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We Shouldn’t Complicate Things When Love Is Simple

Have you ever read about or heard those innocent, beautiful definitions of love given by children? They make you think, don’t they?

Adults find many complicated rules of love and relationships, yet children have it all figured out based just on how they feel when they are with someone.

Their simple concepts really make you question the complexity of love.

Why do we go really long ways trying to explain love while we should just feel and enjoy it, as divine as it is?


There’s no one way to explain love. Love is what you want it to be and how you want it to be.

Everybody has their own ways of showing it and a specific way they need to be treated in order to feel loved and sometimes it’s just a chemistry people share.

For me, love is listening. Truly listening to every boring everyday story about what happened at work that day, to important things, to ideas about the universe, music, books.

Listening without interrupting, listening and reliving. For me, love is speaking. Speaking from your heart, speaking truthfully.


Speaking kindly and gently. Talking about anything and everything. Being honest and respectful, without accusation.

For me, love is trusting. Trusting unconditionally, without questioning.

Love is also enjoying every moment, memorizing the smells, the lights, the atmosphere. Memorizing the ways you feel.

Praying is love. Praying for each other, praying together, praying for your loved ones, praying for the whole world to find peace in love.

Love is sharing. Sharing your intimate thoughts, sharing your food and your bed, sharing your deepest feelings and secrets because you can, because you want to, because you simply need to.


Love is giving, without sparing. Giving everything, giving all of it because it makes you happier than keeping it for yourself.

Love begins and ends with friendship.  A complete and wonderful friendship that gives you strength and meaning. A friendship that challenges you and changes you forever.

Finally, love is a promise. A promise never to forget.  A promise to cherish, to put above everything else.

A promise that you’ll never quit. A promise of acceptance. Love is a promise never to hurt each other.

A promise to be the best version of yourself. A promise to yourself, to God, to the whole world.


It is committing daily to resist pointing out everything that’s wrong or bad.  Asking for forgiveness and granting forgiveness.

It is forming a real unity without allowing yourself to make personal choices that will break your bond or trust. Adults have so many rules about love and how it should work.

The only thing we should do is look deep into our heart and soul and stop searching for one final definition of love.

Love can be many things and as long as it brings out the best in us, it’s the most magnificent concept existing in this world.


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