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This Is Why You Are Not Easy To Love Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Being in a relationship is not easy and it will never be easy. Each and every one of us has its own quirks and “demands”. So if you were ever asking yourself why your relationship failed, you may stop for a moment and think about how you act in a relationship and are you the problem that things aren’t working out?

We should all start looking for problems and their solutions in our backyard before we peak at someone else’s. Luckily, all those things have been already written in the stars. Come and take a peek at your destiny and you will finally be able to answer the question: “Why I’m not easy to love?” If you don’t recognize your faults on your own, maybe the Zodiac can help you with that.


You won’t say no to a challenge. Ever! You are very curious and you will not miss a chance in doing something that interests you, even if it’s just short-term. You have to try it. You always strive for more in life and you will do anything no matter how small and insignificant it is, if you consider that will make your life better. You can’t be in one place for too long, you have to move all the time, and that is what can bother your partner. Take a chill pill and calm! Enjoy your life, take it down a notch!



You love to enjoy life. When in a relationship, you will put your heart and soul in it. You will commit deeply. But here’s the catch with you. Because you are so stubborn, when you put your mind to something, no one can talk you out of it. And that can be frustrating to your partner. Cool down a bit! World isn’t going to fall apart if things aren’t going your way. Let your partner bring something to the relationship as well. Let him have a saying in your choices and plans.


In every Gemini hides a split personality. You may not be aware of that, but it’s true. One moment you are banging your head against the wall and screaming in happiness, and the next one you are crawling to a hole hoping you will die of sorrow. Don’t worry, this is completely normal for a Gemini. But the problem is that most of the people prefer security and control. They want to know where they standing and that they are standing firmly on the ground. With you, that’s impossible. No one can have long-term plans with you because even you can’t be sure that you won’t change your mind in the process. It’s not your fault, it’s your nature!



You are the most sensitive sign of them all. You put on a “bad-ass face” and you pretend some things aren’t bothering you. But they are bothering you big time. You just don’t want to admit that, because you are afraid of getting hurt. This is your problem. You don’t trust people because you want to protect yourself and that’s why people don’t trust you. They have a feeling you are hiding something from them. Don’t be afraid! Sometimes, getting hurt is not so bad because you can learn something from that and you won’t make the same mistake in the future.


Your biggest problem is your ego! You are not willing to compromise in your relationship. Although you are very loving and you commit to your partner for the long run, you are a difficult person to be with. You have to bear in mind that things won’t always go the way you want them to and that you are not the only person in a relationship. Have some understanding for your other half and learn how to compromise.


You are very intelligent and what’s even more important you are a perfectionist. You aren’t very transparent with your feelings and your other half can get frustrated because he doesn’t know what is happening inside your mind. You are not easy to love because people can’t handle your perfectionism and the fact they can’t get through you due to your intellect and the ability to hide your true self.


Emotionally, you are a complete chaos. You can’t handle your emotions. You are so messed up because you can’t decide anything for sure. You are always second guessing your decisions because you think that you can find an even better solution. This happens because you are a perfectionist. And this is what drives people crazy while being in a relationship with you.



Jealous much? This is the hardest part of loving you. You think that when you are in a relationship, the world has to revolve around you. You have to feel like you are the center of your partner’s life. And the moment you lose that feeling you start to be possessive and jealous. You also become overprotective and you suffocate the people that you love. Step back and take a deep breath! If that someone truly loves you, he won’t be going anywhere.


You are a born stand-up comic. Your specialty is sarcasm. Everywhere you go people are laughing at your jokes and that comes so naturally to you. You aren’t even trying. But bear in mind, sometimes people get hurt by your jokes and you don’t get it! It is like you lack empathy, but you are not. You are very warm-hearted but a little bit cruel, and not on purpose. That’s just the way you are. So remember, you can hurt someone without even knowing it.


You come across as an uptight person. You are used to do things in a certain pattern and there is nothing in this world that can make you do things differently. Step out of your comfort zone and relax a bit. People think that you don’t trust them because you are not a type of person who will open up immediately to someone. First you observe to make sure that you have an “attack plan” and then you go in.



You are too ambitious! People don’t trust you because you will make the achieving of your goals your top priority. Everything, including your partner will less important than your hunger for success. Also, you are a world traveler and you jump from a relationship to a relationship because you can’t settle down. Yu have to keep on moving. These traits are great for being a leader, but since you will sacrifice everything in order to accomplish something you are not a “loving material”.


You have to get rid of your negativity. No matter how happy you are and no matter if things are going your way, you will always find something that is not right, something dark to cover up that happiness. Lighten up a bit and enjoy your happiness. Believe me, there are going to be times when you are going to be sad and you are going to be sad with a reason.



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