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This Is How You Express Your Anger According To Your Zodiac Sign

There are many things which make every one of us angry, such as unreliable coworkers or traffic jams. We all handle that anger differently.

What our sign of the Zodiac reveals about our temper may actually give us a better insight about why we react in different stressful situations the way we do.

How each sign of the Zodiac reacts or expresses his or her anger?

Aries will tell us everything in our face and after that feel terrible about it.

The people born under the sign of Aries can be set-off quite easily. In fact, they are hot-tempered, and they tend to lash out at times of anger. Although they will bum hot and bright, they will quickly fizzle out. They aren’t quite mature, and they are going to feel terrible after they blow up at us.


Taurus will never forget, ensuring to remind us of everything we ever did wrong.

Although it will take a lot to see the people born under this sign angry, when we do, we better run. They will get distant and quiet, thinking about how to destroy us. When they blow up, the sharp memory that they have is going to make them recall everything we said or did even from several years ago.

Gemini likes to use verbal daggers during their arguments.

The people born under Gemini are the most vocal ones of all the other signs. When they get angry, we can expect great shouting. This happens when we get their fiery side; however, when we get the other side of these people, they are going to be cool, hesitating to hit us where it will hurt us.


Cancer people will sulk unless we pay attention.

Cancers are very sensitive, and they don’t have qualms to turn into adult babies when they feel angry. These people don’t want to feel that they are left out of something and like they are undervalued. Reaching out to and reassuring them that we still love them will definitely cheer these people up.

Leos are going to roar their heads off and perhaps throw certain things at ours.

Leos usually run hot. In fact, they are quite proud and don’t want to admit their blame for a certain thing in fights, although they know that they did something wrong. When Leos are angry with us, they are probably going to shout over us and even throw stuff all over the room. But, this anger usually lasts for a short time.

Virgo will entirely cut us out of his or her life.

Triggering Virgos is quite hard because they are people with the greatest patience of all the other signs. They will never blow up, but they internalize the anger, building up dislikes for a person over months or judging the person’s different wrongdoings. Pissing them off will make them ghost us and completely erase us from their lives.

We shouldn’t expect Libras to confront us when they are angry.

Libras are naturally balanced and even-tempered. We will almost never know if we offended them. In fact, they are peacekeepers and try to always avoid confrontation. However, when we do find ourselves in arguments with Libras, we will find it hard to win.


Scorpios hate profoundly and are going to plot our imminent demise.

Scorpios feel quite profoundly, expressing great dominance in relationships. Pissing them off will mean getting out of their lives. Although they do not get angry easily, when they actually do, they usually choose silence as the best weapon. They are best known for self-control.

Sagittarius will pretend that he or she doesn’t know us.

When Sagittarians take their time in order to start a fight with us, they are not going to back down unless we see things from their perspectives. They are going to be blunt when it comes to getting their principal point across, something that will probably leave us in tears.


Capricorns are going to snap when they are pushed quite far.

Capricorns are hard-working or generally said they are put-together people. Triggering emotional outbursts from Capricorns will be hard because they keep their own composure. But, pushing them too far will make them attack us verbally, including certain objects flying across the room.

Aquarians are going to ignore us as long as they can.

Aquarians are usually hard to trigger and cool-headed. When Aquarians are upset with us, we should better give them space in order to simply calm down. When we finally feel that they are calmed down, we can try to talk to them about what we wanted.


Pisces is going to take every single thing personally.

The people born under this sign are quite emotional and vulnerable creatures. They are not people that take some constructive criticism. Although deeply emotional, lashing out in dramatic ways isn’t typical for them. Rather than that, they are going to internalize criticism or anger, turning it into self-doubt.



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