February is the symbol of eternal love and light. The February Snow Moon on the 10th will be the harbinger of fulfilling romantic opportunities.

It will bring forth the feminine side, harping on empathetic behavior, tenderness, merciful attitude, and a compassionate outlook. The guiding energy will lead you towards a higher truth and peace.

As you know, 2020 is a leap year, which means one additional day in the month of February full of brand new possibilities. This unique day is a number 8 according to numerology and it will lend balance to your life. It is surely the month of abundance as January was rather rough in terms of good vibes. This Snow Moon will lighten things up for us all!

In terms of energy, the February Full Moon is akin to spring with its regenerating powers. This is the time when the farmers plant crops and animals get ready for birthing their small ones. The tedium of winter is almost at its last hour and there will be more sunny days.

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These changes will make you more confident and hopeful about new adventures. You will find the closures you have been looking for some time now and you will feel liberated. The Full Moon energy will not weigh you down and you will feel optimistic.

The positive side of you will come to the forefront as you will make use of the wisdom that you’ve gathered along the way. The month of February will be productive both in terms of work and relationships. The Snow Moon is also called the Ice Moon, and the Cleansing Moon in some cultures. According to the Native Americans, it is the time snowfall happened with the greatest frequency, hence the name. It is also called Hunger Moon as it was difficult to find food during this time of the year.

This phase will also be an emotional one so brace yourself! It isn’t a bad thing as your intuitive nature will guide your choices and lead you to success. Challenges may arise in relationships but you will overcome them if you look at them objectively. You need to think before you act and stay calm. Do not jump to conclusions.

Mars, known as the planet of motivation, will move into the house of Capricorn on February 16th, which will add up to the Earth signs’ lineup. This will double your ambitions and you should make good use of the Full Moon energy. You need to find motivation as it usually takes a back seat during the upcoming Mercury Retrograde. This is the best possible time for introspection and retrospection. Slow down a little and evaluate before you plan your course of action.

The Mercury Retrograde will begin on February 18th and continue till March 10th. The Pisces and Aquarius combination will give you a new boost of energy to achieve your goals.


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