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What Would You Do Instead Of Being Afraid?




What are you afraid of? Whom are you afraid of? Why?

Do you let your fear hold you back, slow you down, change you?

What will happen if you do something that makes you happy and fulfilled, something that you really want?

What harm can happen if you say NO loud and clear, if you refuse to do something that is not compatible with your wishes?

What kind of bad things are waiting for you if you break some rules? Rules exist to be broken, right? So, why are you afraid? In the end, it is your life and you can do whatever you want.

Why don’t you dare to break that plastic bubble you are living in?
Why don’t you call things their real names?

Why do you insult and threaten others?

Why don’t you speak up if you don’t understand something? Why don’t you seek an explanation? Why do you hate things you can’t understand?

There is only one answer: FEAR!




Fear of condemnation. Fear of abandonment. Fear of loneliness. Fear of loss. Fear that you won’t be able to fulfill someone’s expectations. Fear that you won’t fit in.

In a crowd, in society.
Let me tell you one thing. Fear can be stimulative. So, when you feel it, you go forward. Even if it is present there, you keep living, by your own rules, sometimes in spite of everything it can do to you.

But in most of the cases, fear is the total opposite—it destroys.

It demolishes.

It paralyzes.

It holds you back.

It blocks—you, me, them, all of us.

It kills.

It binds.

Because you don’t know how to direct it, how to design it, how to adjust it.
Fear destroys everything in front of it because we don’t know how to handle it.

We look at it, think about it and find a solution—no, there is no such a thing!

That doesn’t exist because that fear is what is keeping us together, here.
Because of the fear of ‘How-could-I-do-it-alone’, you are staying in a lousy marriage.

Because of your parent’s reaction, you don’t give up that boring college.

Because of the fear of disapproval, you keep living with your parents even if you are old enough to live alone.

Because of the fear of loneliness, you have kids.

Because of the fear of obligation and lack of freedom, you don’t have kids.

Because of the fear of not being able to pay your bills, you are afraid of losing your job, so you put up with your boss who is a jerk.

Because of the fear of how your surroundings may react, you never say you have had enough, but instead, you bring more burdens into your life.


Because of the fear of the dentist, you lose your teeth.

Because of the fear of mockery, you never speak in front of people.

Because of the fear of sickness, you visit the doctor more often than you should, or you don’t visit them at all, because you are afraid of what they might tell you about your health.

Fear endangers you. You, your immunity, and your health.

Remember: whenever you are jealous—that is fear.

When you condemn someone—that is fear.

When you hate someone—that is fear.

Your palms are sweaty; your heartbeat is strong. It is because of fear. It is palpable, visible.


You should understand that what you feel has its name—fear. So, embrace it; accept it. Make up with it. Only then you can manage it. Believe it or not, some good things can be a result of fear—you just need to find a way to manage it properly.

I wish you to feel that from the bottom of my heart.

I want you to find out what it feels like to be paralyzed by fear, but still have the guts to do whatever you want.

I want you to find out that nothing bad will happen if you spoil yourself and make your dreams come true.

When you start facing it, you will see new opportunities. Things will fall into their places like pieces of a puzzle.



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