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Walking Away From Someone Is More Than Just Breaking Up With Them

Walking away from the person you care about and from the person you want to stay with is without a doubt one of the hardest and the most painful things you sometimes need to do.

Breaking up with someone you still love is never easy and it takes a lot of strength and courage.

But sometimes, this is the only choice you have, despite all the love you might feel for someone. Sometimes, this is the only thing you have to do if you want to be happy.

Sometimes, love is not enough and you simply can’t make things work out, as much as you would like to.

And sometimes, you make the decision to walk away and you decide to never look back, as much as it hurts.

But are you sure that you know what walking away is really all about? Do you know what it really means and that it is much more than just breaking up with someone?


The truth is that most people make the mistake of thinking that their job is done the moment they physically walk away from the person who is doing them harm.

And yes—this is, without a doubt, the hardest step to make.

But I have to disappoint you and tell you that the sad truth is that your journey of recovery and your path of really walking away is just in its beginnings the moment you break up with someone.

Because walking away is much more than that.

It’s much more than physically removing yourself from someone. It’s much more than not seeing this person, than not spending time with them and not talking to them.

It’s much more than not kissing this person and not sleeping with them. It’s much more than officially not being in a relationship with them.

Walking away from someone is when you stop expecting them to come back.

When you finally stop spending every moment of every day looking forward to this person knocking on your door or calling you.

When you stop hoping that they’ve come to their senses and that they’ve finally realized that they made a mistake when they let you go.

When you stop waiting for them to chase you, the way you chased them in the past.

Walking away is when you stop thinking about them and what they’ve been up to. It happens when this person stops being the first and the last thought you have every day.

It happens when you stop wondering if they miss you the way you miss them and if they ever think of you.

It happens when you stop thinking about all the things that could have happened between the two of you and about all of the things that went on between you.


It happens when you stop stalking them and searching for them on social networks, to see what they’ve been up to. It’s when you lose every interest in them and their life.

It happens when you stop looking forward to seeing them every time you go out.

It’s when you stop getting dressed up just in case you run into them. It happens when you stop going to places where you could see them.

Walking away is when you stop spending time with this person’s friends and family because you hope they’ll tell you more about him and because this is a way for you to stay a part of his life.

It happens when you stop turning around every time you see someone walking or smiling just like them.

When your songs don’t impact you anymore and when you remember your anniversary or their birthday after it’s long gone.

Walking away is when you forgive this person for all the harm they’ve done to you.

It happens when you wish all the best for them and when you really want them to be happy, even if it’s without you.

Walking away from someone is when this person finally stops being a part of your life for real. When they stop existing in your mind and heart.

When you stop missing them and when you finally stop loving them.



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