When You’re In Love, You Don’t Walk Away When Things Get Hard


It takes sacrifice to make love work. It takes time. It takes investment.

No one ever said loving someone was easy. There is no guide that tells you how to deal with all kinds of situations that are happening to you. That is the beauty of a relationship. That is the beauty of love. It’s a constant challenge that keeps you going one step further every time.

Love makes all the beautiful moments stay. It makes you remember only them. It erases all the bad that has ever happened to the two of you. But that doesn’t mean you’ve only walked the flowery road in your relationship. You walked on rocks and invisible paths, but you repressed those ugly memories.


But, love works that way. It blinds you. You cannot think straight.

When you’re in love, you don’t walk away every time you have a fight over nothing. You don’t give up on everything just because you had a small disagreement. No. These things are insignificant. The only thing they are supposed to provoke is to make you fight and wish to be better and smarter. You won’t break it off because you stumbled upon a tiny obstacle. That is not love. That is a cowardly act.

When you’re in love, you fight for that person. That person is someone you go to bed with at night and wake up every morning next to. That person is a part of you, a part that will always be there. A part without which you’re incomplete and empty.

When you’re in love, you never give up. Even if they screw up badly, you give them another chance. You look into every possible option you have, hoping you will find a solution that will get them back on the right track, so you can keep them. A solution that will help them.

When you’re in love, you sacrifice a lot for that person. You work your ass off for them. You support their dreams no matter how impossible they are. They believe in them, and you will, too. You will sacrifice your time and give it to them because you love them.


That’s what love is. It’s not just pretty moments of perfection and pure happiness. It’s dark, rough places you find yourself in when you want to give up. Only there will you really see what love is. When you think you can’t take it anymore, but your love for him makes you find a solution. It makes you continue loving him.


When you’re in love, you can talk to that person about anything. You can trust them and be honest with them. You can tell them what truly bothers you and they will take it and try to help you. You give each other support and you encourage each other to speak your minds because you know that silence will get you nowhere except to break up.

When you’re in love, you won’t give one argument such power to destroy your relationship. You will use it to make the two of you even stronger than before.

When you’re in love, you are there for the good or bad. You are there when that person is falling apart. You are there when that person can’t get up from the bed and you lend them your hand to help them. You help them carry whatever burden they have because you committed and you promised that. That person will do the same for you. You are a team. You work together and that way no one and nothing can harm you.

When you’re in love, you know things aren’t always going to be easy. Things are going to be rough. There will be moments when you will regret meeting that person and there will be moments of extreme sadness, but none of these things are stronger than the love you have for each other. None of these things are worthy of walking away.


When you’re in love, you know you can overcome any situation. You never doubt. You may feel lousy and tired, but you know that when you wake up the next morning you will have the strength to continue fighting for your relationship, because you want that person and you have a lot of love left for that person. That’s the most important thing – your love.

The easiest thing is to give up. Anyone can give up. Cowards give up. Not you.

When you’re in love, you don’t surrender at the first sign of trouble. You fight it because you know it will make you stronger.

When you’re in love, you never stop fighting for your person. You know that person is someone who makes you whole. You wouldn’t be what you are without them.

When you’re in love with that right someone, you know you can make it through thick and thin. The two of you. Together. Until the end.


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