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This Is How Venus Retrograde Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign

This Venus retrograde has something for all of us. It will affect a Scorpio, a Libra, a Taurus, or an Aries most but since it is skirting away, it will influence others too. Curious? I’ll tell you what you might feel this time around:

For Aries

For an Aries ascendant, it will affect your relationships. You’ll feel a lot of resentment. There will be emotional moments. It’s a time for level-headedness. Connect with a Libra. They will help with conflict. Try to use this resentment to bring your relationship back to equal terms.

For Taurus

For a Taurus ascendant, you may want to test your relationships. Your relationship will be tested and you might have the desire to end some of them. Don’t act so fast! Try to work on them. In the final weeks of the Venus Retrograde, you will feel compassion and a bit of humility that will help you out. There will always be some problems in a relationship. Just think it through before acting on impulses.

For Gemini

For Gemini, it will affect your stress. The first three weeks of the retrograde will be stressful. You’ll feel like all your work is going to waste and your heart will not be into anything. So what to do now? Listen to your heart. The final weeks you’ll find your heart’s purpose. You’ll find your happiness even in places of distress.

For Cancer

For Cancer, it will make you emotionally insecure. You might feel like you have lost all motivation to find happiness in life. Don’t give up on yourself. This is the time wen you must look for the lack in your family. If you have unresolved issues with family members, now is the time to end them.

For Leo

For Leo, it will affect your security. In the first weeks, you’ll need to fix some things. Just be open to new ideas and views. I know it’s not easy to do, but look at it this way – make yourself less emotional and try to look at things objectively. It’ll make your more receptive.

For Virgo

For Virgo, it’s time to declutter your mind. Start by asking yourself the right questions – are you spending enough time on the right thing? Are your finances secure? This is the time to solve some of these basic issues.

For Libra

For a Libra ascendant, it will affect your finances. Try to reflect on yourself. Are you spending your money in the right place? This is the time you have to dissect your money mindset. Also, take care of your health. It will be intense for you.

For Scorpio

For Scorpio, it will affect your identity. In the first weeks, you will complete away from your integral self. There might be some problems with understanding. In the final weeks, try to understand the messages from the invisible world. It’ll help you realign yourself.

For Sagittarius

For a Sagittarius ascendant, the retrograde will affect your conscious choices. There will be missed opportunities and oversights. You might feel a bit lost in this time. Don’t worry, the solution lies in your friends. Connect with them, and you’ll feel secured.

For Capricorn

For Capricorn, it will affect your dreams. In the first week, you’ll find yourself struggling with finding hope. Perhaps a strange disconnect from your dreams? Stop looking for change outside, be the change within. This is your moment.

For Aquarius

The Venus retrograde for Aquarius points towards status. You might damage your career by not looking at the whole picture. Think about your dreams and what you really want to do? Don’t let the people’s thought come to you. Work on what you think is right – that will fulfill you from within.

For Pisces

For Pisces, it will affect your vision and purpose. You will almost feel directionless. Don’t give up. Connect with your friends. Relationships will give you the strength in this period. Can you trust your friend? How stable are you’re in your relationship. These questions will help you immensely.

This Venus retrograde has something for all of us. Be careful and learn the listen to the planetary motions. Best of luck!



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