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The Perfect Type Of Boyfriend For You According To Your Zodiac Sign

Anyone who tries to tell me that our zodiac sign doesn’t say a lot about us, I consider them to be lying, or simply misinformed. Our sign says a lot about our choices, goals and, in general, the way we think. Also, when it comes to your love life, your zodiac can tell you who you should date and who you should avoid. With that in mind we’re giving you here all the things your soulmate should have, according to your zodiac sign.


The Aries woman is very energetic, adventurous and has an amazing sense for independence! The perfect man for an Aries woman is someone who’ll enjoy the challenge of loving her. Someone who is very charming and sensitive, like a Pisces man. Also, your man shouldn’t be dominant. You need to be an equal!



This woman is very committed to her friends, family and lover. She needs someone who’s passionate and caring! Maybe a Cancer man? You’ll feed off of each other’s high emotional energies and appreciate each other a lot! You don’t need someone who’ll bore you to death with their strict life regime, you need someone relaxed!



You, as a Gemini woman, are a hopelessly romantic person and need someone who’ll love you just the way you are! You are very friendly and can always find someone to hang out with because everyone loves you. You need a man who will love your emotional side and be there to fulfill your needs. A Libran is the perfect match for you, believe it or not! Both of you love to communicate and your relationship will be a mind-blowing experience.



The kind and loving Cancer woman wants to make her lover smile because she wants him to be happy! You will find your soulmate in a man who has high emotional intelligence and is very ambitious. A Taurus would be perfect for you, as he is the one who’ll be there for whenever you need him and he will love to love you.


Equality is extremely important for a Leo woman. You will be too hard to handle for the softer signs, so don’t even bother with them. You have an ego and you embrace it! But no one should take your attitude in the wrong way because you’re very loyal in relationships. Your perfect match is a Scorpio, for he is very passionate but never dominant. When a Scorpio man and a Leo woman combine, they will never be separated again!



A Virgo lady is very vulnerable but she tries to to hide it, which can make her hard to read at times. What you need is someone who won’t break your heart at any cost, someone who’ll fight for you. The right one for that is a Capricorn man. He will talk to you about anything that your heart desires to make you open up to him and show your wonderful self!



You, as a Libra woman, are very communicative and you’ll tell your partner what you want from him right away. You have high standards and you won’t let anyone in your life who doesn’t fulfill them. That’s why a Leo man is needed in your life! He’ll be loyal to you and show you all the ways you want and need to be loved. He will challenge you with his playfulness, but you’ll keep him in check with your ambition for success.



Every guy will have a slight problem with a Scorpio woman, for you are very passionate, jealous and highly emotional. If anyone wants to love you, they need to be prepared for your blunt humor and your sarcasm. You need someone patient and fearless, just like a Capricorn. One plus point is that both of these signs love sex and will enjoy it with each other in a lot of imaginative ways!



You know no fear, right? You make everything into an adventure or into a new experience. Above everything you will follow your heart, no matter where it might lead you. You need someone who will conquer the world with you. An Aquarian won’t be a lifetime match for you but might teach you what love should look like and how someone needs to love you. If you want a soulmate, try to find it in an Aries man, because he is very easy-going and caring. He will provide you with all the attention you need.



Capricorn women hate relationship drama and tend to avoid it. That might make them look very introverted but they are actually very patient. Underneath the chronic bitch-face is an amazing, loving woman with an unbelievable sense of humor. You need someone who will understand your shell and see right through it! The Virgo man is your soulmate for sure. Wanna know why? Because neither of you is driven by emotions but you still love each other fearlessly. You will go through all the hard times in life together and you won’t ever split.



The Aquarius lady loves self-improvement and she hates to be placed into boxes. All she wants in a relationship is someone who’ll let her be free but to still be in a loving and caring relationship. She dedicates a lot of her time and creativity into her work so she needs someone who’ll know how to deal with that. The best partner for an Aquarius woman will be a Libran! A Libra man will easily stimulate the mind of an Aquarius woman, who will be very inspired by him. It never gets boring for these two and they are both driven to help each other on the path of life.



The sensitive Pisces woman wants someone who’ll understand how difficult it is for her to express her emotions and someone who’ll know how to deal with her shyness. For that, the best option is a Cancer man, who is just as compassionate as his beloved Pisces woman. Because of the fact that a Cancer man is a natural protector, the Pisces woman will be safe and sound in his arms. This is a love that will last for a very long time.



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