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Type Of Foreplay That Gets Your Engine Revving, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Natural sex predators, Aries are born to be in charge, whether it was on the streets or in the sheets. Going down on them is something they enjoy very, very much.

Aries are also very passionate, so go down very sensually and devour them completely; don’t worry, they will return the favor.



This is the most sensual zodiac sign, so the perfect foreplay for them will be a massage.

Take your time, use massage oil and put on some good music. Make them melt under your touch and kisses; there’s no need to be a pro, just give your best.



Gemini needs to connect both sexually and intellectually, so the perfect foreplay for them are actual words. Start with teasing and sexting, to get them on the edge.

Once you get to the bedroom, talk dirty and tell them exactly where and how you want them. There’s no better sex fuel than knowing someone wants you.



Two words—sexy lingerie. Tease them, rub your body against them, BUT don’t let penetration enter the picture. Walk around, show off your body and make him crawl to you, make him beg for a piece of you.

Cancer men will always go the extra mile to satisfy you in bed, so why not get the best out of it?



Leo is the sign with a freakishly high sex drive and they are not ashamed to admit it. To spice things up a bit, roleplay is perfect. Set up a scene you both enjoy (communication is important here) and slowly get to that amazing part—ripping off each other’s clothes.

Seriously, Leo is all about drama, so there’s no really pushing it too hard with them. Unleash your inner sex goddess.


Virgos like to take things slowly and easily, so make sure they feel loved. Start kissing them and make your way down slowly, loving and caressing every single inch of that body.

Make them feel good about themselves, because once Virgo feels accepted and secure, they can turn into true monsters in bed. This one is totally worth it.



Librans love experimenting with new things, but also turning to the old ones. Why not use a bit of both to get them smoking hot and begging for mercy? Start by marking your way down their body with your tongue, kissing and biting along the way to give them a combination of both pain and love.

Once you drive them crazy, switch your positions and do a 69; that way, you’ll get your portion of pleasure and they will be more than happy to give it to you.



Naughty, naughty Scorpio. They live their life to the fullest, moving on from one partner to the next at very short notice. Their sex life is never boring, so to get a Scorpio on fire, play the game by their rules. Start with foreplay in public places (BUT be careful, as you don’t want to get caught, or maybe give someone a trauma of their life).

Tease them and show them what they can have once they get home. Maybe snap a picture of you not wearing any underwear, or wearing a certain kind of it (no granny pants, please) or touch them ‘by accident’. Give them just enough to drive them crazy, and once you get home, well… Be prepared to be devoured.



Sagittarius is, well, a kink god. They’re always looking to try out something new, learning new stuff, so they can be called ‘sex gods’ by right. To get their engine revving, be unpredictable. Go down on them like you’re going down on pie at a pie-eating contest. No holding back, no going easy.

Bite them, spank them, take them and make them beg for more. The best part is that they will feel obliged to do the same to you.



Kink and control freaks, there’s no actual wrong way to heat up the bedroom atmosphere with Capricorns. But to get them on their knees, blindfold them and leave them without any control. Make them your puppet and to intensify the game, tie their hands too.

Leave them completely under your command and make sure you fulfill expectations; there’s no going back to dull and easy lovemaking. Make it a steamy night they’ll never forget.



Aquarians are quite independent, so the best way to get them going is to incorporate solo and mutual sex actions. Mutual masturbation is perfect to get to know your partner, to get him on the edge and to drive him crazy.

There’s a reason porn is so amazing, as watching someone getting off has a certain effect on us. But watching someone right here and now, and knowing you get to have them later, it’s a whole new level of ‘porn’.



Pisces are naturally sensitive and caring, which means they attract a lot of sexual partners. It’s in their nature to satisfy their partner in bed, so they tend to surprise you with different games and ways to pleasure you.

The best way to get them in the mood is to return the favor. Lick whipped cream off of them, incorporate edible body oils with a sensual massage and let it get messy. The best kind of sex is the messy kind, right




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