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This is how it works with Mr. Right!

Most women want a man who loves and understands them. Finding the right partner is not easy. The good thing is: You can do a lot to make it finally work with Mr. Right, as these tips show.

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Finding the Right Partner: Tips – How To Deal With Mr. Right!

Most women want a man who loves and understands them . Finding the right partner is not easy. The good thing is: You can do a lot to make it finally work with Mr. Right , as these tips show. If you have not found the right partner yet, it’s not just a common fate to blame. It is also possible that unconsciously two souls are arguing in your chest: You want a partner, but at the same time you are afraid of getting too close or being hurt. You sabotage yourself by not even noticing or repelling a man who suits you. Make sure that you are always allowed to draw boundaries in a relationship . Then you can take the  risk of love easier.

Do not worry too much

He should be tall, have blue eyes and blond hair. He must be humorous and fond of children, and he should also earn well … In your head, you have certainly puzzled your dream man . That’s fine, as long as your phantom does not block the way to a real man. Think about what is really important to you. For example, that he has a lot of time for you, that he is honest and that he is taller than you. You should pay close attention to that right from the start. Everything else is a nice addition. Be tolerant if it does not meet your ideal in the less important points. In this way, your choices increase enormously.

Is Your Man Losing Interest?

You might be using dangerous words and phrases that affect your man much more than you might realize. (Most women do this without even knowing it, and accidentally kill their man’s attraction towards them) The good news is, you can make a simple shift in your thinking that can bring a level of attraction, love, and security to your relationships that you never imagined was possible!

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Watch for similarities

“Gleich und Gleich likes to join” or: ” Opposites attract”? What is true now? Both in his time: First, we usually fly to a guy who is different from us. Behind it is the unconscious search for someone who completes us as a personality: we are spontaneously attracted to someone who complements us. For example, from a quiet, patient man, when we are alive. Or of a wild guy, while we are anxious and want to have everything under control. At first, this contrast is appealing, but in the course of the relationship he often triggers quarrels and crises . Studies have shown that a relationship is more durable, the more similar the partners are in attitude, lifestyle and goals. Therefore, you should pay attention to similarities, at least in the important areas of life.

Create many opportunities

The  Prince Charming will not be ringing at your door. You have to go out to meet him. So do not sit around at home, but do as much as possible: go out, find a hobby where you meet men too. Nothing against language classes and yoga lessons , but the density of interesting men is rather low. More promising can be a wine seminar, a sailing course or even a long walk through the hardware store. Inform good friends that you are looking for a partner. According to statistics, most couples get to know each other by friends. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of duping.

Do not wait, get active

If you like someone, do not be shy. Take the initiative. Psychologists have found that the first step almost always starts with the woman: get close to the man who interests you. Make eye contact with him. Smile at him in a friendly way. With these signals you build him a golden bridge. After all, men are also afraid of rejection.

Go through life with your eyes open

You have been searching for some time, but so far Mr. Right has not come across you? That is no reason to despair! It sometimes takes a while until one meets the dream man . Always remember, otherwise your self-doubts could quickly get in the way, because you misinterpret the other’s signals. If the nice guy at the bakery, for example, seeks eye contact with you because he finds you likable, you’re afraid that he might have spotted a pimple in your face. Try to go through life self-confidently and with open eyes in order to recognize flirtation attempts as such!

Do not think too far ahead

Especially when you are looking, you are easily in danger, every  sympathetic man under the aspect “Is that the right thing for me?” consider. As a result, you are already interpreting too much in the first date. That’ll make you cramp. The object of your desire feels that for sure, gets scared that you want to capture it, and may never call again.

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So if you invite a man to dinner, tell them that you two are just going to have a nice evening together, nothing more, nothing less. Whether something evolves from this will become apparent over time. With this attitude you stay relaxed and save yourself disappointments .  


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