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Like every twenty-something women you have learned hard lessons and discovered what you really like about the world and how you fit in it. Wherever you are in your twenties or thirties whether you are independent or still with your parents, working on your career or you are being in school, you can always learn from those people who have already gone through this.

1. Words mean nothing if they are not accompanied by facts

The truth is that we all like to hear nice things, but if that does not come with real acts then it is not worth it. We all prefer, a thousand time more, some person who comes in our house without the announce than someone who simply tells us he wants to see us and then does nothing about it.

2. You are the only person you can rely on forever!

At first this may sound cruel but it is true. No one else will accompany you on your road more than yourself. You are the only person who will help you get up when somethingโ€™s wrong because nobody knows you better than you.  

3. People do not change but they can improve themselves from time to time.

We all have flaws, we make mistakes occasionally and we can never make them disappear altogether. However, we can try to improve ourselves every day and make them decrease over time. But you should be aware if someone tells you that he is changing on a daily basis. This simply is not the truth and these kind of things take time.

4. Nothing lasts forever

Bad things that happened to you or are happening at the moment will change and become something positive. No matter how hard things that what youโ€™re going through are, you have to be assured that everything will pass and that situation which is bothering you will change and leave you with lessons for the future.  

5. People will not do exactly what you expect them to do

We all had that experience with some people when they just have let us down and it was always for the same reason. Then you are telling that you would not have done what that person did. Remember, we are not the same and at some point thatโ€™s OK. Simply, you cannot live with high expectations. You cannot live waiting for them to change, because they will not. You just need to accept it even if sometimes you donโ€™t understand it. That is how world nowadays functions.

6. Never ignore your intuition.

When you feel that something is not right you need to follow your instinct, that sixth sense will always guide you to the right path.

7. Forgiveness is the first step of improving yourself

We all have passed through the time in our life when we have made so many mistakes. Sometimes we could not make a progress because we have wasted our time wanting to go back and change the decisions and things that we have made until one day we have realized that the main thing was reconciliation with ourselves. It is very important to admit when we are wrong and also to learn to forgive some mistakes to other people.  

8. You donโ€™t have to be perfect!

Simply, you just have to be the best version of yourself. Always try to be a better person than you used to be. It would be great if you could ask yourself if your future would be much happier with what you are today so that you could accept yourself as you are.

9. It is really OK to say NO!

If you donโ€™t want to do something, donโ€™t do it. If you donโ€™t want to be with someone, donโ€™t be with him. Seriously, that is all OK. You need to know that you do not have to say yes to someone just to please that person. Believe me, even if you try to say yes to everything you will never be a free and happy person.

10. You are staying away from those people who donโ€™t appreciate you

Some people like our lifelong friends, by circumstances, have matured differently and just stopped fitting in our lives. It is okay and itโ€™s normal to let certain people go.

11. Everyone has their own problems, just be kind.

We all have our problems, each one of us is going through a small or a great battle of which you know nothing, so you just need to be kind as much as possible.  

12. The world is not going to stop just to wait for you

This world wonโ€™t stop just to wait for you: to fix your broken heart. But keep in mind that it will continue turning and at some point it will make you feel dizzy if you donโ€™t learn how to live with it. So, keep moving forward and donโ€™t stop.

13. The past is past, so leave it there

If you are spending your time looking back you will miss the bright future that awaits you. At some moment in our lives we all let the past to be a rock that would knock us down. In that moment you decide to let it go. The past cannot be changed. You need to accept it and work for your present and future.  

14. Be faithful to your principles

We all have our own principles and values and we cannot ignore them. Believe me, they are very valid. You have to be true to yourself and to learn how to say โ€œThis is what I believe, what I want and I wonโ€™t let anyone change it!


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