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Leaving someone always comes with a roller coaster of emotions. If you have been in a long relationship and you have realized it is time to move on, doing that last step can be very painful experience. How can we leave someone we love? How can we escape from all those emotions that are constantly following us? Is there a secret formula to get over a break-up?   A lot of people would like to know the answer to this question but in the end there isn’t any clever solution. For me, the only solution is to listen to your heart. If you are not satisfied in a relationship it is better to move on. The worst thing you can do to yourself is staying in toxic relationship. You won’t love your partner and he won’t love you. So what’s the point? Is it so hard to say goodbye and try to find your own way? Even it is difficult to start over it will pay off eventually. You all probably had some bitter – sweet experiences in your life and bringing a right decision in the right time can save you from drowning in tears. You will probably be broken and your world will fall apart. You will spend days in your room thinking about all those funny moments you two had. You will think he is calling you every time you hear your phone ringing. And honestly, that sucks! It is funny how we get addicted to certain people in our life. Spending every day with them is not just something we do, it becomes our lifestyle, and my dear it is very difficult to get rid of old habits.  But hey, if you look it from the other angle you will see that is better to do something late than never. People spend a lot of time in bad relationships and it is not because they want it, it is because they don’t have guts to say the game is over. Why being with someone you feel like a piece of shit with? There are millions of other opportunities for you and you are stuck in the middle and can’t get out. Well, do something about it. Be energetic about your life. Do things that make you happy. If you know how to please yourself you will know how to please others as well. Only fulfilled person is a happy person. Please don’t forget that. It is bad when you don’t have a boyfriend but it is sometimes better to be alone than in a bad company. Your heart will tell you who the right person for you is. Maybe you will wait a little bit longer than you expected but don’t worry that you won’t get what you want. Girl, YOU deserve better!   So if you ever feel that you are not YOU anymore, try to talk with your partner. Check the problems you have. Talk and listen! Don’t be selfish and don’t think about your feelings only. Try to figure it out who is guilty in this relationship. Who lost the interest? Why isn’t there your old spark that was pushing things forward? While talking you will figure out whether two of you want the same things. If yes, that is great and if no, it is not end of the world.   The bottom line is that you don’t need to change yourself because of your partner. Make a change in your life when you feel the right moment has come. And never let anyone convince you to the opposite! Be honest to yourself and to your partner and accept the fact that it is not your time nor place yet. Just remember that destiny will never close one door until another one gets opened! (It’s not so bitchy afterwards)!


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