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We know there’s something special about him. We can feel it in our gut. And then there’s that weird thing where we both keep bumping into each other at the oddest places. Not because either of us is following the other, but because we both happened to be at the same place at the same time.

Ah, the call of serendipity! This is what real life should feel like–a magical place where anything is possible.

And the best part is the way conversation flows between us. At an unhurried pace with everything dimmed out in the background. Just the two of us, listening intently to each other. Without scrambled brains messing up the convo (like it used to whenever you would speak to a crush).

Well, if you have experienced any of this, and the other points mentioned in the list below, you, my friend, have found your soulmate! Ding, ding, ding!

So here are the 20 things we do together if we are soulmates for life. And if we happen to do a lot of them with our best friend too, don’t panic. Our soulmate will feel like a best friend too.

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20Sending Each Other Awkward Throwback Pictures

You know he’s a soulmate when you are never embarrassed in his presence or when you text each other.

Especially if both of you like to share your most embarrassing personal stories with the other without being prodded or asked!

And that includes those “OMG Mom!” pictures from way back in your childhood where you could be seen grinning over your shoulder while posing butt-naked. Or, those awkward teen pics where your face was less skin and more pimples. Yikes!

Yup. Your driving license picture counts too. Because we ain’t showing that to no one unless they are our soulmate!

19Gossiping About Family Drama


You have known this person for less than a few months but he knows everything about your family, including the internal drama. And you know everything about his.

So much so that sometimes it feels like you have already met his crazy Uncle Charlie who lost all his money in Vegas and his cousin Lucy who had a huge crush on him for the better part of his teen years (and caused him endless embarrassment because of that).

Trust us, he’s a soulmate if you gossip about your family drama like two BFFs and support each other when your family upsets you.

18Giving Each Other Awesome Pep Talks Before Major Events


You know you are soulmates when you are just as excited about major events in his life as he is. Be it a big public speaking gig or a football match where scouts will be watching from the stands. In fact, it’s a bigger sign if you are a solid pillar of strength while he’s freaking out all over.

Also, you won’t even know you are doing it but in your excitement, you will also boost his confidence with smart pep talks.

After all, you want him to shine as bright as he can. You want the whole world to know how awesome he is!

And if you are truly soulmates, he would do the same for you.

17Finishing Each Other’s Sentences

This one’s an open secret. That’s why when you start finishing each other’s sentences, not only will it be apparent to both of you that you share a bond that is deeper than simple love, but it will be apparent to every one who watches you as well! Okay, so it might get annoying after a while, but when you’re on the same wavelength, you just can’t help it.

And it won’t just be finishing sentences. You will somehow phone each other right when the other is missing you. And you will share many laughs when you realize both of you were thinking of the same thing at the exact same time!

16Bawling Our Eyes Out In Front Of Them


You know you are in the presence of your soulmate when you don’t feel an iota of shame crying in front of them. Whether you’re feeling super sad, overjoyed, or anything else, you won’t mind them seeing you shed tears.

In fact, you would be happy they are with you and supporting you as you bawl your eyes out.

And the tears won’t just be tears of frustration. You will find yourself crying before each other when you fight and make up, when you accidentally hurt the other with callous words, even when you are so happy you think your heart will burst.

15Always Thinking About The Same Thing At The Same Time!


Call it telepathy or call it something else, but what matters is that you both seem to be thinking about the same thing at the same time. And not just about serious stuff that you happened to be discussing earlier that day. You will be most surprised when he says he wants to eat a brownie sundae when you were craving the same for the last half an hour, or when you both begin planning a road trip somewhere without realizing the other would love to go there, too.

Can there be anything more magical than this? We don’t think so!


14Loving To Binge Watch Netflix Together


He introduced you to the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and you introduced him to House of Cards. And now both of you can’t stop gabbing about the shows. So you know your tastes are similar.

Which is why you binge-watch TV together now, a true sign of togetherness!

And it feels completely unreal. Especially when you happen to ask for the same munchies at the same time. Or clonk off to sleep around the same time because you couldn’t keep your eyes open any longer. Of course, now that you’re committed to your TV shows (and each other), good luck watching any of your favorites alone ever again!

13Calling Their Home “Home”


When you meet your soulmate, you soon realize that “home” isn’t a building with your things inside it. It’s a person you love so dearly that it’s home wherever they are.

Thus, you now have two homes. How awesome is that? And he has two homes too!

But you don’t want it to remain that way for long. Because when you are with your soulmate, something in both your hearts will scream at you to live together. Just so you can share your laughs and tears in the same space and live warm and cozily in love!


12Hanging Out Together In Comfortable Silence


When you are not close to someone, even a few seconds of silence can sound deafening. Awkward! But that’s not the case when you are with your soulmate.

You are so comfortable together that you don’t even notice it when there’s a long silence between the two of you.

In fact, both of you will often be lost in your own thoughts or do your own things in the same space without feeling the need to even sit together. But that doesn’t mean you have to be together 24/7 either. Trust us, soulmates always respect each other’s alone time.

11Accidentally Color Matching Our Outfits Every Time!


This one’s a big LOL! But not in a bad way. Just that it tends to happen so frequently now that the two of you don’t even clap in shock anymore. You just take in each other’s color-matched outfits for a second (with comfortable silence between you) and then burst into knowing laughter.

It’s love, my dear! Love that synchronizes you with your soulmate! Of course, having the same favorite colors does tend to help, another surefire sign you’re meant to be. And everyone can feel that buzz when they are around you. And see it too!


10Fighting Like Siblings


Here’s the thing: we fight the most with the person we love the most. Thus, the epic battles with our siblings where we claw and kick each other one moment and then laugh together again after some time (or a few days).

So yes, you will fight with your soulmate.

Sometimes more than you would fight with anyone else. But that’s just because you both are so comfortable with each other that you are not afraid the conflict will break you apart.

On the contrary, you think it’s perfectly normal to let it all out, hash things over, and then be lovey-dovey again.

9Telling Each Other Awkward Stories From The Past


Well, what did we say? You are never embarrassed about anything with your soulmate. And if you are, it’s a momentary thing, which goes away as soon as you admit out loud that you are completely embarrassed!

Wondering why this happens? It’s because when you share your first story of this kind with your soulmate, they do not laugh at you. They laugh with you and make you feel warm and comfortable, despite your super awkward past.

That’s when you realize, what the heck, there’s nothing embarrassing about this story after all. It’s just a laugh fest over something that doesn’t even matter anymore.


8Texting Them Right Away When Something Important Happens


Well, we do this thing with pretty much everyone who is important to us. But more so with the person we think about the most. And once you find your soulmate, they become your go-to texting partner for everything.

So whenever something awesome, or sweet, or sassy happens around you, they are the first to know.

Including about that kitten who strolled into your house one day!

In fact, they are the first person you inform when you find out there’s an interesting event for two that’s happening near you in a few days’ (or weeks) time.

7Feeling As If We’ve Known Them Forever… Right From The Start


And here’s a biggie! Trust us, when you meet your soulmate, it will feel like you have known each other forever even though you are perfect strangers. And people will notice this immediately.

For example, if you meet them through a dating app, you will probably end up speaking for five hours straight (read: the entire night) when you talk on the phone for the first time. And if you happen to meet each other at a party, you would talk to each other like old friends longer than you talk to anyone else. Even your real old friends!


6Laughing At The Same (Bad) Jokes All The Time


Jokes tend to lose their effect over time when they have been doled out once too often with the same people. But not when it’s your soulmate!

The two of you will have an array of inside jokes that you will never get tired of cracking in the presence of the other.

In fact, even on the twentieth retelling, you will still ROFL the same way you ROFLed the first time around.

And don’t even get us started on jokes that are not really jokes. Because your friends won’t get why you are laughing so hard at completely inane things like an apple or a cardboard box!

5Talking About Real Human ‘Functions’ Easily


Well, let’s face it. Society has imposed a lot of harsh standards on women since time immemorial. And some of them are, frankly, so dumb that we can’t even. Like the “women don’t fart” adage. Because, of course, we don’t. We are not human beings. We are goddesses!

So if you are perfectly comfortable discussing gross bodily functions with your partner, complete with the color and consistency of said gross subjects (when you are sick, of course!), you have found your soulmate. You both might even have your inside jokes about this subject! And trust us, it only gets better once you’re married, too.


4We Can Admit It When We’re Wrong


Most of us don’t like to admit it, but we all have pretty big egos. Trust us, it’s not just men who have the monopoly over this. And don’t even deny it. Because you have a big ego if you admit your mistake grudgingly or have a hard time saying sorry.

But that’s not the case when you are with your soulmate.

After all, you are two interlocking pieces of the same puzzle. So there’s no shame in admitting your mistakes, however silly or major they are. Trust us, if you both really are soulmates, your egos will be pretty non-exist around each other.

3We Have Serious Conversations About Love, Life, And Beyond


You know you are soulmates when you look at the other person and think: this is it. You cannot explain how you know it (because you will be asked this question by your incredulous friends soon enough), but somewhere deep within your heart you know he’s the one. And not in an “I’ll die without him” kinda way. In a peaceful, sure, and confident kinda way.

And when you can both feel it, obviously there are going to be serious convos between you two. About your future together, your goals in life, what you think love is all about, and so many more things.

And since you are soulmates, none of these heavy subjects will feel heavy. Instead, there will be a soft gossamer-like magical aura about each of them. In fact, you will love these serious talks!


2We Discuss Our Worries About The Future


Each of us guards our fears and anxieties with great care. We don’t want that knowledge to fall in the wrong hands where it will be used to hurt us.

But that’s not the case when we know it’s our soulmate without a shadow of a doubt.

That’s why you will be perfectly comfortable telling him you don’t like meeting strangers (because you are an introvert), while he will be the same when he tells you he is afraid of fireworks. And you will do so without any shame or fear of judgment because, hello! It’s your soulmate. So no judgments!

1We Can’t Stop Smiling Around Each Other


And to wrap up this deliciously charming list, if you two cannot stop smiling around each other, you truly are soulmates for life. In fact, there will be times when you can’t stop yourself from grinning even in the middle of a heated battle (trust us, it will feel a bit frustrating sometimes to not be able to keep a straight face).

After all, love flows into the world through happiness. And you are at your happiest when you are with your life’s true soulmate. Thus, the endless smiles, even when life tries to get you down.


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