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The Sun Is Aligning With The Galactic Center And We Are All In For Another Energy Shift

The year is going to end with a bang! 18th-22nd December 2019 will be the time when our Sun will be aligning with our galactic center.

Just like we travel through space, the Sun too keeps moving. And it is now on the path of centering itself with our galaxy. This immense ball of fire greatly affects our life and this alignment is going to bring some big energy shifts.

Our galaxy Milky Way’s rotational center is known as the galactic center. The Sun is now in Sagittarius and moving towards this center. So the alignment along with the influence of Sagittarius brings some interesting changes for us.

The first energy shift we all are already feeling or will be feeling in the coming days is our willingness to be open-minded and be active in new adventures. The energy from Sagittarius will send expansion our way.


This energy must now be harnessed to unlock new levels of personal growth. We have to embrace the opportunities we come across, even if they are way outside our comfort zone.

The Sun’s alignment makes its energies all the more potent. And we will feel our own vibes rising now. We will now feel the constant urge to clearly express ourselves and achieve the goals we had set at the beginning of the year. The energies might be intense but nothing we cannot handle.

Some believe that we are creatively inspired directly from the galactic center. There will be now a strong sense of passion among everyone. Whenever the Sun nears this center, it is an opportunity for all of us to grow.

We embrace newer versions of ourselves, versions we did not even know existed. This is a great time to focus on the self, improve the areas we are not too sure about, and also have some fun!

Our personal energies peaking during this short period brings about a magical experience. It is up to us how we utilize this time and the energies to evolve into higher beings before the new year begins.

The Sun’s presence in Sagittarius adds further energies to the mix. The Sagittarius season is a time of opening our souls to new opportunities and expanding our horizons. We have to make sure we don’t let go of these opportunities just because they seem daunting or unfamiliar.

Optimism and luck are abundant when Sagittarius is present. And with the great energies of the Sun and the galactic center alignment, there is really no excuse to sit dumb now. We have to go out and make the most of these intense energies.

Even when you feel like the energies are too much for you to handle, remember that the Archer has your back. Look forward and keep moving towards your goal.



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