friends who say they care about you but who are willing to stab you in the back when you least expect it.

You are stronger than your shitty husband.

From every night that you spend waiting for him to come home. From smelling his clothes just to check if you can feel another woman’s perfume on it. You are stronger than every bad word that is coming out of his mouth.

From all the indifference he is using to kill you before your death. From every night he came home late, every “slut” that came out of his mouth, and every bouquet of roses that he is sending to you afterwards to make his conscience calm.

You are stronger than that, and even though things are all pretty bad right now, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You are stronger than all those open-minded women who are criticizing you, calling you a stupid woman that is always putting up with all that abusiveness, not capable enough of packing her bags and leaving him, taking away her kids. Because that is what they would do if they were in your shoes.


You are stronger, because you know you are not going to stay, but you will leave when you decide so.

You are stronger than every thought about the future. You are stronger than your lousy work friends, women who want to steal your husband or your bad thoughts that attack you when you can’t pretend that you are positive anymore.


That you will transform to a woman who is craving love and attention. You are stronger than all the bad choices you have made so far. Because of them, you are so strong right now. And I know that you are not regretting any of them.

You are stronger than all those people who don’t believe in you and in your capabilities. Trust me, there will come a day when they will see how amazing and perfect you are and they will feel sorry for not treating you right while they have chance.

You are stronger than your thoughts about being left when you get old or not visiting places you have always dreamed of when you were young.

You are stronger than every doubt about yourself. You are stronger than those moments when you ask yourself if you are a good mom, a good friend or a good wife. My dear, you are so much stronger than that.

You are stronger than every panic attack you have because you know it will pass and that you will be okay in the end. You are stronger than people calling you lazy but you know that applying makeup on your face was a mission impossible because you feel like your world is falling apart.

You are strong even if you think all your effort is in vain. You are strong even if things are not functioning the way they are supposed to.

You are stronger than everything.

Both you and I are. But we are not aware of that fact. We think we are not warriors but in fact, we all bigger warriors of them all who claim it all the time.

You are stronger than everything. Both of us are. We just keep thinking about consequences, willingly staying in our comfort zones, even if we don’t feel so comfortable there, in a safe place for us.

You are stronger than everything. Both you and I are.

And I really think it is about time to accept that fact. I really think that.



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